The 32 best toys for 2-year-olds for fun, learning and movement

best toys for 2-year-olds

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Whether you think of it as the terrible twos or a time of exciting development, there's no denying that turning two is a big milestone. You're now officially out of baby territory, and your little bundle of fun is increasingly curious, capable, and opinionated. They might have tired of their baby toys and need more developmentally advanced toys for two year olds that will still keep them entertained.

By two, you’ll probably notice your baby has become more dexterous and capable than they were a year ago. And these new skills open up a whole new world of choices when it comes to the best toys for 2 year olds. From jigsaws to role play, they can now explore a world of educational games and activities that help their development, while keeping them entertained and engaged.

Their language skills are improving, and they can definitely make their wants and needs known, speaking in simple sentences. They've also developed a little imagination and can form images in their minds. You might want to invest in some educational toys for two year olds or learning toys that will help your tot develop confidence and dexterity.

Many of the toys that made it onto our list of the best toys for two year olds have been chosen because they offer a good balance of fun and learning - keeping little ones entertained while helping them develop motor skills, imagination, creativity or language.

Best toys for two years olds at a glance

Best overall toy for 2-year-olds: Orchard Toys Dress Up Nelly - Buy now on Amazon UK

Best puppet toy for two-year-olds: Melissa and Doug Zoo Friends Hand Puppets - Buy now on Amazon UK

Best memory skills toy for two-year-olds: Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart - Buy now on Amazon UK

Best food toys for two-year-olds: Melissa and Doug Wooden Food Groups - Buy now on Amazon UK

From our Mother&Baby Playtime Award winners – tested by tots all over the country – to other great buys, we’ve spent hours searching high and low for the best toys and gifts for two-year-olds so you don’t have to.

Best role play toys for 2 year olds

Best puppet toy for two-year-olds

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Walmart$29.99View offer

The Melissa & Doug Zoo Friends Hand Puppets set is an engaging toy that promises endless entertainment for children. The four soft hand puppets - an elephant, giraffe, tiger, and monkey - are crafted from plush, soft-stuffed material that's perfect for cuddling and conveniently washable, ensuring easy cleanup if needed. Reviewers felt they were "very well made of good quality materials."

Designed to fit both children and most adults, these hand puppets are ideal for playing together, helping motor skills, hand-eye coordination, communication skills, and self-confidence in young children. A Melissa & Doug Deluxe Puppet Theatre can also be bought to provide a stage for the puppets and role-playing. You’ll find yourself playing along with your child as they get the hang of turning these hand puppets into characters and role-play together can help your little one develop important conversation skills. Reviewers praised the role-playing potential of these puppets, which is "great for imaginative play and storytelling."

Some reviews mentioned that they were ideal for children's hands and for adults with smaller hands but were "a bit cramped to use for adult operators... but still recommended."


  • Suitable for all ages and genders
  • Other designs are available so you can create a collection of play themes and storylines
  • High-quality materials
  • Colourful and appealing to little ones


  • The puppets are a little snug for adults if you were looking to join in
Suitable from:2 years+
Toy Type:Soft toys
Teaches:Role-playing, imagination

Best memory skills toy for two-year-olds

his fun ice cream cart toy will help improve your toddler's memory, counting and creative abilities, as they have to remember the orders, put the ice creams together and make sure they get the ice cream to all the customers at the cart. As with mnay of the best toys for 2 year olds on our list, it combines developmental benefits, education and fun, which our testers liked. “Not only is it a great toy for the children to play with, it is also a great tool for learning colours and numbers The colours are really bright and engaging too.”

With different challenges and activities, it will grow with your child and our tester Kelly said “it has a lot of different features and the cards read out different challenges. They are too complex for my little one but it will continue to challenge him as he grows.”

While it’s colourful and entertaining for children, there are plenty of aspects that parents will appreciate. Unlike many toys, it can still be used if the batteries run out, which tester Danielle pointed out is key. “ Being busy mum, battery changing is low on my list of priorities.” Testers thought it was well designed and sturdy, with Danielle saying that  “the ice cream scoop is attached which is a massive positive as we are always losing things.” Our testers also noted that “having two volume settings means the repetitive noises are less annoying.“

Some parents thought it could be improved if it was a little larger which would allow more children to play with it at one time. 

Read our full Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart review


  • Combines education and fun
  • Bright and engaging so children happily play independently
  • Sturdy and well-designed - can be used without batteries and the scoop is attached so can't be lost
  • Easy to clean
  • Has a volume control to turn down the music and sounds


  • It could be a little larger to allow more children to play at once
Suitable from:2 years
Toy Type: Interactive
Teaches:Numeracy, colours, memory skills

Best food toys for two-year-olds

Melissa & Doug Wooden Food Groups

Rrp: $27.99

Price: $17.59
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Target$18.39View offer
Walmart$18.39View offer
Macy's$22.99View offer

Your toddler can learn about food and have fun with role play with this adorable set of wooden food pieces, perfect for picnic, market, or kitchen pretend-play. This set includes 21 durable pieces of food and four wooden crates for convenient storage and organization. Each piece is crafted to teach your child the main food groups while providing endless imaginative play opportunities. This is helped by the detail – “the colours are bright and vivid and all the pieces that we received have maintained their colour. They have a decent amount of detail on them so kids can instantly recognise what foods they are meant to be.”

By engaging in roleplay, children can use this set to learn around food groups while also having lots of fun using their imagination to create pretend play situations. Reviewers liked that they could develop this understanding while playing, with one mum saying “we've had several picnics and talked about the different food groups using these.”

Reviewers noted how well made and durable they seemed, in contrast to plastic ones which wouldn’t last as long. One reviewer suggested this was worth paying a little more for, saying “you could get other toy food for a cheaper price, but this is really good quality and very durable” while another pointed out that “they are far better than the plastic and cardboard alternatives that you often receive with shop/kitchen play sets that only last a few weeks before getting squashed!”


  • Detailed and well-made so children can easily tell what the food is
  • Durable and long-lasting so can be played with for a long time and passed on
  • The crates are useful for storing the food when not in use


  • More expensive than plastic alternatives but will last longer
Suitable from:18 months
Toy Type:Role play and imagination
Teaches:Food, imagination, creativity

Melissa & Doug My First Barber Shop Playset

Rrp: $37.99

Price: $23.99
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Walmart$30.39View offer
Target$30.49View offer

Get ready for a fun trip to the barber with the Melissa & Doug My First Barber Shop Playset. This all-inclusive set lets kids cut, trim, shave, and style with a variety of pretend play shaving essentials. It features a soft, wearable beard with adjustable straps for realistic role-play and kids can swirl squishy, textured shaving cream in a tub with a soft-bristled brush to pretend to lather up, then use the play scissors to trim. The set includes a pump shaving cream can, trimmers that vibrate when the tab is pulled, and a rolling razor for a smooth finish. The buzzing trimmers are a particular hit with kids and parents. "The clippers are his favourite part as you pull a cord and they buzz with vigour" said one parent reviewer.

Children can check their look in the hand mirror that flips to stand, and finish off their style with textured pomade in a tub, a comb, and a brush. The set also includes a reusable double-sided activity card for added fun. This is a brilliant set for two children, who can alternate between being the customer and the barber, creating plenty of opportunities for imaginative play.

All these components can be stored neatly in a sturdy zippered shaving kit for easy cleanup with one mum saying "the pieces are a good size where they aren't easy to lose and it comes with a little travel bag that you can squeeze everything into." As well as being great fun, one parent reviewer noted that it helped her son get over his fear of the barbers, saying "my boy has had great fun with this since he got it. He is also afraid of the real hair cutters so it was good as he can practice on himself before the real thing is used."


  • Comes with everything you need, including a fake beard
  • The clippers buzz to add more realism
  • All packs away into a handy storage bag


  • Recommended for children over 3 years so younger children would need to be supervised
Suitable from:3 years
Toy Type:Role play
Teaches:Social skills and imagination

Best kitchen toy for two-year-olds

KidKraft 53173 Dark Red Vintage Wooden Pretend Play Toy Kitchen

Rrp: $164.99

Price: $113.88
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Walmart$113.88View offer
Wayfair$120.73View offer
Tractor Supply$149.99View offer
Lowe's$156.07View offer

This wooden play kitchen is a classic toy, crafted from wood to ensure it lasts through years of play and can be passed on as the timeless design means it will never go out of fashion. The realistic features include sleek stainless steel-look details, an old-school thermometer and an ice dispenser for added authenticity. The opening doors of the fridge, freezer, oven and microwave add more realism, while the oven knobs click when turned, adding to the realistic play experience. Reviewers loved both the look and purpose of the kitchen, with one saying that "not only does it look brilliant, but it does what it says on the box, and that is to serve as a fun imagination enhancer and encourage creative play."

Parent reviewers appreciated that "the instructions are simple to follow and the parts are well marked and easy to find" but did point out that it "takes time to put together" with some suggesting it could take a few hours. We'd recommend putting it together before giving it to your child to avoid being pestered while you're assembling it!

There's ample storage space in the many cabinets, helping to keep play areas tidy and make space for lots of play food sets.


  • Easy to build with simple, easy-to-follow instructions
  • Great attention to detail in the opening doors, knobs, phone and other features
  • Sturdy and durable
  • High quality materials for long-lasting play
  • Lots of storage in the cupboards for play food and pot and pans


  • While it's easy to assemble, it does take a few hours so might be worth assembling before giving as a gift
Suitable from:3 years+
Toy Type:Role play
Teaches:Imagination, life skills

Best counting toy for two-year-olds

Leapfrog Count Along Till
Price: $21.99
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Walmart$34.97View offer

There's nothing any two-year-old loves more than playing shops with their very own till and pretending to be a supermarket cashier. Little shopkeepers can use their imaginations endlessly with this till which is both fun and educational for little ones. Designed to help them with their counting skills, they’ll be learning as they play.

We tested this as part of the Mother&Baby Awards 2018 where our mum tester Katrina liked that her son could play independently with this. “My two-year-old son loves this till, as he plays with it very independently, giving me a bit of free time.” Mum, Michelle agreed that it occupied her son more than other toys, saying “he has a tendency to get distracted easily, yet this keeps him occupied for a good amount of time.”

Mums praised the combination of fun and education, saying that “it supports child’s development, and also provides fun at the same time.” They liked that it is easy to wipe down and clean off sticky fingers but did note that coins have a tendency to get stuck down the back which can make it tricky to use.

Read our full Leapfrog Count Along Till review.


  • Combines fun and education so children learn through play
  • Colourful and engaging so kept children entertained
  • Sturdy and well-made
  • Can be wiped down with a dry cloth


  • The coins can get stuck in the back and may need to be retrieved before it can work

Best farm toy for two-year-olds

Fisher-Price Little People Caring for Animals Farm Playset
Price: $47.99
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Target$29.49View offer
Macy's$42.99View offer

This charming farm will delight little ones with its lights, music, and sounds, as well as the imaginative potential of a colour farm filled with animals. Parent reviewers thought this provided "hours of endless entertainment" and was "great for learning animal names and general role play."

While it's perfect for two-year-olds, reviewers also noted that it could be enjoyed by younger and older children, with one saying, "The one-year-old laughs with glee when she puts the animals down the shute, and the doors come open. The two-year-old likes the animals and singing along with the song. The four year makes up stories and plays with the farmer and the animals."

It features Smart Stages learning content, including fun songs, phrases and sounds that introduce counting, colours, and animal noises. One reviewer said it "has encouraged my granddaughter to learn the names of the animals and being able to pronounce their names improved her vocabulary skills".

Reviewers also praised the durability of the farm, saying it seemed to be "crafted from what I can only assume is the same plastic used in superhero costumes, this farm set has proven both durable and toddler-proof."


  • Three Smart Stages allow it to grow with your child
  • Sturdy and well-made so should last well
  • Entertaining for older children as well as younger ones


  • One reviewer questioned the farmer's American accent
Suitable from:12 months
Toy Type:Role play and imagination
Teaches:Motor skills, noises, colours, names

Best educational toys for 2-year-olds

Best overall toy for 2-year-olds

Gold Winner for Best Toddler Toy at the Mother&Baby Awards 2023

This fun, colourful game is tested by teachers and can be used for younger children to learn colours as they dress the friendly elephants in their different outfits, or as a fun game for older tots. Play the game and match the head, body and leg cards of the same colour or mix it up and watch your kids have fun creating their own outfit combinations. There are 30 chunky pieces in total and they’re the perfect size for little hands to hold.

Dress up Nelly was tested by our mums and their kids as part of the Mother&Baby Awards, and parents praised the simplicity of the game, with one saying it "was easy for my toddler to grasp". This is a fairly compact box so makes storage easy and one reviewer also pointed out that "they make great presents too as the price point is right for nursery friends etc."

Another mum tester, Debbie, mentioned how versatile the game is, as they can "use them to talk about the different colours/outfits, and it encourages some role playing as well while we talk about what different jobs each character might have." Our parent testers were in agreement that it was a fun educational toy and Olivia summed it up when she noted "it is an amazing learning game for my child, who can now match and pair since using this product. It is something he asks to play with. It teaches him how to think and learn – each time we play he pairs them up quicker!"

Read our full Orchard Toys Dress Up Nelly review


  • Colourful and bright to catch a toddler's eye
  • Educational for younger ones
  • A good price point for birthday presents for friends
  • Wipe clean pieces for easy cleaning


  • Perfect for younger children but may not hold the attention of siblings over 5 years old
Suitable from:2-5 years
Toy type:Game

Best toy for teaching cause and effect

Classic World - Hercules Weightlifting
Price: $25.06

Silver Winner for Best Toddler Toy at the M&B Awards 2023

Teach your little one cause and effect with the help of this Hercules Weightlifting toy from Classic World. Hercules’ arms will move up and down as they add and remove ‘weights’. Fun as well as educational, children will love watching the eyes waggle as the ‘weights’ balance. Our mums tested this game out with their children as part of our Mother&Baby Awards 2023 where it won a Silver Award for Best Toddler Toy.

On the whole, parent testers thought the game was "attractive" and their children "took an interest in the toy straight away", with a number of mum testers saying that their child "understood the aim of the toy and enjoyed balancing the discs so that the eyes are visible." Our mum testers thought it was good for their children's development with Beth noting that her 21-month-old "also explored the relationship between weight/size and balancing without adult input which I didn't expect. It aided his fine motor skills too."

Some felt that their three year olds grew bored of it fairly quickly but found that they either started using the toy pieces in independent play which has benefits for Montessori toy rotation, or that it provided more entertainment for younger siblings. In fact tester mum Beth, said "our 21-month-old has played with it substantially more and has spent a lot of time rearranging the weights and playing with the balancing arms." 

In terms of materials, our mum testers liked that "it was wooden and not plastic" which made it "a lot more durable". Feedback was mixed on the colours, with mum tester, Maryanne saying she "liked the muted colour scheme a lot" and Sophie agreeing that "the colours were very gentle and muted, but they could perhaps have been slightly bolder just so it stood out a bit more." Astrid also "liked the colours too" but thought "they were not bright enough to attract children in the first place."

Read our full Classic World Hercules Weightlifting toy review


  • Made of wood, so it more durable than plastic
  • Enhances fine motor skills
  • Teaches cause and effect through the use of weights
  • Children can use the pieces in other imaginative ways


  • While parents liked the muted tones they felt the colours could be brighter for children
  • This is aimed at 3 year olds but some parents felt it was better for their younger children
Suitable from: 3+
Toy type: Wooden
Teaches:Cause and effect

Best matching toy for two-year-olds

Orchard Toys First Sounds Lotto

Rrp: $28.40

Price: $17.00

Silver winner of the Mother&Baby Awards 2022 Best Toddler Toy

This is a fun-filled sound game where players listen to the sounds on the Orchard Toys app or make noises themselves and match them to pictures on their playing boards! Children will have fun as they buzz like a bee, moo like a cow or hiss like a snake. We tested it as part of our Mother&Baby Awards 2022 and parents all agreed they would recommend it to other parents as it "creates multiple learning opportunities", is "an interactive game that you can play alongside your child" and "is easy for all ages to play with on their own or under adult supervision."

Mum Helen liked that "it's in a small box so doesn't take up too much space in the toy storage" while Rebecca liked that "it's not made from plastics or any other one-use product." It can be combined with an app which makes the noises, and while this isn't necessary, Helen did note that users without "a phone or laptop wouldn't be able to get the full potential out of the game."

Read our full Orchard Toys First Sounds Lotto review


  • Multiple learning opportunities
  • Colourful visuals and fun noises with the app, or just made by the children
  • Easy to play, so simple yet effective


  • Need to use your phone/the app for noises to get the full potential of the game
Suitable from: 2+
Toy type:Game
Teaches: Memory, matching and listening skills

Best number game toy for two-year-olds

Bronze Winner in the Mother&Baby Awards 2020 for Best Toddler Toy

This colourful number puzzle makes learning fun for toddlers. Our mum testers thought it helped their children get to grips with their numbers from 1-10 as they match the houses and their inhabitants to the door numbers. Mum Rachel said “I would recommend this to other mums as I’ve found it really useful to encourage counting and recognising numbers."

Not only can this help them learn their numbers, but our mums found it also benefited their toddler’s understanding of colours and as Sharon said “it’s a great way to sit with your child and talk about the numbers, colours and animals to aid their development and learning.” 

Our mum tester Sarah thought it was good quality when she tested it for the Mother&Baby Awards 2020 and also appreciated “that it’s made of cardboard and not plastic, and I think the company is a good one in that they will replace any missing parts for free."

While our mum testers liked the fact it had a handle, mum Jo did point out that it meant her children carried it around a lot and the box was showing signs of wear and tear.

Read our full Orchard Toys Number Street review


  • Colourful and appealing for little ones
  • The larger, sturdy jigsaw pieces are easy for little hands to use
  • Teaches numbers but also colours and provides talking points for parents


  • One tester felt the box could be sturdier to withstand being carried around by the handle
Suitable from:2 years
Toy type:Jigsaw puzzle
Teaches:Numeracy, dexterity, problem-solving

Best LEGO toy for two-year-olds

LEGO 10915 DUPLO My First Alphabet Truck Toy
Price: $85.32

Bronze winner of the Mother&Baby Awards 2021 Best Toddler Toy

This LEGO Duplo Truck was tested and reviewed by our mum testers as part of the Mother&Baby Awards 2021 where it won a Bronze Award for Best Toddler Toy.

As well as being a fun push-along toy, this introduces toddlers to their ABCs, inspires creative building, encourages imaginative play and helps fine motor skills - all in one truck full of fun! The 26 letter bricks can help toddlers improve their motor and reading skills, as they stack the letter bricks onto the back of the colourful moving truck. As they do that, they become familiar with the letters of the alphabet and soon learn to spell basic words (F-U-N!) - helping toddlers learn whilst having fun building. Encouraging imagination, role-playing, learning the ABC, and building, this truck is loads of fun for developing toddlers.

With over 5,000 5* reviews, it's a firm favourite with parents and our mum testers were equally pleased, with Lauren saying "the alphabet truck has encouraged me to spend time with my son and teach him new words, colours, letters as well as having some fun time with him." Our mums also appreciated that "it is a very versatile item, and can be used in many different ways."

Tester mum Sarah also liked that "it is also easy to wipe clean if needs be which makes it extremely hygienic" and Adel thought "it is well built and solid and can without several knocks and bangs! It’s nice and colourful and a good unisex toy."

Read our full LEGO DUPLO Alphabet Truck review


  • Multi-use as can be a fun toy, teach the alphabet, and help with motor skills and dexterity
  • Great for solo play as will keep children entertained, stacking and building the truck in different ways
  • Easy to clean
  • Develops as your child grows


  • Uses uppercase instead of the lowercase letters which are generally preferred for preschool children
Suitable from:18 months
Toy type:Construction and education
Teaches:Motor skills, ABCs, independent play

Best Play-Doh toy for two-year-olds

Play-Doh Shape and Learn
Price: $32.00

This toy, described by one mum reviewer as "educational & fun", helps to teach children pre-reading and pre-writing skills with suggested activities that allow you to explore and practice numbers with your tot. Another reviewer said her "toddler loves this! He wants to pick a colour, cut a shape, then put it away and move on to another colour. It’s a great concept. Gives him practice saying shapes and colours".

As with other Play-Doh sets, it's great for fine motor skills and encouraging creativity, with parent reviewers saying it offered "lots of ideas for developing recognition of both colours, shapes and pattern building whilst also developing fine motor skills."

Some reviewers mentioned that the paper mats provided were a little flimsy, and as with all PlayDoh, the dough can dry out if not stored carefully.


  • Educational and teaches colours and letter
  • Comes with suggested activities to help you get more out of it


  • The mats are made out of paper so can rip
  • The playDoh should be stored carefully to avoid drying out
Suitable from:2 years+
Toy type:Creative
Teaches:Numeracy and colours, fine motor skills

Best toy for teaching colours

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog

Rrp: $15.00

Price: $10.49
Alternative retailers
Target$10.49View offer
Walmart$10.49View offer
Tractor Supply$14.99View offer
Wayfair$20.11View offer

Bronze Winner for Best Toddler Toy at the M&B Awards 2023

Children will learn to count, recognise colours and shapes, and start to grasp sorting and matching while playing with Spike. The colourful quills are just the right size for little one’s hands to grasp and when they’re finished playing, the pieces are stored nicely inside the hedgehog.

Our mum testers tried this out with their children as part of our Mother&Baby Awards 2023 where it won a Bronze award in the Best Toddler Toy category. Parents felt it was great for helping a child's development with mum tester, Hayley saying that it was a "great toy for hand-eye coordination and learning colours" while Natasha said it "is a good learning tool which has helped to aid his counting."

Our mum testers also thought it was a long-lasting toy and as Asya said, it has the potential to "grow with the child, as their skills develop" while Suzanne said "I can see if my child was older there would be lots of opportunities for colour recognition, counting and sorting."

Mums thought it was the "type of product I could give or receive as a present as they're very good quality" though one mum mentioned that "it would have been more satisfying for the child if the spikes actually clicked into the hedgehog as they seemed quite flimsy and fell out very easily." However, on the whole mums felt the design was "very user friendly and the spikes were an appropriate size for little hands."

Read our full Learning Resources Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog review


  • Improves fine motor skills
  • Easy to store as the spikes sit inside
  • Teaches children about counting, colours and shapes


  • Some parents found the spikes fell out quite easily
Suitable from:18 months
Toy type:Fine motor skills
Teaches:Colours, counting and sorting

Best storytelling toy for two-year-olds

Shortlisted for Best Toddler Toy at our Mother&Baby 2022 Awards.

With seven complimentary play cards to inspire and add fun stories to tell, these Wonder Buddies will have your toddler laughing with delight as well as stimulating emotional intelligence, fine motor skills, imagination & creativity, gross motor skills, cognition, language and communication and senses.

It uses smart sensors to create interactive play, which one reviewer thought had helped teach her two year old "about compassion. Feeding him, playing and putting him to bed, definitely less tantrums when his friend is doing the same thing." As well as developing social skills, it was also reviewed as a "great little toy that really helps develop motor skills."

Reviewers also felt it would develop with their child, with one noting that "there are 7 cards written in English, French and Spanish with learning objectives for play time with your child. Although the toy is simplistic in looks, I thought that the learning objectives were beyond the understanding of many one year olds, so that aspect would suit an older toddler."

As it needs batteries, one reviewer noted it would be useful to have a small screwdriver to hand when first using the toy.


  • Cute companion that's also developmentally stimulating and educational
  • Good size for small hands
  • Other animal characters are available to offer choice


  • Uses batteries which aren't included and also needs a small screwdriver to open the battery compartment
Suitable from:12 months

Best for learning fun facts

LeapFrog 601503 Learning Friends 100 Words
Price: $47.75

Shortlisted for Best Toddler Toy at the 2020 Mother&Baby Awards

This interactive words book was tried and tested by our panel of mum testers with their little ones and is filled with colourful pages, animals and bright objects to grab your tot's attention and boost their knowledge and language. The twelve learning categories include food, pets, vehicles and clothes, expanding their vocabulary while keeping them entertained.

As well as teaching younger children first words and sounds, the LeapFrog Toys Learning Friends 100 Words Book can switch between English and French, teaching them two languages at the flick of a switch. Amy praised this, saying "the pictures are engaging and were clear to my daughter, who was then able to listen to the French word and understand what it was relating to."

Our mum testers thought it was great for all ages, with Amanda saying "I have a toddler and a primary schooler and this is one of the very few toys that they’ll sit down and play on together" and Eleanor noting that "her 9-month-old understood quickly that she had to press the pictures in order for the voice to say what they are."

Our mum testers also liked how it could entertain their kids on the go, "as the handle on top creates a portable toy that couldn’t be easier to transport." Eleanor found it was useful in many settings - "I have used the book when travelling in the car, cooking their tea, putting the washing on and many more tasks that were impossible to do without one of them getting upset."

Mum, Abi felt the touch sensitivity meant that her son accidentally knocked other words, which could be confusing but did note that it will eventually improve his fine motor skills.

Read the full LeapFrog Toys Learning Friends 100 Words Book review


  • The handle on top allows for easy portability
  • Wipe-clean so great for removing sticky finger marks
  • Simple to use
  • Engaging colours, pictures and music
  • Great value for money


  • Quite sensitive so smaller children might knock the wrong picture and be confused
Suitable from:12 months - 3 years
Toy Type:Interactive language learning
Teaches:Words, English and French

Best communication toy for two-year-olds

This cuddly toy may become your little one’s best friend as it plays fun songs, music and talks while flapping its ears. It’s designed to encourage language development by having conversations, repeating what’s said, moving its head as the child speaks and teaching letters and numbers. Parents thought it was “very easy to understand, and will repeat what you say, and baby’s noises too. A great toy for children aged 6 month to 3 years.” 

The three different learning levels mean it will grow and develop as your child develops with one mum saying “my 7 months old just can't get enough of this toy” and another saying it’s “very easy for my son to use and understand he is 19 months and this toy has helped him with his speaking and communication skills.” The mum of a two year old said it’s “very engaging, two year old loves it and really is encouraged to mimic and talk back to the toy, definitely recommend.”


  • Cute and cuddly so will appeal to toddlers
  • Can help with language development
  • Has three different learning levels so can help children of different ages


  • You need to speak clearly so it repeats what you say accurately
Suitable from:12 months
Toy Type:Interactive soft toy
Teaches:Language skills

Best outdoor toys for two year olds

Best scooter for two-year-olds

The Micro Mini Deluxe Scooter is a must for speedy, energetic two-year-olds. While it’s suitable from two years old, this scooter has been designed to grow with your tot as the adjustable handlebar grows as they do and our parent testers felt it would last their child “many years”.  

The two front wheels are designed to make scooting easier for little ones, which certainly impressed our reviewers, with Dad Charlie saying that his son took “to it straight away” and “within two minutes he was zooming around the garden.” Charlie did feel that it took a little longer to learn how to steer around corners“as it is so sensitive. After a few days he seemed to get the hang of it and picked up some speed.”

Parent reviewers felt that “building it was easy” and “it feels really durable and long-lasting.” This sturdiness does demand a higher price tag, with Dad tester, Tom noting that “this is a more expensive item but I think it is worth spending the money as it looks like it will outlive their usage which is great.”

Read our full Micro Scooters Mini Micro Scooter review


  • Easy to use so small children learnt to scoot quickly
  • Sturdy and well-made so should last and stand up to being well-used
  • Comes in a range of fun, bright colours
  • Adjustable handle bar means it will grow as your child grows
  • Two front wheels help to keep it stable and help to steer


  • Has a higher price tag than other models but reviewers felt this was justified
Suitable from:2-5 years
Toy type: Scooter
Teaches:Gross motor skills

Best for touch-stimulation toy for two-year-olds

Bring the beach fun home with the Early Learning Centre Sand and Water Table, designed for endless hours of creative play. This versatile table features two troughs, allowing your little one to fill one side with sand and the other with water, or both with either sand or water (sand sold separately). The set includes ten engaging toys: a spade, scoop, rake, funnels, wheels, moulds, and more.

A waterproof lid keeps the sand dry and doubles as a play table with a built-in road, making it a multifunctional addition to any play area. "Nice bright colours and the cover has car tracks on top, useful for when the sand and water table is packed up." Reviewers praised the lid, saying it’s “extremely useful to have a good lid so that it can be kept outside.” It’s easy to put together, with one reviewer saying it “was done in under five minutes, it simply slots together. Once filled with sand and water the table is very sturdy and stays in place perfectly.”


  • Two sides offer space for a combination of sand and/or water
  • The well-fitting lid keeps it clean and free of leaves if left outside
  • The funnels and tools offer plenty of activity and entertainment


  • The tools can be tricky to remove if the holes are sandy so good to check before putting them back in
Suitable from:18 months
Toy type:Outdoor activity
Teaches:Fine motor skills

Best messy play toy for two-year-olds

Shortlisted for Best Toddler Toy at the Mother&Baby Awards 2022

You'll find an abundance of uses for the Original Tuff Tray. It's perfect for play in the home or for outdoor play in the garden - for the messy stuff! From sand and water to painting and bubbles, get creative with endless activities for little ones to enjoy their home-schooling time. If you're looking for a Tuff Tray, take a look at our guide to tuff trays to make sure you're buying the right one for you. We tested this tuff tray with mum testers for our Mother&Baby Awards 2022 where it was shortlisted for Best Toddler Toy.

This Tuff tray can be used with or without the stand, and our testers appreciated this versatility, with Charlie noting that it was "great for doing messy play such as paint, playdough, foam and other crafty activities either at a height - that could be adjusted depending on your child - or just laying the tray on the floor." Laura agreed, saying that "it has multiple uses. We have only had it a week but in that time we have used it for messy play, art and crafts, baking, jigsaw puzzles and even for mealtimes." Lucy pointed out that "this multi-use aspect is a huge positive for any mum."

From a practical point of view, our testers thought it was "fairly easy to put together, it’s easy to clean, can be used inside and outside, has 3 different heights which is great for sitting or standing and is fairly big so 2/3/4 children can play at it together."

One mum suggested it would be better if the legs folded down for easier storage, but another felt it was easy enough to take apart if needed. It was also suggested that, from an environmental perspective, less packaging could have been used.

Read our full KUB Original Tuff Tray and Stand review


  • Easy to clean
  • Great for messy play as keeps it all contained
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • No tools required to set-up so easy to going


  • Comes with a lot of packaging which feels unnecessary
Suitable from:Height is designed to be used from 3 years old
Toy Type:Messy play
Teaches:Fine motor skills, creativity, imagination

Best car for two year olds

Price: $98.72
Alternative retailers
Walmart$11.99View offer
Target$54.99View offer

The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe is an iconic and beloved toy, found in countless homes, nurseries, and preschools around the UK. Its popularity is well-deserved, as kids simply adore it! One delighted grandparent shared, "I bought this for my granddaughter for Christmas. She is nearly one and absolutely loves it. Thousands of hours of playtime make it worth every penny. The strong and sturdy materials will last for years. Fabulous purchase, highly recommend."

The Cozy Coupe features a removable floor and a handle on the back, allowing parents to push younger children. As kids grow, they can start pushing the car themselves. This model includes fun details like an ignition switch, an open-and-close gas cap, and a real working horn, providing a realistic driving experience that kids will love.

While some reviews mention difficulties with assembly and unclear instructions, the end result is a toy that brings immense joy to children. For even more fun, you can purchase compatible extras such as a petrol pump, so your little one can refuel during their adventures.

With its sturdy construction and engaging features, the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe is a timeless toy that will last your little one and can then be passed down to others.


  • Sturdy and classic design
  • Removable floor so it can be used with younger children and then older ones can push themselves around with their feet
  • Working features include a horn for fun role play


  • Can fade if left in the sun for a long time
Suitable from:18 months
Toy Type:Ride on car
Teaches:Gross motor skills

Best ride on toy

The Scuttlebug Bumblebee Ride On was awarded Silver for Best Toddler Toy at the Mother&Baby Awards 2024.

These fun and colourful ride on toys are a hit with toddlers as they’re lightweight, easy to use and get them places quickly! The cute designs are fun and appealing for little ones, while our parent testers appreciated how easy it is to fold up when their children want to walk (or be carried) saying “it’s incredibly easy and quick to fold out and is ready to go straight away!” while another pointed out it can fit under the pram which makes it great for trips out. “It comes everywhere with us as when my son doesn’t want to use it anymore it folds up and goes under the pram.”

While one mum tester felt the seat was maybe a little hard, she did note that the material meant it was very durable and hardwearing. “Although, as it’s plastic it seems to be very hardy and weatherproof, as we often leave ours outside in the patio in all weather!” As pointed out by another of our Mother&Baby testers,  “a huge bonus is the ease of which you can wipe it clean should any rogue snacks or drink spill on it."


  • Easy to use for smaller children who haven't mastered a balance bike yet
  • Colourful and fun for little kids
  • Folds up easily for storage and carrying
  • Wipe clean and durable


  • The plastic seat can be a little hard
Suitable from:12 months +
Toy Type:Ride on
Teaches:Balance and gross motor skills

Best for teaching gross motor skills

Gold winner at the Mother&Baby Awards 2022 for Best Toddler Toy

We tested the Hooga Balance bike with our Mums for the Mother&Baby Awards 2022 where it won a Gold Award.

The Hooga balance bike is a quirky fun Zebra-themed child's outdoor ride-on toy that's designed to help your little ones build up their strength and develop motor skills, coordination, and agility.

It has a 2-in-1 configuration which offers children support to develop their walking and riding skills when it's a tricycle and can then be converted into a balance bike, helping children with essential bike riding skills. Mum, Kate felt this was a big selling point, saying "I would choose this product over others I have seen on the market as the option for it to be adjusted as your child grows was a big plus for me."

The balance bike has a non-slip rubber handlebar and a comfortable leather seat with two height configurations. The bike also has foam puncture-resistant tyres for your peace of mind.

While our testers liked that it was lightweight, Kate did feel that "it isn’t as easy to fold down/put in the boot of your car as other models; however, it compensates for this by offering a lot of customisable features that they don’t." Lauren liked that it "is also easy to wipe clean which is very important as outside toys can get dirty very quickly."

Read our full 2 in 1 Zebra Themed Balance Bike review


  • Light to carry, can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to assemble and cute design


  • It doesn't fold down but should be compact enough to fit in the boot of most cars
Suitable from:18 months
Toy Type:Tricycle/Balance Bike

Best puzzles for two year olds

Best wooden puzzle toy for two-year-olds

Bigjigs Toys Safari Cube Jigsaw Puzzle
Price: $10.93

This brightly coloured puzzle is actually six puzzles in one, with different pictures on each side of the cube to test your toddler's jigsaw skills. The pieces are neatly contained in a wooden tray to keep it all together but also test and develop their fine motor skills and dexterity. Reviewers thought it was a good challenge for younger children, and "is an educational toy, good for hand and eye co-ordination."

Some reviewers thought the cubes were smaller than they'd expected, but one pointed out the "cubes are small but ideal for small hands."


  • Colourful and fun pictures to engage little ones
  • Six puzzles in one to develop toddlers' skills
  • Comes in a wooden box to keep puzzles together and aid motor skills
  • Can also be used as building blocks


  • Some reviewers thought it was smaller than expected so worth checking the dimensions
Suitable from:18 months
Toy type:Puzzle
Teaches:Motor skills, dexterity

Best problem solving toy for two-year-olds

Melissa and Doug Geometric Stacker

Rrp: $22.99

Price: $18.39
Alternative retailers
Kohl's$17.59View offer
Target$18.39View offer
Walmart$18.39View offer
Macy's$22.99View offer

The Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker Toddler Toy is an engaging educational toy featuring 25 colourful wooden pieces in various shapes, including rings, octagons, and rectangles, designed to be matched and stacked on three rods. This is a versatile toy that can help younger toddlers to build early shape, colour, and size differentiation skills, while building hand-eye co-ordination, but also offers the potential for multiple games that can be played with a parent too.

Parent reviewers appreciated the multiple uses, with some saying their children "had hours of fun stacking and re-stacking" and others commenting that it's "ideal to learn about shape and colour" and had helped "develop fine motor skills".

With over 23,000 5* reviews it's safe to say that this is a favourite with parents and their children. Durability was mentioned by lots of reviewers, including one mum who said "the toy still looks new. The colours don't run, no chipping or flaking. The rings have been gnawed and thrown but looks perfect."

It's also a great option for presents, with one reviewer saying it was her "4th time buying this item, once for my kids, then as gifts after that."


  • Non-toxic and made of wood for a durable and classic look
  • Bright colours to attract young children's attention
  • Offers multiple ways of playing so can stimulate imaginative play


  • Not ideal as a travel toy as the bricks may fall off
Suitable from:18 months
Toy type:Wooden stacking
Teaches:Fine motor skills, colours, shapes

Best board puzzle for two-year-olds

Ravensburger My First Floor Puzzle - The GruffaloMother&Baby/ Digital Writer, Rebecca Lancaster

Bring your tot’s favourite story to life with this 16-piece cardboard floor jigsaw puzzle. The four jigsaw puzzles included in this set will teach your little one important problem-solving skills while the fun pictures from the Gruffalo will keep them entertained.

This jigsaw was tested by Mother&Baby's Digital Writer, Rebecca, who found that both of her children enjoyed this puzzle though it was "ideally suited to her two year old as it's fairly simple and the pieces are cut horizontally across each jigsaw so might be a little simple for older children." Each separate jigsaw has a "different coloured border so it's easy for younger children to see which piece goes with which, while the characters are easy enough to identify and build as a puzzle."

Rebecca found "the pieces were thick and sturdy so have stood up to the usual rough play of 2 year olds and still look good enough to be passed down to younger siblings or relations."


  • Sturdy and good quality
  • Good-sized pieces for little hands
  • A good challenge for two-year-olds


  • May be a little easy for older child
Suitable from:18 months
Toy type: Jigsaw
Teaches: Fine motor skills, problem-solving

Best toys for developing motor skills

Best nesting toy

Rosa&Bo Nesting DollsMother&Baby/Digital Writer, Rebecca Lancaster

A colourful and robust take on the classic Russian dolls, these nesting babies were created by a mum and midwife as a fun developmental toy for babies from 6 months and up. The dolls are designed to help develop hand-eye-coordination and ordering skills and our tester mum, Rebecca tried the dolls out with her two year old and found that they allowed her to practice playing around with sizes. "My daughter would happily sit and play with these, trying to figure out which one fitted in which, and what order they had to go in to be able to fit."

They're colourful and sturdy so will appeal to little ones as well as standing up to toddler play. Rebecca agreed that they last well as they have been played with many times and still look good enough to pass onto younger siblings. She commented that "these dolls are not only a fun and cheerful toy but they look good when they're just sat on the shelf so I can see them being a decorative item when my daughter stops playing with them so much."


  • Colour and attractive to younger children
  • Sturdy and strong plastic so should last well and can be passed onto other children
  • Simple but develops good hand-eye coordination
  • Looks good as a decorative item as well as a toy


  • Has a fairly high price tag but this is an item that can be passed on and re-loved
Suitable from:6 months+
Toy type:Stacking dolls
Teaches:Hand-eye coordination, sizes

Best music toy for two-year-olds

This fun, brightly coloured musical instrument gift set is great for budding musicians. It includes a Xylophone, Ocean Drum, Rattle Roller, Bells and Shaker Maraca in fun colours and is suitable for 12 months and up. Babies will be mesmerised by the colourful beads and the noise they make as they cascade up and down in the Rattle Roller, while tots will certainly enjoy making music with the xylophone and maraca! Reviewers enjoyed the musical opportunities which make this a “great gift for the budding musician or even just a noisy toddler who likes to crash and bang stuff a lot.” While the fun music will keep them entertained, they’ll also be learning new skills and improving their motor skills and coordination. 

For peace of mind, the set is BPA, lead and phthalate-free, with carefully designed rounded edges so you can be confident it’s safe for your little one. Reviewers appreciated this safety, with one mum saying “one of the features I really like is how safety has been taken into account. There are no sharp corners.” 

One reviewer did note that, while the rest of the instruments felt solid, she questioned how long the drum would live up to the rough and tumble of her toddler but others said "they are well made and have lasted 3 months of heavy usage without showing signs of wear."


  • Well-designed for little hands
  • Makes an acceptable noise level without being too noisy
  • The sound is well tuned
  • Durable and good quality


  • Has a fairly high price tag which can vary online which some reviewers questioned

Best building blocks for two-year-olds

MEGA BLOKS Big Building Bag building set

Rrp: $34.97

Price: $31.48
Alternative retailers
Walmart$46.02View offer

With 60 pieces to play with, your toddler will love using this multi-coloured bricks for hands-on play. They come with distinct shapes and are a good size which makes them great for little hands and less of a choke risk than other building blocks. "I recommend these over legos for toddlers, they're chunky for little hands, and too big to choke on when they inevitably go in the mouth!" While they're a great toy for 2 year olds, parent reviewers also noted that they can be played with by all ages so offer good value for money. “My children played with these up until the age of 3 or 4, so you get many years of use out of them, which is rare for a toy.”

The set comes with a reusable storage bag for easy cleanup and organization, making it convenient to store and transport the blocks which reviewers liked, saying “The storage bag is very convenient for keeping them organized.” Additionally, these blocks are compatible with all MEGA BLOKS building toys, allowing for endless learning fun and creativity.

The blocks come in two different colour options and some people were disappointed that there weren't many pink blocks in the 'Red Bag' option.


  • Storage bag included which makes it easy to keep tidy
  • The bricks are bright and chunky, which makes them easy to use for little hands
  • Great for smaller children who might put them in their mouth as they're larger than LEGO
  • Can use their imaginations and build anything


  • Some reviewers felt there should be more pink blocks in the Red Bag
Suitable from: 12 months
Toy Type:Construction
Teaches:Fine motor skills, spatial awareness, imagination

Best eco toy for two-year-olds

Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons Natural
Price: $22.95

Introduce your little one to the joy of drawing with these vibrant, eco-friendly crayons, perfect for a two-year-old. Unlike others, these crayons are made from 100% pure beeswax and food grade pigments for colour, ensuring a sustainable and minimal impact on the environment. As well as being better for the environment, this offered parents peace of mind. “Also stops me worrying about my little one biting or trying to eat them as they are natural and non toxic.” The crayons' unique chunky shape makes them easy for small hands to hold and difficult to break, promoting creativity and fine motor skill development in young children.

One of the standout features is their sweet honey scent while the bold, vivid colours captivate young artists and should inspire endless doodles and drawings. 

Some reviewers noted that they’re at the upper end of the price scale for crayons but did point out that they’re so chunky that they should last longer than other others, with one saying “Would buy again - but they're going to last for ages!”


  • Ergonomic shape and easy to hold
  • Bright colours
  • All-natural so toxin-free and good for the environment
  • Smell of honey


  • Have a higher price tag but should last longer than other crayons
Suitable from:12 months
Toy type:Crayons
Teaches:Fine motor skills, creativity, colours

Best fine motor toy for two-year-olds

Poppy The Count & Stack Flower Pot
Price: $15.99
Alternative retailers
Tractor Supply$14.99View offer
Target$15.99View offer
Walmart$15.99View offer

Cheerful Poppy and her six colourful count-and-stack-flowers are perfect for preschool fine motor fun. Little ones can stack Poppy’s two-piece flowers, then count them up and carry her around with the child-sized handle. Poppy and her six vibrant count-and-stack flowers are designed for preschool fine motor development and offer plenty of opportunities for imaginative play and learning. One parent reviewer found this helped her child, saying “as an early intervention specialist I highly recommend this toy. It helps develop fine motor skills with the placement of flowers. My child now uses it for pretend play and counting.”

Poppy allows children to engage in counting and stacking activities, and one reviewer noted that her daughter “can learn her colours and numbers and also helps her learn sorting.” Specially designed for ages 18 months and up, Poppy encourages imaginative learning adventures as kids pick and carry her flowers.

The six numbered flowers can also be stored in the pot, which parents liked for ease. “The best thing about this toy is that it stays organized since you keep the flowers in the same box. That has helped me prevent their parts from getting lost.” Some reviewers noted that the flowers sometimes fall out of the holes, but this allows the child to practise putting them back in firmly.


  • Cute design makes it attractive for little ones to carry around and play with
  • Includes a handle for on-the-go fun
  • Easy clean-up with flowers stored inside the pot


  • Some thought the flowers fell out too easily
Suitable from:18 months
Toy Type:Puzzle
Teaches:Numbers, colours, fine motor skills and puzzle-solving

Best musical toy

If your little one likes to make music this piano mat could be the perfect addition to their toy collection. Designed to provide hours of fun, it allows children to stomp on the mat and create their own unique sounds which reviewers liked, with one saying "I purchased this as a first birthday gift for my nephew. It is a well-made product that kept him busy making sounds by pressing the various keys. He quickly realized that the keys made different sounds and happily used his play mat for an extended amount of time. I also noticed that he frequently returns to the toy and looks for it in his toy box. I'm happy with my purchase." 

It boasts 28 sounds, including 10 kinds of animal sounds, 9 melodies and 9 music scales so children can learn music, animal noises, colours and sounds.It does take 3xAA batteries so we'd recommend having these to hand before giving the toy to your child.

The mat features a two-sided design, each side offering different built-in sounds, inspiring creativity, sensory development and musical exploration in your child. The soft fabric makes it nice for your little one to use, while the anti-slip surface offers peace of mind for you. While it has received praise for its engaging and interactive design, some parents noted that the sounds can be a bit loud.


  • The many musical notes, sounds and noises teach your child while providing lots of fun!
  • Anti-slip surface makes it safer to move on
  • Folds up for easy storage


  • Takes 3xAA batteries which aren't included
  • Some reviewers felt the sounds were a bit loud but there is a volume control
Suitable from:6 months-6 years
Toy type:Interactive musical
Teaches:Gross motor skills, spatial awareness, musicality


How to choose the best toys?

According to child development expert, Dr Amanda Gummer from The Good Play Guide, toys are very beneficial to toddler development. The Good Play Guide are a team of passionate expert professionals who research, test and share their knowledge about popular toys on the market, selecting the toys that are best in terms of child development.

"Toys have two main functions for young children. Stimulating the child and encouraging them to play and explore their environment as well as developing skills such as fine motor skills, concentration and communication. Also, to make the adults around the child more playful and likely to engage positively with the young child. This further promotes healthy development, thus strengthening attachment."

Two year old playing
©Getty Images

In terms of the best kind of toys to buy a two-year-old, Dr Amanda thinks games that a toddler can play both individually and with other children are the best. "Children move from playing alongside other children with minimal interaction to playing with them. This can mean competing with them or collaborating with them. So, play sets that they can play with alone and with friends are great, as are simple board games and toys that increase children’s confidence with numbers and letters are good to introduce around this age," Dr Amanda says.

How do I choose a safe toy for a two-year-old?

Fortunately, most toys come with a recommended age range that tells you if the toy is safe for their age. However, there are other features you can look out for to ensure your little one has a safe and happy playtime:

Ensure there are no small, detachable parts that could present a choking hazard
If you're buying plastic toys, make sure they're sturdy. Thin plastic can break easily to make a sharp edge
Make sure the toy can be cleaned - soft toys should be washable
Make sure toys and art materials are child-safe - they should be non-toxic
Check toys regularly to ensure they're clean and not broken
Look for the CE mark which manufacturers include to claim it meets regulatory requirements
Look for the British Toy and Hobby Association's Lion Mark which identifies toys that are regarded as safe and high quality

CE and lion mark

The best toys to help your baby’s development and education at two years old will:

Help improve their language skills, and encourage pretend play: Look out for dressing up clothes when shopping, as these can inspire a two-year-old’s creative play. It’s also a good time to buy art supplies for your baby. Set up an area where you can invite them to get creative (and messy!)

Construction toys are great at this age, as are puzzles: anything that asks your tot to match things, be that colours or shapes, together is a good thing. Think plastic keys opening doors, four-or-five-piece puzzles, or train sets and cars that can be linked.

Mini-me toys: By two, you’ll notice your tot copying everything you do, so now is also a good time to introduce that toy kitchen set, washing machine and vacuum cleaner.

Balance bikes and trikes: Your baby will also show more of an interest in ride-on toys now, so shop for a balance bike or trike.

"Toys promote social interactions that improve communication skills. Simple matching games can improve memory and puzzles help with concentration and perseverance. Imaginative play helps children develop storytelling and problem-solving skills," says Dr Amanda.

When should I get rid of my toddler toys?

It's very easy for toys to build up at home, especially if your tot is being gifted new toys from friends and family. However, research suggests that if children under five have too many toys, they can struggle to concentrate on those they have. Overwhelmed by the choice, they can get easily distracted from playing with the one toy, meaning they may not play or learn so well.

If you're looking to curb the number of toys your tot has - it always comes as a surprise! - here are some steps to help you narrow down their toy box:

  • Is it age-appropriate? If they have outgrown it and you don't intend to pass it on to younger siblings, donate it instead.

  • Is it broken? Broken toys can be hazardous, so they should be discarded if this is the case.

  • Is it a toy that never gets played with? If they have a number of toys and there are those that never come out at playtime, it may not be something your child is interested in.

  • Would your child notice if the toy was gone? If not, this is a quick win if you're looking to declutter.

If you can't bring yourself to get rid of any of your tot's toys (or they won't let you!), why not try the toy rotation method. This technique has links to Montessori and can help avoid toy overwhelm, allowing your child to see a selection of their toys and play with them more easily.

Finding out the most popular toy in the world is quite a tall order, but The Toy Zone has researched the most popular toys across countries and categories.

Looking at their research, these are the most popular toys that are also suitable for two-year-olds:

LEGO: LEGO was found to be the most popular toy in Europe and the most popular building and construction toy. Most LEGO toys are aimed at ages three and over, but LEGO DUPLO is perfect for two-year-olds.

Paw Patrol: Paw Patrol was found to be the most popular TV toy in the world as a favourite in 25 countries, including the UK and the US. There are a number of Paw Patrol toys available that are suitable for two-year-olds.

Barbie: After all these years, Barbie still takes the top spot as the favourite doll of the world and the favourite classic toy. Barbie toys for two-year-olds are limited, but you can find Little People Barbie sets with Fisher-Price.

Spiderman and Batman: These are the most popular superheroes across the world. Again, there are limited superhero toys for two-year-olds but LEGO DUPLO does a Marvel Spider-Man Super Heroes Set which looks like great fun for wannabe superheroes!

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