Deuter Kid Comfort II review

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Deuter Kid Comfort II

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We know how important the right baby carrier needs to be for your lifestyle, so we found out how our mum testers found the Deuter Kid Comfort. With good head support and easy to pop your child in and out o the carrier, all the testers remarked on the soft chin-pad.

It’s easy to adjust and has height-adjustable footrests. A teddy is included with this baby backpack carrier too. It’s colourful and stylish, as well as reasonably compact. Suitable from six months to 18kg.

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Tested by Kate Bishop, mum to Holly, six months, and Poppy, two and a half years. She says:

I can’t fault this one – I’m giving it top marks! Both Holly and Poppy loved the soft, removable pillow, and there’s loads of room to pop them in.

There’s great storage too. The stand is brilliant – so easy to put up and down, and very stable.

I didn’t overheat wearing this one.

Overall, it’s lightweight, comfy for long and short walks, and really quite stylish.

Tested by Kate Gillies, mum to Rafe, 13 months. She says:

This is a technical-looking beast, although it’s less bulky than some others we tested.

I’m not keen on the colour or the fabric, but overall this is compact and comfortable, plus the stand is easy to use. Rafe loved the velvety face rest, and the hidden cuddly toy.

However, it’s expensive compared to other options, and I’m not sure the price tag is justifiable.

Tested by Nikki Hunt, mum to Emmy, two years. She says:

Emmy seemed comfiest in this carrier. The child ‘cockpit’ is amazingly well-padded, but the harness is fiddly to fasten.

It was easy to adjust, though, and the teddy is a lovely touch.

However, the shoulder straps rubbed me, so it was quite uncomfortable to carry, and it’s really heavy. I couldn’t collapse the support leg without help either. All in all, this one’s not for me.

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