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KUB Original Tuff Tray and Stand

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You'll find an abundance of uses for the Original Tuff Tray. It's perfect for play in the home or for outdoor play in the garden - for the messy stuff! From sand and water to painting and bubbles, get creative with endless activities for little ones to enjoy their home schooling time. No tools required, easy to set up. A tray size of 70x70cm makes it easy to store and it can also fit through a standard doorway, making it easy to move around quickly. Fully tested to EN71 and Reach UK standards. Trays are also made of 30 per cent recycled plastic.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Lucy: We use this tuff tray with our nearly 3 year old for messy play whilst I attend to my newborn. It's the perfect way to do messy play with sand, water, rice, oats etc and keeps my toddler occupied. The stand means it can be used as a table and saves me bending down, so better for my back. It's also great quality, easy to clean and has many uses which means it's worth the price point over cheaper alternatives as it lasts longer.

Charlie: This product was great for doing messy play such as paint, playdough, foam and other crafty activities either at a height - that could be adjusted depending on your child - or just laying the tray on the floor. We used the product outside but could also be used inside on a washable mat etc. It was a large size to play on and allowed my child to have the freedom to explore independently and together.

Laura: It has multiple uses. We have only had it a week but in that time we have used it for messy play, art and crafts, baking, jigsaw puzzles and even for mealtimes. It's great at keeping all the mess contained. It's also very easy to clean. I love that it folds down reasonably easily for storage, and isn't so big that storing it is a problem.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Gabriella: The Tuff Tray and Stand arrived very neatly packed and seemed to only use the required amount of packaging, there wasn't lots of cardboard being torn up after unpacking it which I always appreciate businesses using as little as possible. It was so so simple to build and it could easily be done without the instructions but the instructions that are included explain everything visually and you literally can not go wrong when putting it together. I really like the fact the stand has different heights so the Tuff Tray will stay with us for years and years to come and grow with my children. My children have a 5 year age gap between them and both of them have loved playing with the tuff tray together and with myself.

Jane: The tray has saved so much of my time that would otherwise have been spent cleaning up mess. The tray is a great design and is easy to use. It is very easy to keep clean. The quality of materials used is very good and has coped well with rough play. It has been great to see the boys coming up with imaginative ways in which to use the tray and has encouraged them to play together.

Laura: This item was fairly easy to put together, it’s easy to clean, can be used inside and outside, has 3 different heights which is great for sitting or standing. It is very versatile, many different activities can be played on it, fairly big so 2/3/4 children can play at it together. Contains a lot of the mess that would be spread across a normal table.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Nicola: I like the basic design which is versatile. sometimes keeping things simple so the best way. We have the black tray which is great for small world play. I love how many different setups you can have. you can be really creative with the tray and it doesn't matter how messy it gets it's easy to wash down.

Rachel: This is the only product I have seen like this making it top of my list its something we have used non-stop since we received it using it for wet play, arts and craft, play with sand and being able to lift it if to clean is huge plus point we love it not me and my kids give it big thumbs up in our house

Lucy: This is an excellent product; perfect for a multitude of activities for toddlers. This multi-use aspect is a huge positive for any mum. There are many similar products that are cheaper on the market however I feel the quality is worth the higher price tag. I really like that it can be used with a stand, I don't know if other versions also have this feature but it's very useful. The only negative is the price tag. It is a little high for bit h the tray and the stand.

What changes would you make to this product?

Charlie: The only thing that needs to change is the amount of packaging. Not only were the metal legs wrapped together with cellophane/cling film, but each individual leg also was wrapped, this also made it a bit of a task to unwrap and feels unnecessary, simple piece of cardboard on the end of the legs and then around the legs would have sufficed and at least that would have been recyclable.

Laura: I would make the stand easier to fold away. It does need to be taken apart which I didn't expect - I thought it would just unclip and fold away. The only other issue I have had with this product was the sheer amount of packaging when it arrived. Every piece of the stand was individually wrapped in a film that was difficult to remove and made the process of putting it together unnecessarily long.

Gabriella: There isn't really anything that would need to be changed. It very easily comes apart for storage when not in use or maybe during the winter months when you're less likely to get outside or need some space back in your house. If I had to be extra picky and find something a cover over it might be a nice touch so my children can come back to the game they were playing the night before.

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