Splash About Sun Protection Float Suit

from Splash About
RRP  £29.99

by Claire Ryder |
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The Splash About Sun Protection Float Suit is a great baby swimming aid with a cute design with UV protection and floats that offer excellent buoyancy. The suit (and all of its floats) is not too bulky and doesn’t restrict movement when swimming but it is quite difficult to get on and off, especially off. It also takes up a lot of packing space when travelling but that is just the nature of a costume with integrated floats. Overall, a good product that with a couple of adjustments would be amazing!

Product Information

  • UPF 50+ and full sun protection

  • Most size and buoyancy adjustable float suit on market

  • Promotes natural learn to swim position

  • Nylon Lycra fabric gives added wind proof and sand proof protection.

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