BumGenius Flip Nappy

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BumGenius Flip Nappy

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With the Flip hybrid two-piece nappy system, parents can choose from three absorbent inserts to meet their changing needs, making it flexible and versatile.

This nappy shows BumGenius' ingenuity and creativity.

The Flip reusable nappy is cheaper than many reusables. This nappy is very flexible; it can be adapted for all ages and a range of situations. The pull-off sections made this nappy very easy to wash and it dries quickly. You can choose from a number of booster pads and then re-use the outer cover.

It is easy to wash and dries quickly as you can separate out the parts. The pads were absorbent so it was easy to re-use the flip cover. Changing just the inserts sounds like a great time-saver, but it was difficult to get the inserts to fit neatly. However, being able to use the wrap a few times does save on laundry loads.

The inserts dry very quickly because they are a simple shape; they also take up a lot less space in the change bag than all-in-one systems. They are great value for money.

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BumGenius Flip Nappy

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