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gNappies gPants and disposable inserts

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There’s nothing quite like gPants on the market. Begin with the starter pack of 2 gPants and a pack of inserts.

The inserts look big, but once inside the pants they fit well., and are 100% biodegradable; those with only urine on them can be placed within your home compost bin.

These nappies give mums the convenience of a disposable nappy while being environmentally friendly.

These pants fasten at the back which can be difficult with a wriggling baby.

Definitely the best-looking nappies on the market – the bright colours are appealing to mums and babies.

Considerably higher in price than regular disposable nappies but you are helping the environment!

They’re not as convenient as disposables when running errands out and about, and some mums might not like cleaning the inserts as they are messy.

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gNappies gPants and disposable inserts

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