Aldi Mamia Ultra Dry Air System Newborn size 1 review

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Mamia, Aldi Ultra Dry Air System Newborn size 1

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Aldi Mamia Ultra Dry Air System™ newborn nappies are super soft and designed specifically for a newborns' sensitive skin. The Mamia Ultra Dry Air System™ nappies have twice the absorbency that locks away wetness, keeping your new baby dry and fresh.

The overlapping fasteners ensure a snug and secure fit for all babies. The wetness indicator, a clever strip that changes colour when wet, helps you to know when your baby might need a nappy change. Mamia Ultra Dry Air System™ newborn nappies are also dermatologically tested & Hypoallergenic.

This product has also won a 2024 Mother&Baby Award.

Testing the Aldi Mamia Ultra Dry Air System Newborn size 1

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review.

How did this product make your life easier?

Jessica: These nappies are fantastic, they're super light-weight and easy to store inside our nappy changing bag/caddy, they fit my daughter comfortably and we're content knowing they fit well.

Julian: I am happy that these nappies are comfortable for delicate skin and the elasticated legs and skirt trim offer protection from leaks. The wetness indicator was particularly helpful in the first couple of weeks when my child wasn’t taking a lot of milk and the nappies weren’t as full. The cutout section for the umbilical cord clamp is brilliant as it stops any irritation in that delicate area.

Katie C: I absolutely swear by these nappies! They absolutely do the job and I much prefer them over the leading brands such as pampers. They fit well, don’t leak and they are so affordable. They seem soft and they hold plenty and you can easily tell when baby is wet from the line. The design is nice and the tabs stick well, I have no complaints.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Katie R: This was a good nappy with key features of an indicator strip which I found invaluable in the newborn period to make checking whether the baby had a wet nappy so much easier. I found the design clever, although possibly not as soft as some other nappy brands, particularly at the edges. We did not have any problems with nappy rash in a baby with sensitive skin which was a big plus so would recommend it from this point of view!

Rebecca: I love the wetness indicator as seems to be standard with all newborn nappies now, regardless of budget. We found that the tape was rather strong and didn’t move even with rigorous tugging or pulling from myself and my 4-year-old. We didn’t experience any leaks or blowouts so definitely one of those products that does exactly as it says on the tin and for the price, you can’t really beat it, so for those reasons yes I would recommend to other families.

Emma: Yes 100 per cent! These nappies catch even the worst poo explosions, therefore saving clothes from getting ruined! We love these.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Seema: I actually already use these for my one year old as well and I find them much easier and softer than pampers which is obviously a mainstream brand. What really surprised me was the value of the nappy for the price. They feel softer and smoother on the bum than Pampers.

Julian: The price of these nappies is hard to beat, which is a huge saving/help to families especially when you aren’t having to sacrifice the basic function and comfort of a nappy for newborn delicate skin. Plus, with the extra features like the wetness strip and umbilical cord cut out section these nappies really do stand out amongst other brands.

Katie C: Absolutely, we don’t shop in Aldi but go specifically for these nappies. What makes them stand out is the price, nappies are notorious for costing a fortune but these are so cheap and are just as good if not better than others. They should 100 per cent win!

What changes would you make to this product?

Katie R: If I could change one thing about these nappies it would be making them slightly softer, particularly at the gusset area at the edges. At the higher end of the weight range, we experience more leaks and more marks around the legs from the gusset area when compared to our usual nappies. These were otherwise great, very affordable nappies!

Rebecca: If I could change anything it would be the almost stiff rigid plasticky material these nappies are made from they don’t feel like they would be very breathable at all for little bottoms, they do feel rough to touch compared to other leading brands. I’d also re-look at the sizing as for being size 1 there was quite a size difference between pampers and Lidl’s size 1 nappies

Seema: I think perhaps letting us know which way is front and back as sometimes I get confused!

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