Orchard Toys Old Macdonald Lotto Game review

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Orchard Toys Old Macdonald Lotto

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Old MacDonald Lotto is an early learning matching game, perfect for young players. Be the first player to match all your cards to your playing board, followed by the farmer, to win the game! The sturdy lotto cards feature animals and objects you might find on the farm such as milk, tractors and vegetables. You can use these to teach children about the farm environment and get them to spot the animals and objects when you next take a trip!

How did this product make your life easier?

Philippa: This is a lovely product. I love orchard games, they all feature beautiful illustrations and this one is no different. My little one is entertained for a good length of time playing with this game and she matches the cards to the boards independently if there is nobody available to play with! I can see how, as she gets older and plays prtoperly, this game will be great for encouraging turn taking and sharing. It will also support with developing social skills in small groups of children. 4 boards is just the right amount I think - it means that players aren’t waiting too long for their turn again which is key for games for young children!

Amy: This game has been great to play with my three year old, especially with a newborn at home. It is a simple and easy game to play. We have been able to change the game and have our own rules to play and entertain a 3 year old as well. It has helped to occupy my toddler whilst I tend to my newborn which has made life easier.

Mariana: This product has helped a lot with keeping my 2 and half year old daughter entertained not only at home but if out at friends or family. It has helped with concentration and learning along with the hand eye coordination. Learning colours and to match the cards to the boards. I has been our go to game during lock down too.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Zoe: Yes, I would highly recommend this product, and probably would have purchased it in the future anyway as a previous purchase of the Shopping List game had gone down so well in our household. Its not a complicated game to play and is very clear even without instructions of how to play so young ones are happy right from the start. The thick laminated card makes it extremely durable so sticky fingers aren't a problem if its being used at the dinner table.

Emily: I would recommend it as it’s quick and easy to play and tidy away afterwards. It’s easy for children to learn to play and helps teach turns and memory. It’s easy to store as only small and you could easily take it on holiday too. My only complaint is that there is only one game you can play unlike the alphabet lotto which we also have which has lots of game options.

Terri: I would recommend this product to other mums because it is good to bring the whole family together and enables you to spend quality time having fun and is also a good learning tool for the children. It teaches them to share and to take turns all while having lots of fun. I also love that this product is bright and colourful and gender neutral as it contains 2 female farmers.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Rebecca: I have liked this product alot as has my 3 year old. For what it is, the price is good. The product has clear and crisp photos and the pieces are well made. I feel this prodict is of a high sec and standard. I have had other, cheaper games and the parts fold, bend and peel. This prodict is of such good quality, i feel it could be used and used without showing signs of wear and tear.

Chauntae: Yes i would choose this product above all others on the market because my children are two and three years of age and both thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. It was fabulous and a great game for the whole family to engage in and enjoy together. We loved it and i definitely think it should win.

Nicola: I would chose this product above other products currently on the market. The packaging is fab and quirky which appealed to my two year old. This is always a good start. The instructions are simple enough for a 2 year old to understand and the quality for the price of this product is brilliant. Definitely a hit in our household.

What changes would you make to this product?

Emily: I would make the game more varied in some way. I’m not sure exactly how but it’s a bit boring. My daughter initially loved it but after a few plays it was boring and not enticing her to play which is a shame. We love orchard toys games but this isn’t one of my favourites. We much prefer some of the more interesting games.

Terri: If there was one thing I could change, it would be to add in a couple of extra cards to allow for larger families as there is only 4 characters. Other than that it is a perfectly lovely game for all the family to enjoy. It is also a game you can enjoy over and over again so we will be playing it for years to come.

Nicola: The only thing I would change about this product is the age range it is aimed at. Just because I can't imagine a six year old wanting to play for this product for long. Ot captures the attention of my two year old really well but I cannot imagine the same reaction when she is six years old. Other than that I feel this product is brilliant!

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