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Pampers Active Fit

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As babies start to become more mobile, they need a nappy that can keep up and offer reliable protection. Pampers Active Fit taped nappies is their No. 1 for comfort and fit:

•Large and soft waist wings that stretch no matter how much your baby moves

•Strong holding tapes for a long-lasting fit

•Wider tapes that hold the nappy for a secure fit.

•Plus the quick-dry core offers up to 12 hours of all-around leakage protection for worry-free play.

Pampers Active Fit Pants offer all of the reliability and protection of the taped variety, with the addition of easy-tear sides.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Brid: This product has made nappy changing ten times easier. My little one has just started trying to crawl and rolls over all the time when lying down. With these pull-ups, I can easily slip them on in one swift action, halving the time needed for changing! They fit so well around the legs belly and back and leave no indents on her skin. These nappies are both absorbent and comfortable against the baby’s skin. We have had no leaks and they are very flexible so my daughter is not restricted at all. I like how elasticated they are.

Gabriella: I absolutely love Pampers nappies and they are our go-to nappy! We have never had any leaks from Pampers nappies including any overnight leaks, or any dirty nappy leaks. My son also does not suffer any nappy rashes or red marks on his legs. The only time he had a slight red mark was when he was ready to move up to the next size. I would not buy any other brand of nappy other than Pampers.

Haylee: The Pampers Active fit makes my life easier as a Mum because it keeps my little girl dry and comfortable for extended periods of time. she sleeps through the night, 12 hours most nights, so I'm able to put her to bed wearing this nappy and know that she won't be disrupted by leaking through the nappy onto her nightwear and bedding etc.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Imogen: I liked the patterns on these nappies and thought they were attractive, but there were two designs – one with animals and one which was more generic: swirls/dots/shapes. It was much easier to get my child to put on the animal ones. I did like that these nappies seemed to fit really well and we had fewer night-time leaks with them, so would use them anyway. I also felt that these nappies coped with her bigger night-time wees and that they held the liquid in so her skin was drier when we took them off. This was fab as we have had a problem with overnight leaks and a sore bottom.

Julian: I would recommend the Active Fit nappy pant to a fellow mum friend because of their suitability for an older child who is still in nappies. With it being the only nappy, I’ve found that will fit my 3-year-old, there must be many other mums who are in my position. Struggling to sit fit their children into nappies that are comfortable for an older child. I also would recommend both the Active Fit nappy and the nappy pant because of the tab incorporated to roll up the nappy more hygienically before it’s disposed of. The pull up pant is very easy to pull down. It was the first time my 3-year-old had told me he needed a wee and pulled me to the bathroom whilst we were out and I managed to pull the nappy pant down as easily as a pair of actual pants.

Lora: They're so soft, love the pants especially with baby moving so much I feel the elasticated waist is softer on them. The design is adorable I love the colours that are being used currently

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Michelle: The nappies are so easier to use and true to size fit. The twins seemed to be comfortable in them as well. My only complaint really is the blue pattern on the front makes it hard to see the blue line showing that the nappy is wet.

Samantha: As much as I enjoyed using this nappy brand and it was useful and functional, it is unlikely I would choose this product above all others on the market because it is quite expensive compared to other brands. It is definitely a quality product but is quite expensive for the number of nappies you receive in a pack. Other brands have more nappies in a pack and are cheaper.

Brid: Yes. I am definitely going to be buying these nappy pants from now on as, not only are they softer than other brands, they feel more durable and we have experienced no leaks. I think they really stand out because the quality of the material is so high, meaning that baby is comfortable for longer periods of time.

What changes would you make to this product?

Gabriella: There isn’t anything I would change on the Pampers nappies or nappy pants, as they suit my son just perfectly. In fact, it can be frustrating when nappy manufacturers change something in the production of the nappy as from experience with my first child she then reacted to the nappy change, so I wouldn’t change a thing. Other than it would be great if you could bulk buy direct from Pampers.

Haylee: The only thing that I would change about the Pampers active fit would be the price, I feel like they offer the quality needed in a nappy but they are not within the budget of every parent and that is why they turn to the supermarket equivalents. If they were more cost-effective I definitely feel they would be the go-to nappy brand for more parents of babies of all ages.

Imogen: Things that I would change about this nappy are that my toddler wasn’t that keen on some of the designs – it was easier to get her to put on the designs which had characters/animals than the ones with just patterns. I also think the dampness/absorbancy strip could be more visible but we mainly used these overnight so it was pretty much always ‘full’. The other thing I would like to see is a bigger commitment towards environmental sustainability and nappies that decompose rather than contributing to landfills.

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