Merino Kids Go Go Bag

from Merino Kids
RRP  £70.00

by motherandbaby |
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The Go Go Bag by Merino Kids is wonderful! It’s lightweight, soft and super comfy. The natural merino wool filling regulates temperature with practical efficiency. It's breathable, which makes the sleeping bag suitable for warm weather and whilst it keeps little ones cool on hot evenings it warms them up as the temperature drops over night. Little ones are also unlikely to sweat with the Go Go Bag.

It has openings for a car seat harness to fit through, which means that little ones are faced with minimal disruption what transferred from car to bed and vice versa. The instructions on how many layers and what kind of layers to put under it are easy to follow and the press studs on the arm adjust to the size of a growing child, which gives the product longevity. That said; only one shoulder has poppers, which can make it difficult to get little ones into the bag; it’s an exercise in body-wiggling and arm-bending.

The colours are subtle but the washing the bag can be inconvenient (especially if you only have one) – it requires a ‘wool cycle’ in the machine and can’t be tumble-dried. You’d only need one tog (thanks again to the merino wool filling) but as impressive as the Go Go bag is, it bears a hefty price tag. Good value but relatively unaffordable.

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