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The all in one double nappy system means you can ditch the disposable baby swimwear to help protect the environment, whilst at the same time is scientifically proven to help protect your baby and other swimmers from pathogens that cause tummy bugs such as Cryptosporidium, E.coli and even COVID19.

The Happy Nappy DUO is the most advanced reusable baby swim nappy in the world. That's why they won Bronze in our 2023 Mother and Baby awards in the Best Swimming Product category.

swim nappy
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Overview of the Splash About New Happy Nappy Duo


Reusable and no need to use disposable nappies underneath

Easy to wash

Comfy for baby


Fit isn't adjustable

Testing the Splash about Happy Nappy Duo

splash nappy bronze

The main thing our mum testers loved about this product is the ease of use and how practical they are when it's time for swimming.

One mum tester said, "We have used this both at home for swimming lessons and in the paddling pool and away on holiday in the hotel swimming pools. It saved us so many disposable swim nappies and especially when we were on holiday and my baby was in and out of the pool a lot, I would have been using 3/4 disposable swimming nappies a day if I hadn’t brought this splash about one with us. It’s easier to get ready for a swim as it’s less layers to be putting on so less grumpiness from the baby trying to get her ready to go and quicker to strip it all off to get dried and dressed again!"

The quality of these swimwear are impressive and both parents and little ones love the fun designs available. They were also very easy to clean, an essential when it comes to reusable nappies, and parents could count on them not to leak.

One of our testers said, "Overall I was really impressed, the material used was very thick and super durable and the pattern was just an added bonus and added a fun twist to the product. It was easy to put on, a little tight on the legs but meant no poo leakages and was super easy to take off and clean, its a product I would recommend."

One problem that continued to be an issue was the fit. Many mums found the nappy to be tight around their child's legs and as they weren't adjustable in size, they didn't last very long, which isn't ideal when you're spending quite a bit of money on one.

"If I could personally change anything about this product it would be the sizing, my son is 15 months olds and in sizes 12-18 months so I opted for 1-2 years in this product and unfortunately the product sizing ran a tad small, it wasn't too tight on my son but there wasn't much stretch or room around the waist and thighs, it fit snug. I doubt he will be able to use it again by the time he can so will have to source a bigger size."

Final thoughts

If you're looking for a reliable swim nappy for your tot then this one comes highly recommended. With a large range of designs and made using good quality materials, they're durable and don't require disposable nappies to be worn underneath – a huge bonus for us parents and the environment.

The only downside is the fit. We're always looking for baby clothes that can last us as long as possible but as these aren't adjustable, they'll not fit your growing tot perfectly for long.

Full product spec

0-4 years

Made from 1 mm thick neoprene

Can be worn alone, or with nappy wrap and liners

Insisted upon by swim schools

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