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Our panel of mum testers loved how soft these Pampers Premium Nappies (sizes 0, 1 and 2) nappies felt on their baby’s legs and found they kept leakages to a minimum.

An exclusive DERMACOMFORT layer with absorbent pores that instantly pulls wetness and mess away from skin and locks them inside the nappy so your baby’s delicate skin remains dry and protected.


  • Soft cotton-like nappies that are lovely and gentle on baby's skin
  • Lock wetness in, even overnight baby was kept dry and comfortable


  • Some reviews mentioned they'd like a snugger fit on the back


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Pampers Premium Protection Nappies won Gold for Best Performance Disposable Nappy or Nappy Range at the Mother&Baby awards 2024.

Testing Pampers Premium Protection Nappies

Zoe: These are by far the best nappies that we've tried for our twins. They fit both babies (who are different shapes and weights) very well and stay in place even overnight. We have very few leakages and these are normally because they haven't been put on properly. We haven't (fingers crossed!) so far had any problems with nappy rash.

Tristan: These are lovely nappies. They feel very soft and cotton-like and the quilting gives a luxurious edge. They have been very reliable and we have had very little leakage. They fit well around the legs and I like that they are shaped around the top of the nappy. Although not unique to these nappies, the strip indicating wetness is very useful. My son has always appeared comfortable and we've not had trouble with nappy rash whilst trialing these nappies.

Rebecca: These nappies are excellent and I have used them from my daughter's birth. The design on the front helps you quickly identify which way round the nappy should go and the yellow resealable tabs are a really good idea if you need to readjust or check the nappy. They also fasten really securely even if you have had to reopen and reseal the nappy several times. The indicator line is also great for knowing at a glance if you need to change the nappy. They definitely make nappy changing quick and easy for mums.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Lauren: My favourite thing about the nappies is the fit. They don't bunch around the waist and sit nicely on the hips. They don't look really puffy like some nappies either and it's easy to dress over them. They lock wetness in really well. My son's bum was never irritated and the nappy never felt soggy even when on overnight. The wetness indicator was always accurate too.

Jessica: Overall this is a very good product. Due to its absorbency, I think it would be suitable for babies with sensitive skin or those struggling with nappy rash. It fits well and has lead to very few leaks. It’s nice to have a nappy that can last a full night without needing a change. It is lightweight and easily transportable compared to cloth nappies.

Selina: The highly absorbent material of these nappies are incredible as they are durable and can hold up to and last up to 12 hours. I can pop one of these nappies on my little one just before she sleeps and won't need to change her nappy again until she wakes 10 hours later (for wet nappies.) They are well made and I've rarely encountered an accident whilst using these nappies, they are able to contain liquid and solid dirty waste with ease and are very hygienic since they also absorb bad odours.

Would you choose this product above others on the market?

Tristan: I would choose these nappies over others if they were on offer and hence had a price more in line with some other cheaper brands. The features mentioned above are great but I don't feel that they offer particularly unique features that justify a higher price compared to some more basic brands. I would buy these for a peace of mind if I had a child with, particularly sensitive skin.

Miranda: I think if on offer/similar pricing then yes I would buy pampers on offer. As we have twins, nappy costs are high. I think there are other nappies on the market that I have used and found as effective for a newborn. I prefer to have a semi-flexible waistband at the back as this is easier to fit squirmy babies.

Tanya: I think that there’s something reassuring about the Pampers brand which attracts me to use their products. However, whilst I like how light their Premium Protection nappies are, I wouldn’t say they have done enough to persuade me to buy them over Pampers’ other products, or indeed those sold by other brands. I had one specific niggle with these nappies. When I was trying to change my wriggly baby’s nappy, I ended up ripping the tape off new nappies a handful of times. This caused me to throw unused nappies away, as I couldn’t use them without the tape. This has never happened to me with any other type of nappy, so I was quite surprised when it happened multiple times with these. Perhaps they may have been more suitable when my baby (four months old at the time of testing) was younger and less wriggly. I do like these nappies, but I have found others that I like equally well.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jessica: The price. Although it is very good, I feel there are cheaper alternatives available that are comparable in quality. I also think there should be an elastic skirt on the inside of the back of the nappy like there is on the legs. This is always where the nappy leaks and I think this would help prevent it.

Selina: Perhaps I would like to see the elasticated design on the inside lining of the nappy to be applied to the top inside the back of the nappies so that when you have opened the soiled nappy there is no opportunity for the waste to run along the back.

Miranda: A more flexible waistline on the posterior would be useful as sometimes it can be difficult to ensure fitting is snug for no leaks. I wouldn’t opt to change any other features of the nappies as they are a long-standing brand that offers consistency although not necessarily value for money especially as we have twins.

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