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Lifft Sling

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Made from a double layer of luxurious cotton with added stretch, this has an innovative design and is a breeze to put on and adjust, and is especially good for breastfeeding. Our testers all remarked on its comfort while wearing it. This is excellent value for money as you can use it from three months to around age three.

Tested by Amy Connolly, from Cornwall, mum to Bodhi, five months. She said:

I just love the concept of this sling and the simplicity of the design. It’s ideal if you’re breastfeeding because it’s so easy to feed your baby discreetly. Unfortunately, however, I found that the sling was too restrictive on my arm. While wearing it I really struggled to make a drink, let alone keep hold of my dog’s lead while out on a walk, so it isn’t my first choice.

Tested by Kirsty Graydon, from Angus, mum to Charlie, six months, and Finlay, three. She said:

I found this sling to be beautifully simple to put on and use, and it’s perfect for the playgroup run as it’s quick to pop on with no adjustments needed whatsoever. I like that it folds to fit in my change bag. Charlie loved the hip-carry position because it let him see everything going on around him! I only knocked a point off because it’s too small for my husband to wear.

Tested by Hazel Newhouse, from Bedfordshire, mum to Ivy, 18 months. She said:

I had doubts about this when I saw it as it’s a fabric tube unlike any other sling I’ve used, but they quickly vanished when I tried it and it’s one of my favourites. It’s a simple design that works so well and didn’t give me sore shoulders or aching hips. The fabric doesn’t sag, and I can breastfeed Ivy in it easily. I felt like a mum kangaroo carrying her joey with ease!

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