The BabaSling Classic Baby Carrier review

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The BabaSling Classic Baby Carrier

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The BabaSling baby carrier allows you to carry your baby in the cradle position, so it’s ideal for discreet breastfeeding while you’re out.

The split shoulder pad helps reduce the pressure on you, as it distributes your baby’s weight. It also allows you to comfortably carry her in five different positions.

2015 Mother&Baby Awards - Shortlisted for Best Baby Carrier Award

The BabaSling shoulder baby carrier is a comfortable sling that fits easily around baby in one of five recommended positions. It folds up nice and small, fitting easily into a changing bag, and the instructions are simple.

The straps are well padded but the fact that the carrier is designed to fit over one shoulder only means that eventually said shoulder might start to ache, in which case you’ll have to swap the slng over to the other arm.

The strain will be minimal when baby is small but a two-year-old is quite a weight for a single shoulder; in fact, the larger a baby grows, the more uncomfortable the carrier becomes.

The fabric, although lovely and soft, will most likely be too warm in hot weather but the phone pocket is a nifty feature and overall, the product is a unique, clever design.

It’s also well-priced and certainly conducive to the needs of parents who like to keep their little ones close.

Reviewed by Heidi Scrimgeour, 38, from Co Antrim, and Alba, 13 months.

Heidi said: ‘You can wear this hammock-style sling in five positions and it’s suitable from birth to two years of age.

‘It’s ideal for newborns, with clear instructions on how to position your baby for breastfeeding in the sling.

‘Because the weight is mainly distributed over one shoulder, carrying an older toddler is harder.

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The BabaSling Classic Baby Carrier

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