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Back in March, we spoke to Nuna to discover their baby carrier range including the CUDL ranges.

The Nuna CUDL™ makes it easy to keep your baby close to you and secure, all while keeping your hands free. Nuna know it can be challenging to fit your baby securely into their carrier, particularly for parents who are new to baby wearing but with four magnetic buckles, securing your baby into place while on-the-go is quick and simple.

Designed to be both comfortable and customisable to your shape with breathable mesh fabric and padded shoulder and waist straps, each position the CUDL offers ensures your growing child remains in an ergonomic positioning to keep spine and hip development healthy.

At first, you can keep baby facing in and snuggled up starting with an integrated infant booster for newborns, which then easily unzips as your child grows. As your baby gets older and wants to see the world, have them face out or switch to back carry mode for growing toddlers.

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The CUDL clik

This model features breathable mesh fabric and padded shoulder and waist straps and is designed to make baby wearing cool and comfy for both parent and baby, making it particularly ideal for holidays or the summer months. The buckled waistband clicks together in a snap and is adjustable for parents of all sizes. It also comes with a removable pouch for your on-the-go essentials.

The self-guiding MagneTech secure snap™ magnetic buckle automatically locks into place and ensures an easy and secure attachment that make securing baby in the carrier simple and safe. The attached hood shades baby from bright sunshine, while the integrated breeze cover provides extra protection when out and about.

The CUDL Luxe

Coming September 2024

For an extra touch of luxury, the CUDL Luxe might be just what you're looking for made up of 70% cashmere and 30% silk. The cashmere fabric is naturally sweat-wicking, and doesn’t absorb therefore keeps both you and baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also comes with a stylish and removable easy attached leatherette clutch pouch.

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