ASDA Little Angels Comfort & Protect Nappies review

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ASDA Little Angels Comfort & Protect Nappie

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ASDA Little Angels Comfort & Protect nappies are wonderfully soft and breathable for your little angel. Accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, feather-soft materials and SmartFlo absorbency ensure sensitive skin is cared for and moisture is absorbed quickly and evenly for comfort. Super-soft leg cuffs and a super-stretchy waistband help prevent leaks and super-absorbent gel beads lock away wetness for up to 12 hours. A handy size guide shows you when it's time to go up a size, and fun, friendly woodland characters make changing time more fun. All from 4.9p per nappy, and also available in affordable jumbo packs.


ASDA Little Angels Comfort & Protect Nappies won Silver for Best Value Disposable Nappy or Nappy Range in the Mother&Baby Awards 2024.

Testing ASDA Little Angels Comfort & Protect Nappies

Jasmin: This nappy is definitely making life easier as a mum. After having my first I used a different brand and swore down by them. I've recently had my second child and those nappies didn't work for us this time so I was on a hunt for a nappy that would last all night. Since being sent Asda Little Angels Comfort and Protect we have had dry nights every night, she sleeps 12 hours now so this was important for me. Now knowing when she goes for her 2 hour nap in the morning that she was going to be comfortable and protected.

Julie: These nappies are very slim so they take up less room in my changing bag, which is really helpful. I particularly like the markers on the waist area that show if the nappy fits ok or if you need the next size up. They held lots of moisture and my son did not experience any leaks with them even overnight. The only thing I didn’t like about this nappy was after it had been worn for a short while, the nappy looked like it was hanging down his legs a bit. So I would think it needed changing but would find that it was dry. I think that these nappies are excellent value for money compared to other brands. I think it is brilliant that the packaging is 100% recyclable. I do feel guilty about the amount of waste I am adding to landfill by using disposable nappies, so it is good to see that ASDA is doing something about this.

Kate: The nappies performed well and lasted for the same periods of time between nappy changes that my previous brands have. They were easy to fit, no breakages of the sticky tabs, and performed well with no leakages or movement. They were true to size of other brands I have used which makes it simple to buy the correct size. It was as effective as I could have hoped it to be so it makes life easier knowing that you can trust the nappy to work when going out etc.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Katrina A: Yes, the design is lovely, the feel is great and I haven’t had any leak on me yet which is great. Just a really great affordable nappy in my opinion. A good contender for the category winner! I find them easy to use, hold a good amount of liquid and I haven’t had any tabs break yet. (Which other brands have done before)

Katrina P: I would recommend the Asda nappies to a friend or fellow mum because of the low price and value for money, compared to other brands I have typically used. Our baby seemed to find the nappies comfortable, the nappies are reasonably attractive, and we had no significant problems with the performance of the nappies.

Sobia: Yes I would. It is cost effective, definitely comfortable for my son. They don’t have much of a design to them but they have a clean look about them. I would say they are hygienic as I didn’t notice any leakage. These nappies could be easier to use by making the sticker a different colour.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Rachel: I didn’t like the fact we had a few leaks but that could be down to having an overactive child. That’s no reason for this nappy not to win because we had way more good nappy’s than leaky nappies.

Kay: Although this is a great nappy just like all other nappies. I probably would not make this a winner based on price. For a little extra you can get double the number of nappies which are just as good, if not better from another well known brand. I would however buy these if the other nappies were not available to me.

Katrina P: We probably wouldn’t recommend that this nappy win in its category. There were a few issues that we found with the design and the usability of the nappy, particularly how easy it was to put the nappy onto a wriggling baby. Unlike other brands the nappies didn’t hold their shape after being unfolded and I found I had to hold the nappy open in position while placing my child into it. If I didn’t, the wings would fold back in and the nappy would fold back into its clam shape. Other nappies we use hold their shape when unfolded, which means both hands are free for the baby. We also noticed that front and back wings are both white, which means there is no immediately obvious clue as to which way around the nappy is facing – this is easy to see when just holding a nappy, but much harder when it has folded back under a squirming (and turning) baby, especially when out and about and grabbing a nappy from a bag mid-change (and wrestling with an alfresco baby). When putting on a new nappy, we also found the sticky tabs a bit more difficult to open than other brands we’ve used. But we did like the feature of the lines on the nappy to indicate when it’s time to move up to the bigger size.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jasmin: I do not think anything needs to be changed. They tick all the boxes for me. Price is affordable and they do what is advertised. Possibly a wetness indicator however this isn't an essential for me.

Julie: I think the one thing that could be improved by ASDA is the design/artwork on the front and back of the nappy. I feel that most of the nappies on the market look almost identical and perhaps more investment could be made to improve this and make it stand out compared to other nappies on the market. There is nothing actually wrong with the way they look but there is nothing outstanding either.

Kay: Make it more difficult to take off. It's easy for moms to take off but just as easy for little ones to take off and they love taking off their nappies if they can which results in accidents to clean up. Get incentive and think of a new way to design it, nappies don't all have to be the same. Be bold and create a new design.

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