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Chicco Cheerio at a glance

Chicco Cheerio is the most compact Chicco auto-folding baby pushchair, homologated from birth till 15 kg. Extremely compact and easy to use, thanks to its one-touch folding mechanism it turns to be the perfect solution for parents that look for both functionality and compactness.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did the Chicco Cheerio make your life easier?

Emma: The folding mechanism works a treat and is possible to do with one hand. Now that my child is on his feet, this product enables me to hold his hand and carry the stroller with ease. Considering that it is so lightweight this product feels really stable and is far more sturdy than previous strollers I have owned. Very impressed with it overall.

Lauren: This product definitely makes my life easier as it’s so lightweight and compact. It’s so easy to get in and out of the car one-handed because it’s so light I’m able to hold the baby and open or close the pram. It’s super easy to unfold, possible to do one-handed so it really is quick and convenient. It also doesn’t take up loads of space in shops so easy to wiz around with.

Kasia: It is definitely my 'going away stroller', as it folds down to the size of the little suitcase, so having lots of luggage and this taking such a little space is great. It really weighs close to nothing compared to other strollers which is great if you need to lift it to pack away in the car. Folds and unfolds easily, this can be done with one hand.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Emma: The product was very light and compact. It is easy to fold away into a small car, or a small flat or house. It was easy to unfold and pack away again. The straps were easily adjustable for our baby. He seemed comfortable when we were out and about in the pushchair. The pushchair has a nice design and looks good when in use. The pushchair is easy to clean and has a small storage basket underneath.

Nikki: This is THE product to have for all parents. Fussy child doesn’t want to be put down. This pram is the best thing for a multi-tasking mum! It unique feature of self-folding itself neatly is a lifesaver for time and energy when dealing with a child. Its light to pick up so can be done one-handed while holding your child. It's compact, which is super for fitting in the car and taking on holidays. The bag that comes with it for storage is handy as has two straps to make carrying the pram around more easily. We were cycling on holiday and had the pram in the bag while cycling and just used took it out when needed. The fact that this pram saves you time and energy, especially if you are just one person with a baby is amazing. It is 100 per cent a must-have in any mother starting kit.

Emma B: I would recommend this product because it is exactly what it says it is. Lightweight, sturdy and its movement is very smooth. The handy carry pack that is included is a trendy touch to the product and is actually quite comfortable to use. As with all toddlers, mine likes to use his newly found feet so being able to pack it up quickly to carry it on tour back out of the way is a godsend sometimes.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Lauren: I would definitely choose stroller this given a chance, as I really like the sleek look of it, I like the comfortable padded seat for the baby and the large basket underneath. The fact it’s so easy to fold out and put down really makes it for me, it’s honestly such a lovely stroller to push too, it’s very sleek.

Kasia: I believe that this is probably the best lightweight stroller on the market. I would choose it above others as a person who travels a lot. I greatly value its size and weight and how easy it is to fold. It comes with a case which is very useful, you can store your stroller in it safely when you don't use it at the moment. Also, the price is really appealing, I would even say that it is cheap considering the quality and functionality of this product.

Nikki: The sheer brilliance of how they designed this product to what mothers would want is remarkable. The price of this stroller makes it easily affordable, you can use it at home in the city, and also when travelling it just exceeds beyond the limits of any other pram I have ever seen. All the features of this pram just make your anxiety of travelling or a heavy day out melt away. It self-folds, it's lightweight, easy to carry, can be done one-handed, even to set up can be done one-handed, it has a sun visor and a rain cover too that are great quality, it also reclines for when baby is asleep. This means that all my boxes are ticketed and I know I can do it all myself without needing help. It also has a basket for shopping etc which is just another bonus. You would not want anything else.

What changes would you make to this product?

Emma B: Better sun protection is needed for this pushchair. Even though the visor was SPF50, it did not come down anywhere near low enough to protect our baby and therefore we could not use in the summer as we were worried about sunburn and the sun in his eyes. The pushchair is very low down, we are quite tall and found the pushchair uncomfortable to push at times with our feet hitting the back wheels.

Kasia: The big downfall of this product is the fact that the handle doesn't extend at all, so for someone who is as tall as my husband, who is 6 foot 1, it is not long enough and can make the stroller uncomfortable to push forward if you're on a long walk. I accidentally stepped on the break a few times while walking, which I also believe was because the handle isn't long enough.

Lauren: I definitely think the hood could be improved, I don’t feel it offers enough sun procreation for the baby as it really does not extend very far. It just about covers the babies head, and certainly not the body or legs which are exposed to the sun on a hot day. I would take this stroller on holiday with me as it’s so compact but the lack of sun protection would worry me.

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