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by Emily Gilbert |
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Our expert judging panel crowned this multi-functional buggy accessory with a silver award in the travel accessories category at the Mother&Baby Awards 2024. Find out what’s so special about the BlinkyWarm All Seasons Buggy Cover

Blinky square
Price: £59.99

Available colours:
Space black

Navigating days out with a baby becomes a seamless adventure with the BlinkyWarm All Seasons Buggy Cover, an accessory designed by a Mum who understands the challenges of raising little ones. As a mother of three, including two toddlers, Olivia designed this innovative solution to simplify the daily routine of parents on the move and make it easy to get out into nature. The BlinkyWarm allows you to head out the door ready for any adventure, knowing that all essential elements for various weather conditions are neatly packed in one stylish bundle.

One standout feature of the BlinkyWarm is its quick and easy installation, taking a mere 30 seconds to fit onto most strollers and buggies. Parents no longer need to struggle with multiple accessories or spend precious moments fumbling with complicated setups. Instead, they can focus on getting outside and experiencing the world with their little ones, confident that the BlinkyWarm has them covered.

The integrated UV 50+ sunshade not only protects your baby from harmful UV rays but also creates a safe and serene environment for napping, thanks to its cooling and breathable fabric.

Embracing the unpredictable weather conditions in the UK and Ireland, the BlinkyWarm's phthalate-free rain cover unfolds effortlessly to shield your child from unexpected showers. The convenience of this design eliminates the need for a separate rain cover in your already-packed changing bag, making spontaneous outings stress-free and enjoyable.

As temperatures drop, the BlinkyWarm continues to deliver with its cosy fleece-lined pod. Parents can rest easy knowing their little ones are snug and warm, shielded from the chill in the air. The wipe-clean, shower-resistant fabric ensures that the BlinkyWarm remains a practical and easy-to-maintain accessory for every season.

In conclusion, the BlinkyWarm All Seasons Buggy Cover isn't just an award-winning product; it's a testament to thoughtful parenting solutions. With its versatility, ease of use, and stylish design, it has become an indispensable companion for families on the go, ensuring parents and little adventurers can get outdoors and embrace being in nature whatever the weather.

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