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We love the children's Toniebox and all the benefits that it comes with, so the fact that there are also educational Tonies is a huge bonus.

If you don't know what a Tonies is, you're really missing out on a wonderful way for your child to enjoy some screen free time, whilst learning, listening to stories and music. Once you have a Toniebox, all you need is some Tonies figures that you know your child will enjoy, and they can put them on top of the box and listen to the figure.

All Tonies figures are easy for children to hold and they can even play with them! The educational Tonies figures are especially great because not only is your child learning valuable information through play, but they are also screen free and there are so many different topics such as National Geographic Tonies, Horrible Histories Tonies and even songs to encourage learning to count. Here are some of our favourites.

Best for learning about daily routines

leo the lion tonie
Price: £14.99

Little ears will love Leo the Leopard’s musical guide to some of our most important daily routines. Covering everything from tooth brushing to school journeys, Leo makes routines clear, accessible, and even fun.

Best for counting

counting songs tonie
Price: £14.99

Everyone knows that the best way to learn anything is by singing it. That’s why you’ll love our new Counting Songs Tonie and all 23 of these hip-wiggling, finger counting, toe-tapping songs designed to make learning fun. Just pop this oh-so-clever Tonie on your Toniebox and your little Einsteins will be counting to 20 in five different languages in 3, 2, 1…

Best for learning about classical music

Beethoven for Kids tonie
Price: £14.99

Presented by Daniel Hope as Ludwig van Beethoven and performed by the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, Beethoven for Kids is a wonderful introduction to the work of this master musician.
Taken on a musical tour through nature by the great composer himself, young listeners will be enchanted by birdsong, murmuring brooks and even rumbling thunderstorms.

Best for learning about culture and diversity

Best educational Tonies Black British Tales
Price: £14.99

CJ is eight years old and loves to learn and always has so many questions to ask! With the Black British Tales figure, your little one can join her as she explores topics on culture, difference, acceptance and respect through eight different stories.

Best for learning about wildlife

penguin tonie
Price: £14.99

March this way to find out all there is to know about these flightless birds with this new addition National Geographic Penguin Tonie.

Best for learning about the Romans

Horrible Histories has always ben a classic way for children to learn about the past. With the Horrible Histories Rotten Romans Tonie Audio Character, they can learn all about the beastly battles, gruesome gods and ever deadly doctors.

Best for learning about space

Best educational Tonies National Geographic Astronaut
Price: £14.99

With the National Geographic Astronaut, children can learn about the Solar System, space missions and so much more about the galaxy. There are seven stories in total for them to learn the wonders of the galaxy, and it covers a very interesting topic about aliens.

Best Tonie for learning about wellbeing and health

Best educational Tonies Healthy Habits
Price: £14.99

With 21 musical songs, children aged three and over can learn some Healthy Habits. From mindfulness, to healthy eating, getting your body moving and the benefits of being outside, it's a fun way to learn about good habits with this lovely hippo Tonies figure.

Best for educational quizzes

yakka dee tonie copy
Price: £14.99

Dee likes to talk - so much so, they call her Yakka Dee. Little chatterboxes will love learning about lots of lovely words with this CBeebies favourite, featuring games, quizzes and music.

Best for learning about the ocean

whale tonie
Price: £14.99

Prepare for a whale of a time as you dive deep into a big learning adventure under the sea! 
On your aquatic quest you’ll discover the ocean's largest and most majestic mammals, meeting humpback, blue and beluga whales, while learning all kinds of fascinating facts along the way.

Best for learning about the Tudors

terrible tudors tonie
Price: £14.99

Walk in the footsteps of the Terrible Tudors with this terrifically terrifying Tonie – if you’re brave enough! Discover all the facts they don’t teach you at school, from the horrifying Henries to Tudor torture and more.

Best Dinosaur tonie

Best educational Tonies National Geographic Dinosaur
Price: £14.99

If your child is dinosaur mad, then they will absolutely love the National Geographic Dinosaur. Suitable for ages of five years old and older, they can go on one of the greatest prehistoric journeys. There are seven titles, and they are heavily speech-based with fascinating information.

Best fact-filled Tonie

Blippi tonietonies
Price: £14.99

Blippi and his friend Meekah love collecting fascinating facts, and this Tonie is full of them. Your little one will love listening to Blippi visit lots of fun places including farms, a pirate ship and even the outback. With music and facts this will be great entertainment for any Blippi fan.


  • Includes facts and songs
  • Over 1 hour of playtime


  • No stories
Suitable for: 3 years +
Playtime: 65 minutes
  • Suitable for 3 years +
  • Hand painted
  • Full of facts and stories
  • Great for Blippi fans

What are the benefits of the educational Tonies?

Children love their Tonies figures because they are in control of what they listen to. With an educational Tonies figure, little one's can choose what they are listening to and don't necessarily realise that they are learning from them, as they have fun playing with the figures on the box.

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