Learning Resources Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog review

Learning Resources Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog review

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The Learning Resources Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog is a toddler development toy, which combines books and this adorable hedgehog, Spike, toy to teach little ones their first words. The board book that accompanies Spike introduces our kiddies to 50 essential words and helps them practice their fine motor skills.

This educational toy is a Mother&Baby Awards 2023 Bronze winner and is specifically designed for 18 month olds+ and to help build their hand strength and coordination skills.

Price: $15.75

Overview of the Learning Resources Spike the Hedgehog


  • Good quality

  • Improves fine motor skills

  • Easy storage


  • The spikes fall out relatively easily

Testing the Learning Resources Spike the Hedgehog

Our parent testers and their little ones put the Learning Resources Spike the Hedgehog to the test and here is what they thought.

Natasha said: "My son really enjoyed this product and I feel it is good learning tool which has helped to aid his counting. He was excited to unbox the product and we feel the product is of good quality. We enjoyed it just my son didn’t seem to play with it for that long, but never there think these toys have really helped him with his counting and colours."

Ali said: "This toy was very good quality and a nice looking toy. It felt nice for adult and young hands. I like how the same design ran through the Learning Resources Spike the Hedgehog range. They are the type of products I could give or receive as a present as they're very good quality. They're clever. The designs are very good for babies and toddlers and has kept him busy for quite some time."

Hayley said: "Great toy for hand-eye coordination and learning colours. My 18-month-old loved it and knew how to use it straight away. My 4-year-old also took great enjoyment out of it and they played together for hours. My little one has got a lot better with her fine motor skills since using this and can easily put the spikes in the holes compared to when she first used it, so it has definitely helped her develop these skills. My 4-year-old has ASD so his fine motor skills aren't at the level they should be and this has helped immensely also!"

Asya said: "It is high quality, looks good, and can grow with the child, as their skills develop. The toy is well built, the different colours are engaging, and the fact that you can store the spikes inside means it is quite versatile. Once my son learns colours and then numbers this game will have even more uses."

Suzanne said: "I thought the product was overall good quality. I think it would have been more satisfying for the child if the spikes actually clicked into the hedgehog as they seemed quite flimsy and fell out very easily. However it was very user friendly and the spikes were an appropriate size for little hands. I can see if my child was older there would be lots of opportunities for colour recognition, counting and sorting."

Paige said: "My son is 23 months old and has enjoyed playing with this on a regular basis. Most days he will sit and take the spikes out and then put them all back again, then repeat. Whilst playing with this I have used the opportunity to help him learn his colours and his speech. I get him to identify the different colour spikes and put them back. It is also a perfect pre-bedtime toy as it allows my son to play calmly and relax without getting over stimulated."

Jade said: "My daughter got excited just by the boxes. We use three toys in the Learning Resources range: Spike the Hedgehog, Fidget Friend and the 2-in-1 sorter and puzzle. They were bright with a large clear picture on them clearly showing the product. The spikes were very easy to grip and keep hold of. The larger ends made them easier to put the spikes in and then grab them to pull them out again. The hedgehog was light and small enough for my daughter to easily pick up and play with. Even my 5-year-old enjoyed playing with it."

Learning Resources Spike the Hedgehog specification

Item weight: 0.43kg

Material: Plastic

Age suitability: 18 months+

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