The best cup holders for prams for caffeine fuelled walks with your baby

best cup holders for prams

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Whether you're a tea lover, coffee addict or all that breast feeding has got you thirsty for a cold beverage, having a cup holder for your pram or pushchair is essential for any mum or dad on-the-go so we've found the best cup holders for prams.

If your baby's pram doesn't have a cupholder included, then a cup holder for your pram is definitely a pram accessory worth investing in. Particularly in those early, caffeine fuelled months with your newborn, it'll be a godsend.

Best at a glance:

- The best overall cup holder for prams: Guiseapue Pram Cup Holder, £9.99

- The best quantity cup holder for prams: Pack of 2 Pram Cup Holder, £14.99

- The best easy assemble cup holder for prams: Skip Hop Stroll and Connect Universal Cup Holder, £15.91

They're also very handy for keeping toddler sippy cups in during the summer months alongside your pram sunshade to keep your tot hydrated and cool, so you'll get years worth of use out of it.

From the best cup holders for prams that fit easily to ones that are suitable for bigger bottles and reusable travel mugs, we've given some of the leading cup holders for prams a go to find the best ones for you.

Best cup holders for prams

Best overall cup holder for prams

Suitable for toddler bottles, coffee cups, reusable water bottles and cans, this is one of the best universal cup holders for prams. It fits to both round shaped and flat handlebars with an easy 360 degree design and is easy to fit and remove. The cup holder itself features soft silicone petals inside to stop your drink from slipping about and spilling while you’re walking. Not only is it suitable for all prams and pushchairs, it will even fit on wheelchairs, bikes, scooters and more. We also love the fact this one comes with the addition of a phone holder too which is another must-have, especially if you need it handy for listening to your favourite podcast on your walk.

Review: "Great idea for a busy mum however who does not have their phone in a case? The phone slot only fits a phone with slim case I have a flip case which covers and protects my screen but this is to big for the slot. Drinks slot though, great. Fits a small baby bottle or decent size water bottle for mummy. With the addition of the rubber bits inside the cup section, most size cups are secure 👌"


  • Easy to fit
  • Comes with phone holder too


  • Phone holder is too slim for some phones and bulky cases

Best insulated drinks holder

For those frosty mornings, you’ll probably want a cup holder that’s going to keep your cuppa warm for as long as possible. This holder offers a thick foam padding to keep drinks warm in the winter and cold in the summer too. While it’s designed for using with bikes, it also fits to prams and secures using strong velcro loops so is very easy to fit and move from one pram to another or your bike. To keep your drink secure, there’s a drawstring tie at the top to stop any spillages and in the sides of the holder, you’ll find mesh pockets where you can keep things like your phone, earphones and keys for easy access.

Review: "I like the easy access and the front mesh pockets that can fit my phone, wallet or snacks in.
The main bottle holder is big enough for most bike bottles but also can be closed to fit a shop water or coke bottle or can. It sits well on my extra wide headset with plenty of room for the velcro straps. All in all a well thought out option for bikes, prams, or even to strap on a bag or belt."


  • Keeps drink at temperature for longer
  • Includes extra compartments and pockets


  • Not suitable for large containers

Best for organisation

If you need some extra storage on your pram as well as a cup holder, then this handy pram organising space that fits to your pram is ideal. Designed to fit to the handlebars using strong velcro or hooks to secure, there’s space for everything including nappies, phone, keys, purse, cups as well as an insulated cup holder for baby bottles. Not only does this attach to the pram, you can also remove it to turn it into a small shoulder bag in case you want to leave your buggy outside. It also comes in a leopard pattern too for more stylish mamas!

Review: "This is sturdy with compartments for everything. Thermal cup holders are brilliant for bottled and coffee of course. Has plenty of room to fit different pushchair. I couldn't do without it now."


  • Numerous compartments designed for different essentials
  • Insulated drinks pocket


  • Can sometimes slip down

Best for sturdiness

Whether your toddler has started to grab hold of things more often or you regularly walk on rough and bumpy terrain and need a cup holder that’s going to keep your drink upright and secure in its container, a silicone cup holder is a good idea. This one is designed to hold bottles and cups of all different shapes and sizes and comes with a universal and adjustable attachment for all kinds of prams.

Review: "I still gave this a five star rating because it’s a solid drink-holder for what it is, and is probably better-suited for thicker-handle strollers. The cup portion itself is sturdy and well-made. Rubber is good quality. The clip is just a hard plastic with claws, that can be adjusted. I do wish it had rubber claws or something to better grip smaller/thinner-handle strollers. I have the Nuna TRVL. It fits at the very top, at the leather handle. However, it doesn’t fit properly on the bottom edge of the stroller handle, where people normally put cup holders. Without additional rubber, the plastic clamp is just a tad bit large, and the small gap is enough to cause drink-weight to make the cup-holder wiggle and thereby make any drink spill. If you are okay with a small indent in your leather handle, and the cup holder a little higher than normal, it’s a great cup holder!! If you don’t want to have to raise the cup holder to that level, then I’d find one that has a rubber grip to better hold itself.


  • Keeps your drink secure
  • Adjustable clip


  • Isn't suitable for large bottles

Best double pram cup holder

Pack of 2 Pram Cup Holder
Price: $13.99

If you've got more than one pram, buggy or bike you need a cup holder for, then this double pack is ideal. It's also great if you need multiple cup holders on one pram. Suitable to fit all handles, this drink holder can be rotated on a full 360 degrees so it can adjust on any angle. Light in weight, it's simple to fit, the holder is suited to different shaped bottles and drinks containers.

Review: "Work really well on side of buggy. One for my coffee and one for the toddler’s water bottle! Now my son says I need another four so the whole family has one each! They are quite thin and I'm worried they’ll squash/snap/disfigure easily, but if used carefully and correctly they are great. And good value too."


  • Two holders included
  • Lightweight


  • Not great on rough terrain

Best affordable cup holder for pram

If you're looking for a simple pram cup holder that does exactly what it says on the tin, then look no further than this John Lewis pushchair cup holder. Sturdy and adjustable, it's designed to carry drinks containers up to a measure of 500ml.

Easy to use and to fit on definitely recommend to anyone who needs one very sturdy going to get another one so we have 2 to use definitely worth the price


  • Easy to fit
  • Sturdy


  • Made from non-sustainable material

Most stylish pram cup holder

This stylish cup holder from Scandiborn comes in two lovely neutral colours. We personally love this rose shade for your walks to the park with yours or your tots favourite drink to hand. Made using silicone to keep your drink secure as well as recycled plastic making it an excellent sustainable choice.


  • Sustainable
  • Stylish colours


  • Not suitable for smaller cups


Do you need a different pram cup holder for cold drinks and hot drinks?

If you're wanting to make sure your hot drink stays warm for the duration of your walk or if you want to keep drinks ice cold, then we'd recommend opting for an insulated cup holder that will work to keep both hot and cold drinks at the right temperature for longer. We'd also recommend putting your drink in a reusable thermal cup or bottle to help your drink stay at the right temperature.

How do you attach a cup holder to a pram?

There are a number of ways a cup holder can attach to your pram. The easiest method is velcro but many mums find this isn't secure enough so opt for a screw on holder that offers a much more secure fit and is easy to adjust.

Are all pram cup holders a standard size?

Many cup holders will meet the standard measurements of a cup holder which is usually the same size as the ones you'd get in your car. This is usually a depth of 2-3 inches and a diameter of 3 inches to fit many standard sized containers.

If your cups tend to be larger than this, then we'd recommend an adjustable cup holder that you can squeeze different sized containers into.

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