Britot Baby Carrier

from Britot
RRP  £64.99

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The Britot Baby Carrier is a brilliant option for parents who prefer a ‘wrap around’ sling. It offers a variety of different positions and folds compactly, making it great for travelling. The instruction manual is very clear and the baby carrier is simple to put on – for mum, dad and baby. The baby carrier comes in an array of colours but the dye does run, so watch out for spillages.

In general, wrap around slings can be quite claustrophobic if the weather is hot and the Britot is no exception. The ties on the carrier also need to be longer (for larger dads).

Not all parents like this type of baby carrier and it can be cumbersome when using for an older child but it’s an inexpensive option for a younger baby – it’s especially great for breastfeeding and if you’re confident with the carrier, it will last ages.

The Britot keeps baby close and is great value for money!

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