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This reusable swimming nappy not only saves space in your suitcase, but it looks adorable on your tot and is a swimwear must for your baby. With plenty of designs to choose from, the adjustable waistband keeps accidents to a minimum.


Bambino Mio reusable swim nappy won a Bronze 2024 Mother&Baby Award for Best Swimming Product.

Testing the Bambino Mio reusable swim nappy

Would you recommend this to other mums?

These swim shorts makes life a lot easier, as there is no messing around with disposable swim pants, they slip on a lot easier than a disposable swim pant, and if you have a wriggly baby like mine, this alone is brilliant! It also saves space when packing for holidays, as instead of taking lots of disposable swim pants, you only need this one.

I loved the gorgeous design of the swim nappy. It was more like a pair of bikini bottoms than a nappy, and there are several cute designs to choose from. I also loved how easy it was to put on and take off. I liked how the waistband was adjustable and the elasticated leg openings fitted snugly but comfortably around my little ones’ thighs. The cotton lining was super soft and I thought my daughter seemed very comfortable in it. It was also very easy to wash.

I loved the simplicity of just pulling them on and letting the little terror crawl off – no more fighting with him to get a swim nappy on! On holiday they take up very little room in the suitcase, leaving that little bit more room for another pair of sandals! Baby seemed comfortable in them, and didn’t tug at them once. The material felt great, and there were lots of different designs to choose from. When I opened the pack I was worried that the ocean drop design would look girly on my son, but was pleasantly surprised that they looked good on him. Very easy to wash and came out of the washing machine without any damage. Will definitely recommend these to my mummy friends.

How did the product make your life easier?

One of the great things about this nappy is that you don't need to use a disposable swim nappy underneath, so the reusable nappy is all you need to carry with you. I've been on holiday before and run out of disposable swim nappies and been unable to find any, so this is hugely helpful, as it means you'll never find yourself without a swim nappy. I also hugely preferred this nappy to others available, which are made from neoprene or other wetsuit like materials, because it was much easier to put on my little one and she seemed more comfortable in it than she has in the neoprene-style nappies in the past. It can be hard to pull the neoprene nappies on, whereas this was just like pulling up a pair of pants. It also has a little tie up string around the waist to tighten the waistband so that it fits snugly around baby's tummy, creating a tight seal. The elasticated leg openings fitted snugly too.

When I got the product I was unsure if it would meet my expectations, but it definitely did! Inside the pack was a sheet with all the different designs you could choose from, and the range was very good. There were plenty of different patterns for the swim shorts to choose from. I have used this regularly in the paddling pool with my little girl in these warm months we have been having, and I cannot fault it at all, highly recommended.

This swim nappy is easy to use, simple to pull on, and off your little one goes. I loved the fact that there was no need for any additional nappy, meaning that it was less bulky and therefore easier for baby to move around. Some disposable nappies are not very attractive and need to have another swim product on top. This product looks lovely when on, so it is so simple to use.

Would you choose this product above others on the market?

I would choose this swim pant in particular above others as I found it so easy to use. The designs were great and had a wide range for girls and boys. I also thought the price was very reasonable. It held all accidents in perfectly and was so convenient for us every time we used it. I will definitely be buying more in different colours and patterns!

I much prefer the Bambino Mio nappy to other swim nappies that I have tried in the past. My daughter seemed far more comfortable in it, as she was able to move freely, and it was far easier to get on and take off. The reusable nappy was also far more convenient to use than a disposable swim nappy for the simple fact it can be washed and used again and again. There's also no need for a separate bathing suit, as it can be worn on its own and is super cute.

I loved the different designs that you could from, although I thought that there were more choices for girls than there were for boys. I would choose this product over others, as the design is good - it is easy to use and saves a whole lot on packaging. It is great that you can just throw it into the washing machine to be washed. My only slight worry was that on two occasions, despite being left to dry overnight, the nappy was still damp in the morning.

What changes would you make to the product?

If I could change anything about this swim pant it is that for the girlier choices, maybe have the pant built into a swimming costume? I realise the cost of the item would be significantly higher, but a swimming costume with built in swim pants would be perfect. Other than that I cannot fault this product. Five stars here from a very happy mummy!

I loved the bikini-bottoms style swim nappy and the fact that it comes in various fabrics, but it would be great if there was also the choice for matching bikini tops, or as an alternative swimsuit with the swim nappy built in. It would also be very cute if they made matching sun hats too.

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