Pop-in Playmat

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The Pop-in Playmat is a versatile, attractive product that is great to use at home or when out and about. The fabric is lovely and soft on one side and the underneath waterproof layer is ideal for playing in the garden or for 'nappy off' time inside. The mat folds up neatly and with the included handle is easy to carry around although the addition of some shoulder straps would make it that much more convenient.

It’s machine washable (at a low temperature) and the mat design is contemporary, not at all ‘babyish’, which improves the longevity of the product. The only downfall may be that most baby playmatsoffer activities for the baby while they're on it (rattles and things to pull and grab), which the Pop-in playmat does not. The inclusion of toys could, however, ruin the lifespan of the product; in its current form, the playmat can be used for older children too and yet it still might be worth offering a Velcro-on ‘activity sheet’ (or similar) that can be removed, in an effort to preserve the usability of the mat but also make it more engaging for babies.

Some might consider Pop-in’s Playmat a glorified picnic blanket but is nonetheless a family-friendly staple that is sure to be used for years.

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Product Information

  • Composition – 100% Polyester with PU laminate

  • Size 120cm x 120cm

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