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Sunny days may be difficult to predict in the UK, but being prepared when you’re out and about with a baby parasol for your pram or pushchair is a must for protecting your tot’s delicate skin, particularly during the warmer months of the year.

As well as wearing some baby sunscreen, babies should be kept out of direct sunlight and their temperature must be constantly monitored to avoid overheating. Covering your child’s pram with a blanket, cloth or any cover that prevents the air from circulating can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which is why a parasol (or pram sunshade) is recommended instead.

Editor's choice:
•Best for UV protection: Cosatto Parasol Spaceman - Buy now from Cosatto
Best for quick release: Clair De Lune Parasol - Buy now from Amazon
Best for a budget: For Your Little One Baby Parasol - Buy now from Amazon
Best for bretahbaility: SnoozeShade Original - Buy now from Amazon

There are several designs on the market, most of which have adjustable handles and clips that attach directly onto your little one's pram. So, if you're in need of a baby parasol, we've got you covered. Here are seven of the best on the market to choose from.

The best baby parasols

Best for durability

Why not keep it simple with this large, stylish black umbrella? Featuring an adjustable clamp and flexible shaft so it can be adjusted to almost any angle, this parasol offers UV protection of UPF50. Plus, it's affordable too, which is always a positive.

A reviewer said: "I got this for my grandsons buggy, it covers a good size area of the pram, easy to attach, have been using it everyday in this heatwave, no problems with it, its better than most canopies iv used before, bonus was it was in the sale for half price! Even at normal full price its a bargain."


  • Fits most pushchairs
  • Clamp is adjustable


  • Quite rigid

Best for style

Baby parasols
Price: $25.00

Choose from a range of colours with this baby parasol which has an angle adjustment button helping it to bend 360 degrees and be adjusted in any direction. Made from 98 per cent UV-resistant material, it can fold into a small hand-held umbrella so it can be used on its own.

One reviewer said: "We were looking for sun protection for the sun lounger because bringing a beach umbrella was too monstrous for us. Very solid workmanship. What is particularly appealing is the double processing, meaning that the black fabric provides UV protection on the inside. Thanks to the various joints, you can easily adjust the position."


  • Compact when folded
  • Broad range of colours to choose from


  • Can be a bit fiddly to put up

Best for UV protection

For something a little out there, what about this unicorn parasol from Cosatto? Also available in eight other fun designs, it offers UPF 100+ protection. With 11 rotate positions from the clamp, and a further two directional adjustments on the arm of the parasol, you can create the optimum coverage whatever position the sun is in.  

One reviewer said: "Fits pushchair perfectly, keeps the granddaughter in the shade, just what was needed."
Another said: "Great service. Superb quality, fitted perfectly, as said in description on Internet will definitely use Cosatto again and will highly recommend to friends and colleagues."


  • Wide range of vibrant designs
  • Quick release mechanism


  • Clip can be tricky to use

Best for easy use

This parasol has UV 50+ Protection fabric to protect your baby wherever you go. The flexible spring shafts and fixture hinges allow you to set the position of umbrella easily and you'll also receive a free umbrella handle, so the parasol can used as a normal sun umbrella.

One reviewer said: "Extremely pleased with this sun shade stroller umbrella. It came with us all the way to the grand Taj Mahal and was used to protect my little one from the blazing sun. Done an amazing job at keeping my little one cool and people found it very amusing. Very easy to fold as well as erect. Comes with a handle so can be used as a normal umbrella/sun shade if you don’t want to use it for the stroller. It’s sturdy and seems like it will last forever."


  • Available in black or grey
  • Spring shafts are flexible


  • No storage bag

Best for quick release

Baby parasols
Price: $130.00

Suitable for use with most strollers, pushchairs and prams, simply attach the Clair de Lune parasol via the F-clamp using the 'click clip' and attach. The flexible mid-section allows you to easily adjust the parasol depending on where the sun is, shielding your baby from the rays.

Review: "Great item and much cheaper than the shops. Clamps on to the buggy / pushchair frame and is bendable so can adjust depending on height of the sun."
Another reviewer said: "Even though it is not really designed for the Quinny Buzz (because it seems to be for pushchairs with round tubes) it does fit and works pretty well. Good price, much cheaper than the official Quinny one."


  • 180 degree flexibility
  • Simple F-clamp


  • Some users say that it could be more durable

Best for a budget

With waterproof and UV SPF 50 protection, the quick release clamp provides easy attaching and release while the clamps rubber pads prevents any slipping or scratching on the frame of your buggy or pushchair.

Review: "Great parasol just the righr size for my nephews buggy. Very sturdy even the posable arm . It holds it position unlike some that i can oly say are wappy and don't hold their pisition. Really cheap as well but that doesnt reflect on the product . Its well made. I would highly recomend the company and their products and will certainly be purchasing from them again."


  • Handy flexible arm
  • Compatible with Ickle Bubba prams


  • Not very bendy

Best for breathability

An alternative to a baby parasol, the SnoozeShade is a much loved bit of kit by parents everywhere. Blocking 99 per cent of the sun's UV rays (UPF50+), it can be used as a canopy to block overhead sun as well as a blackout blind to help your child sleep. It attaches easily and securely to all single prams, carrycots and pushchairs thanks to the stretchy straps and sides.

A mum reviewer said: "I’m a mum and have just had my fifth baby - wish this product was around when I had all of my babies! The parasol which came with my (fairly expensive) pram is awful! Did nothing to keep my baby shaded. Had to walk with one hand pushing the pram and the other constantly holding and adjusting to keep the sun off of my baby. After some Googling to see what else was available I saw the SnoozeShade. Absolutely delighted with my purchase. Going for walks or sitting with pram in the garden is worry free now! Would 100% recommend!"


  • Breathable mesh
  • Safety tested


  • May not fit all buggies

What to look for when buying a baby parasol

Material: You'll want to check that the material used to make the parasol provides UV protection and how much. This is especially important as babies under six months can't wear sunscreen. Children over six months should still wear sunscreen even while using a parasol.

Fit: All of the parasols included in this guide are universal, meaning they will fit any prams or buggies but this is not always the case for other options available to buy. Be sure to double-check the product descriptions to check your choice will fit your specific pushchair.

Adjustability: You'll most likely need to readjust your parasol when you change directions or when the sun moves to ensure your baby is still covered from the sun so look for a parasol where you can set the position easy to guarantee 360° protection.

Do I need a baby parasol for my pram?

Even if your pushchair has a hood, we'd still recommend purchasing a parasol for it as they tend to cover a wider surface area and will keep your baby sheltered from harmful UV rays that could damage their thin skin. They don't have to be boring! There are plenty of options (as mentioned above) that are very bright and colourful which will make your stroller look extra stylish.

How do I protect my baby from the sun in a pram?

The first thing to do on particularly warm days is to keep the pram out of direct sunlight (both when the baby is in it and when you are storing it, to prevent it from getting too hot) and seek the shade as much as possible. Of course you will want to use your baby umbrella or parasol, but loose clothing and a water mist can really help to cool them down also.

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