Mookie Scuttlebug Bumble review

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Mookie Scuttlebug Bumble

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The Scuttlebug is a revolutionary foot to floor ride on. The simple 3 step folding system allows the Scuttle Bug to be folded and unfolded in seconds. This popular black and yellow "Bumble Bee" styled Scuttlebug is lightweight and compact, allowing it to be easily carried and stored when not in use.

This safe, reliable and durable ride on helps develop balance and steering skills.


  • Folded and unfolded in seconds
  • Bright coloured
  • Easy to ride
  • Three-wheel design for stability
  • Bumble Bee styled, with other bug options available such as ladybird
  • Safe


  • The seat isn't padded
Weight Limit 20kg
  • Three wheel design for stability. 
  • Front wheel steering for great maneuverability. 
  • Wheels suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 
  • Smooth and quiet ride. 
  • Folds in three simple steps. 
  • Suitable for Ages: 12 Months+. 
  • Weight Limit 20kg


Scuttlebug Bumble Bee

The Mookie Scuttlebug Bumble won Silver in the Mother&Baby awards 2024 for Best Toddler Toy.

Testing the Mookie Scuttlebug Bumble

This tester said: "My son absolutely adores his Scuttlebug! It is incredibly easy and quick to fold out and is ready to go straight away! Once he is finished, it's just as easy to fold away and is SO compact, so storage needed is minimal. It's so light to carry as well! The material is robust, sturdy and the ladybug design is really attractive and bright; my son loves to point at it and say 'my ladybird bike!' A huge bonus is the ease of which you can wipe it clean should any rogue snacks or drink spill on it."

One tester liked the product but felt a padded seat would be comfier: "Easy to fold away and store. Can be slipped under a sofa or between furniture for storage. Easy to assemble. Bright colour and face on the front are appealing to a young toddler. Feels sturdy and safe. Doesn’t tip over easily. Seat is hard plastic which is ok but an option might be to have a softer padding for the seat although as it’s plastic it seems to be very hardy and weather proof as we oftens leave ours outside in the patio in all weather!"

This mum agreed it made her life easier: "It keeps him busy whilst I have to do boring Mum tasks! He plays with it in the garden and enjoys the independence of playing by himself. It helps to teach him skills such as balance getting on and off and steering too, things that are difficult to teach without a toy like this. My son is 1 year 9 months and is a really good height for this now, especially to use it safely.

"The fact that it folds down really small is great. It comes everywhere with us as when my son doesn’t want to use it anymore it folds up and goes under the pram. My son took to it straight away and finds it very easy to use. He was able to turn corners with ease and due to the design it seems very safe."

On whether they'd recommend this product one tester said: "I would definitely recommend to friends and family. I have already recommended to friends and family members who are mums and have not yet got one. I have had friends comment on it when they come over and I have told them where to find it. So yes, I would definitely recommend to fellow mums and friends. The foldability is fab and so easy. Very comfortable for my son.

"The Scuttlebug is so easy to carry around as the legs fold in as does the handlebar. My son is able to play on this both inside and outside of the house and it moves easily from wooden floor to our rug. If we are in the garden I bring it outdoors for him to play on and it keeps him happy for a long time so definitely makes it easier."

Final thoughts

The Scuttle Bug is bright and colourful which is perfect for children, it's also easy to ride for children who haven't yet mastered 2-wheeled bikes. The product is easy to pack up for parents with a 3-step fold-away method and is lightweight if needed to be carried around from place to place.

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