LEGO DUPLO Alphabet Truck

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LEGO DUPLO Alphabet Truck

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LEGO DUPLO Alphabet Truck at a glance:

Introduce toddlers to their ABC with the Alphabet Truck learning toy, inspiring creative building, imaginative play and alphabet learning - all in one truck full of imaginative fun! The 26 letter bricks can help toddlers improve their motor and reading skills, as they stack the letter bricks onto the back of the colourful moving truck. As they do that, they become familiar with the letters of the alphabet and soon learn to spell basic words (F-U-N!) - helping toddlers learn whilst having fun building.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Lauren: It has made my life easier by not thinking of ways to be creative and thinking how I could teach my child something new today. The alphabet truck had encouraged me to spend time with my son and teach him new words, colours , letters as well as having some fun time with him. It is great quality so can now pass onto others.

Soniya: My toddler has really enjoyed playing with this toy. He is happy to play independently with it which allows me to get jobs done on my own. I am hoping with time he will make use of the alphabets on there as currently he is only using it as a truck or as a motor activity with the blocks. I love that the toy is versatile and allows many different uses.

Meera: The Lego Alphabet truck is great for many educational and fun reasons! It's a great way to introduce the alphabet by looking at the letter shapes, matching the letters to the poster sheet provided and also introducing sounds of various letters. You can also teach your children about colours and even start to build simple short words. The Lego truck also encourages creativity in building various towers and shapes as well as imaginative play with 2 characters included and a bear.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Lisa: Yes I would. It is a very versatile item, and can be used in many different ways. Toys that have an education factor is always a winner in my house, as children can learn through play. It easy for all three boys to play with, needing no instruction from me and so use their imagination. As they are plastic, they are easy to clean.

Adel: As my son loves this so much, I would consider purchasing this as a second birthday gift for his friends. I think this is a toy that would grow with the child. As of yet, he doesn’t recognise the alphabet. However with time as he learns it, he can use the blocks to spell and learn words. At his current younger age, the toy is excellent to build up skills for manual dexterity. It well built and solid and can without several knocks and bangs! It’s nice and colourful and a good unisex toy.

Sarah: I would recommend this product to a friend because it not only allows toddlers to play independently but you can also enhance your child’s learning by talking about the different letters and words that you can create. I would also recommend this product as it balances learning and fun in equal measures. It is also very well made and aesthetically pleasing. It is also easy to wipe clean if needs be which makes it extremely hygienic. I also, like the fact that the pieces are large enough for my daughter to play with and see the different letters, but small enough to store away.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Roxy: I would – I think the lego brand in itself. On top of this the fact that it can cross a variety of age groups I think is appealing. It feels like a well thought out product that the family can enjoy for a long period of time. It also feels like it would be a durable toy so could be saved to give to future children or shared with friends I was also happy to see that the packaging was gender neutral.

Lauren: I would chose this product because of the trusted popular brand which is duplo and the well kept reputation it has. Also because it is a learning tool and not just a toy to play with, for example learning new words , colours and letters. The packaging also was stood out and it did not have to much wasted packaging inside.

Lisa: I would yes, it has education factor with the letters, counting blocks and colour, it is fun for them all to play with, and it is a brand that I trust and have used many times before. If I saw this item on the shelf, I would be very likely to pick it up and purchase not just for my children but for others as gifts.

What changes would you make to this product?

Lisa: The colouring around some of the letters is dull, like brown colours or yellow on yellow blocks and so it could be a bit brighter. The colours of the letters should be in contrast I think with the colour of the block so it is easier for younger children to notice. That’s the only real thing I would change.

Adel: It would be nice to have some sort of storage box. However I can understand that this way, without a box, the price would be cheaper and I can buy a box to suit my needs. I’m glad that the alphabet blocks come packed in small quantities as that way I don’t have to open them all at once to save them from her list whilst my son is younger!

Lisa: If I could change one thing about the Lego Duplo alphabet truck would be the letters themselves. They are all in uppercase, which I do not like. As this product is aimed at preschool children, the print should really be in lower case, as these are the formations of the letters that the children will be learning. I would only teach lower case letters at first and I feel that by the time my daughter is ready to learn upper case, then she may have moved on to the smaller Lego sets.

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