The best baby light projectors 2024

The best baby light projectors 2024

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When it comes to your baby's sleep cycle, us parents are willing to try just about all the baby sleep aids and baby night lights to help them drift off, and this is where the best baby light projectors come in. Whether that is a star projector, a whole galaxy projector or even a soothing sunset, these soothing baby sleep aids could help calm your little one to sleep and keep them occupied if they do wake in the night.

Even better? If you do have to make a trip into their room in the small hours, a projector will negate the need for turning on a bright overhead light, similar to a breastfeeding night light. This means that both of you should get back to sleep quicker. Result.

Best baby light projectors at a glance:

Best overall light projector: Vtech V-Hush Sleep Training Soother – Buy now on Argos

• Best star projector: Moredig Star Projector Night Light – Buy now on Amazon

• Best rotating projector: Kids Night Light – Buy now on Amazon

• Best baby light projector for co-sleeping: Chicco Next2 Stars Night Light Projector – Buy now on Amazon

Although these light projectors might be made specifically for babies, many toddlers, older children and even adults also find them calming and double up as a brilliant toilet night light for kids (and grown ups). There's also no need to exclusively use them at bedtime. Whether you're having a little disco party in your kitchen or fancy getting things cosy for a movie night in, light projectors are very versatile.

To help you find the best baby light projector for you and your baby, our parent testers have put these light projectors to the test, considering the light designs, ease of use, power and safety features to help make your decision easier.

The best light projectors for babies 2024:

Best star projector

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With over 4,000 ratings and reviews on Amazon, the Moredig Star Night Light Projector is very popular with children of all ages, from newborns to 10. The simple star and moon design is projected in various light modes and makes a great gift for a baby shower or a toddler.

Any downsides? You need to remember to remove the plastic dome covering for the projection to work properly.

Review: "I love this projector, my baby is mesmerised by the lights, and it's easy to use. We use it for sensory time, but also I turn it on if he becomes agitated during a nappy change, and it diverts his attention and makes him smile again. We've been using it since baby was around 8 weeks old, and he's now 13 weeks. I think we'll enjoy it for many years - probably as long as it lasts for!"


  • The designs are appealing and adds a decorative element to any bedroom.
  • There are different colours available and an ocean theme.
  • It includes 8 light modes for different situations.
  • Some parents have found it calming and soothing for their babies, especially during nappy changes.
  • It's easy to use, portable and lightweight, meaning it can be taken with you when travelling.
  • The projector is cored and battery operated.


  • Some parents have said it doesn't work as well in a larger rooms.
  • The projector includes a plastic dome covering which must be removed for it to function correctly, which can be easily forgotten about.
Age suitability:0+ months but recommended for toddlers
Lights: LED lights
Settings: Three different modes
Colours: 10
Power: Batteries not included: 3x AA required or power supply
Dimensions:14.6 x 13.3 x 13.2 cm

Best rotating projector

on sale

This stunning baby night light projector has 15 films and 180 lighting modes, making bedtime fun. The night light projector will be able to make the ceiling look magical, as it comes with magnificent stars, unicorns, the ocean, turning the bedroom into a world full of dreams. 

Review: "Wonderful!!! I bought it because I saw in the reviews that there were a lot of people saying good things about it, but I was actually very surprised by the quality of the product. I used it to lull my twins to sleep quickly, because they have autism and get very agitated, it was like a calming sensation beautiful and sweet."


  • The night light projector has 15 films and 180 lighting mode.
  • The kids night light projector is rechargeable, so no need to worry about having available power supplies.
  • It has a 360° rotation.
  • It comes with a remote which can be used to control it, adding convenience.
  • There is a timer function enabling you to set the projector to turn off automatically.
  • It's easy to use, portable and lightweight, meaning it can be taken with you when travelling.


  • Compared to the various films and light modes there is only 10 soothing sounds.

Best baby light projector for co-sleeping

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This lovely little Chicco Next2 Stars Night Light Projector has a universal fit, so can be attached to a number of different cribs. It's suitable from birth and comes complete with a removable, washable soft toy. The night light features 30 minutes of music and projection, including classical, new age and nature sounds.

Any downsides? It's battery-operated and goes through them at quite a rate.

One mum reviewer says: "Calms baby down when she's sleepy, stars on ceiling mesmerised her. Able to turn music volume up and down as needed and activated by the baby crying. Fits next to me perfectly. Baby is now five months and plays with the little teddy attached when she wakes up in the morning (it's too small to cause any suffocation risk). It does have one downfall though, it goes through batteries very very quickly with a lot of use."


  • The projector includes a soft toy which is removable and washable.
  • It has cry activation, so is activated by your baby crying, providing soothing lights and sound.
  • This can be attached to a variety of cots or put on the side.
  • It allows for the volume to be adjusted enabling it to be set to a suitable level.
  • The projector features 30 minutes of relaxing music from a variety of different genres to chose from.
  • It has 3 light effects included also.


  • With it being battery-operated it uses a lot of batteries.
  • While cry activation is useful, it might also activate unintentionally with other noises, potentially disrupting sleep.
Age suitability: From 0+ months
Cry detection:Yes
Lights: Automatic colour change: Night projection, soft projection and nightlight
Sound: Different music genres
Power: Batteries not included: 3 AA batteries required
Dimensions: 54.7 x 34.3 x 23.7 cm
Weight:332 grams

Best light projector for babies up to the age of two

on sale

Tiny Love Magical Night Mobile
Price: $97.20

This Tiny Love Magical Night Mobile boasts a three-in-one design that will soothe newborns to two-year-olds to sleep with an easily interchangeable image projection canopy (for younger babies), a music box with ceiling projection (for older babies) and a starry night lamp (for toddlers) giving you a night mobile that truly grows with your baby through the years. It was awarded Gold in the best sleep product category in the Mother&Baby Awards 2015.

Any downsides? It's pretty gaudy, so may not be to everyone's taste.

Review: "Tiny Love Magical Night 3-in-1 Projector Mobile is an amazing piece of nursery equipment changing an ordinary evening time into a magical, starry night filled with soothing sounds. It has a few modes it can be used in. The infant mode is the base option with spinning animals (light and dark coloured for the focus and concentration development) and starry projection onto the canopy. There are 9 sounds to choose from and, what is important, the volume can be turned quite low unlike in other mobiles I came across. There are also two other modes, one, where the canopy can be removed, and projection appears on the ceiling and another mode, where the actual mobile becomes a free-standing device with light and sounds. I found this very innovative and useful, especially with a very quickly growing child who can enjoy this mobile a lot longer than other similar devices."

Read our full Tiny Love Magical Night Mobile review


  • It has a 3 in 1 functionality, it can be a crib projector, bedside starry night lamp or table top nightlight.
  • Suitable for babies and toddlers, ensuring long-term use.
  • The projector features 30 minutes of 9 relaxing songs from a variety of different genres.
  • It has adjustable volume, allowing it to be set to a comfrotable level.
  • It comes with a remote which can be used to control it, adding convenience.
  • The projector includes an automatic shut off feature to save battery life.


  • Some parents commented that the motor noise was loud.
  • With it being battery-operated it uses a lot of batteries.
Age suitability:From 0+ months
Adjustable: Yes
Sound: Nine non-repetitive melodies, three music categories
Power: 4 x C/LR14 batteries<meta charset="utf-8">
Light: Star projector and night light in one
Dimensions: 28 x 28 x 53 cm

Best underwater-themed light projector for baby

on sale

This Pabobo Underwater Effects Projector Whale light projector takes on a whimsical underwater theme to help lull your little one off to sleep. With musical starfish in the range, too, the soothing white noise of the ocean will have them asleep in no time. And when they finally nod off? The auto shut-off technology will mean the light projector isn't on all night.

Any downsides? The only downside is the sound quality isn't all that great for the price.

Review: "Brilliant present for our 12-week-old! She is instantly transfixed by the waves, and the soothing music really calms her - particularly during those nighttime witching hours!"


  • It includes an auto shut-off, ensuring it turns off after a period of time of either 20 or 40 minutes.
  • This features calming ocean sounds, white noise, lullabies and underwater projections.
  • The light and sound can be used separately or together.
  • It has 3 different light intensities, allowing the perfect atmosphere to be achieved.
  • The projector is removeable allowing you to machine wash the soft plush fabric.


  • Some reviews say the sound quality needs improvements and didn't meet their expectations.
Age suitability: 0+ months
Sounds: Plays lullabies and white noise
Light level:3 light intensities
Auto shut-off: Yes, after 25 mins
Portable: Yes
Care: Can be washed
Dimensions: 30 x 11 x 26 cm

Best for sleep training

A two-in-one projector and sleep trainer, the Babymoov Dreamy Projection Nightlight will soon help to reassure and lull your baby back to sleep. You can choose whether it projects a starry sky on the ceiling or put it on random to display colours of the rainbow. Using it as a sleep trainer will emit a soft blue light at night, which will turn to a warm yellow in the morning, so your little one will know it's time to get up.

Any downsides? The battery life doesn't last very long.

One mum reviewer said: "My baby was never a good sleep, so I was at wit's end from not enough sleep! This dreamy projection keeps my baby's focus on the lights, and she falls asleep on her own! This is such a great device to own and perfect to help your baby sleep."


  • It has a 2 in 1 functionality of a projector and sleep trainer.
  • It projects a starry sky on to the ceiling, creating a calming environment.
  • It features an sleep trainer which displays a soft blue light at night and warm yellow in the morning.
  • The projector has a smart lock which stops your child from changing any settings by accident.
  • It allows for fixed or rainbow mode lighting and includes 6 lullabies and a timer. 


  • The battery life needs some improvement.
Age suitability: From 0+ months and toddlers
Visuals: Starry sky projection
Timer: Yes
Sounds: Six lullabies
Power: Rechargeable lithium battery and micro-USB cable
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 14 x 16.8 x 0.3 cm

Best stylish light projector for baby

baby light projectors
Price: $55.99
Alternative retailers
Kohl's$45.00View offer
Macy's$45.00View offer

This Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Soother is a brilliant, flexible product with a variety of sounds, from calming heartbeats to tunes and star projections for little eyes to follow. It looks great in baby's room, too. It won silver in the best sleep product category in the Mother&Awards 2017.

Any downsides? Our testers felt that a clock and temperature gauge would make it even more multi-functional.

Tested by mum Alina Davies for the M&B Awards 2017: "I would absolutely recommend this product to every parent I know! It is really useful from newborn age to much older. For newborns, the white noise is perfect (and really works). The stars give them something to look at and for their eyes to follow - my little boy loves looking at it. For older children, the stars look fabulous in their bedrooms and help them drift off to sleep watching them. There is also music for older ones with different time settings."

Read our full Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Soother review


  • The Nightlight Soother plays 4 melodies and 4 nature sounds through it's fabric speaker wings.
  • It includes a timer with settings for 15, 30, and 60 minutes, which it will turn off after and help save the battery life.
  • It has a glowing nightlight belly which can be adjusted to the preferred brightness.
  • It also has a adjustable pivot projection of the moon and stars, which can be used along side the nightlight.
  • The Nightlight Soother is also available in an Elephant design.
  • This is battery operated.


  • Some users felt like it could also feature a clock or temperature gauge.
  • It has a limited projection range, therefore limiting it's effectiveness in bigger rooms.
Age suitability:From 0+months
Lights: Star and moon ceiling projection and glowing night light belly
Sounds: Features four lullabies and four nature sounds with volume control
Power: Electric cord
Auto shut-off: Yes
Dimensions: 14 x 11.4 x 15.2 cm

Best three-in-one mobile and projector

baby light projectors
Price: £45.03

This Infantino Dream Buddies 3-in-1 all-action projector actually does much more than just light up your little one's bedroom; it's a three-in-one projector, mobile, and musical item. It's designed to grow with your baby; start off with it set up as a cot-side mobile, then when you're past the mobile stage, it can be a cot projector, and then on to a table-top projector as your toddler grows.

Any downsides? Make sure you check the details to ensure it fits on the side of your cot, as it's not universal. It takes a bit of fiddling to put it together, so don't try it after a sleepless night (speaking from experience here).

One reviewer said: "I cannot praise this item enough!! My baby girl loves it so much. She watches it go round and talks (coos) to it. It really helps keep her occupied and helps her to drift off to sleep. It's so versatile, and we know that we are going to use it for years, which makes it incredible value for money. Honestly, one of the best baby items we have purchased and highly recommend."


  • It has 3 in 1 functionality, it can be a projector, musical mobile, and nightlight, changing with the different stages of development.
  • This projector features a peek 'n' see mirror, multicoloured lights and a removeable sloth toy that can be used on strollers.
  • It plays 10 musical melodies and natural sounds.
  • It also includes a 20 min auto shut off timer, saving the battery life.
  • This also features a multicoloured projection of the moon and stars.
  • There is a sleeping mode to help soothe and wake up mode to simulate daylight.


  • It isn't a universal fit, so doesn't fit all cots.
Age suitability: From 0+ months
Power:Three AAA batteries required
Uses: Mobile, cot projector and table-top volume control
Auto shut-offYes
Music: 10 different musical melodies and sounds
Dimensions: ‎41 x 13 x 30.5 cm

Best galaxy projector

Star Projector,LED Galaxy Projector Light with Nebula
Price: £49.99

This is a pretty epic Star and Galaxy Projector Light with LED Nebula Cloud galaxy and is perfect if you're looking for something a little more realistic that you will also enjoy looking at during those nighttime feeds. It comes with a remote control, so you don't have to disturb baby when setting it up, and it can be used as your child grows for parties and events. Any downsides? It can only be controlled by the remote, and there are no buttons on the base.

Review: "Easy to use, a nice array of uncomplicated settings. 3x brightness, 3x speed. Haven't counted but about eight or so nebula/aurora-type lights. You need 2xAAA batteries. Not included. I must say the actual projection is amazing. It's strong - meaning the room doesn't have to be pitch black to see it. A nice display of different-sized stars gives it a natural feel. And the nebula colours have a quality hypnotic feel. I was very impressed when I turned it on. Had it now for a while and still think, wow, when I turn it on at night or in the daytime with blackout blinds. Great for calming my baby and myself."


  • It has 20 colour combinations and 26 projecting modes.
  • This is suitable for all ages.
  • It multiple lighting effects including stars, nebulae, and ocean waves.
  • It can easily be controlled via the remote control that is provided.
  • There is a auto shut off timer feature , that will turn off after 1hr or 3hrs.
  • Your smartphone can be connected to it to play music through it.


  • The projector has the basic buttons on the unit itself, but it is mainly controlled via the remote, so if it's lost some of the features are unusable.
Visuals:Star projector displays both stars and nebula clouds
Lights: Adjust lighting mode, adjust brightness, start/stop the motion
Colours: 16 modes
Operation: Remote control (needs 2xAAA batteries)
Adjustable:Adjust four different angles
Power: Corded electric
Dimensions:24.2 x 17.7 x 9.9 cm

Best 3-in-1 projector

The Tiny Love Tiny Dreamer in Boho Chic is an enchanting 3-in-1 musical projector that will soothe your little one. It is a music player, projector and nightlight so it has everything you and your baby need for peaceful nights.


  • It has 3 in 1 functionality, it can be a projector, music box, and nightlight, changing with the different stages of development.
  • It has adjustable volume allowing it to be set at the preferred level.
  • The projector features an unique shushing sound, 17 lullabies and melodies and 5 white sounds.
  • This has a MP3 player built in, allowing you create your own playlist of music.
  • When turned on its side you can enjoy a starlight projection.


  • Compared to other projectors, this one is quite small in size.

Best lullabies projector

A beautiful light projector, this will help you and baby sleep peacefully. It projects a night scene around the room and also has a choice of calming lullabies or nature sounds. Plus, it automatically turns off after 30 minutes, when you are hopefully fast asleep.


  • This projector plays soothing lullabies or nature sounds.
  • It is battery operated.
  • The projector projects a night sky scene on to the ceiling to help relax.
  • It automatically turns off after 30 minutes.
  • The lights and sound can be played together or separately.


  • With it being battery-operated it uses a lot of batteries.

Best fairytale theme projector

Turn your baby's nursery into a fairytale wonderland. With a choice of two projections, this beautiful projector will send unicorns flying across the ceiling, or you can use the star and moon pattern. Plus, it has an auto turn off function and can rotate to fill the room and ease your little one into sweet dreams.

Review: "Kids love it. They cant wait to go to bed at night now. Very pretty light. Would recommend."


  • The night light projector can be easily controlled by the remote which is included.
  • It has two choices of projections, fairy tale unicorns and the moon and stars.
  • It has 360 degree rotation, which fills the room more.
  • The projector has 3 adjustable brightness and rotation speeds, and 7 different colour with a breathing mode.
  • This offers an auto turn off feature which can be set for 1hr, 3hr and 5hr.
  • It is battery and USB powered.


  • Whilst it offers two projection choices, your little one may not be a fan of unicorns.

Best overall light projector

Your baby will have a good night’s sleep with this sleep training programme. With a personal voice recording to allow soothing songs and beautiful l sounds to be heard. Featuring a range of multi-coloured night light & glow-on-the-ceiling, your little one will enjoy 40 bedtime stories, 100 classical music, 10 lullabies, and 10 natural sounds pre-set into the unit. 

Review: "My toddler really responds to the different colour lights to know when it’s bedtime and when it’s morning. She loves the protections and music. Super simple to programme and easy to change between modes. Time and temperature accurate and easy to read on the display."


  • This projector features a LED clock, timer and ambient temperature sensor.
  • It includes built in sleeping programs, which will help your childs sleeping patterns.
  • It allows you to record your own content to be played through it for your baby.
  • The projector has 100 classical songs, 100 bedtime stories, 10 lullabies and 10 nature sounds.
  • There are 6 soothing projection scenes and 256 colours to choose from.
  • You can connect your smart phone to it via Bluetooth and control it via the MyVTechSoother app.


  • The app isn't compatible to all smartphones.

How to choose a light projector

Budget – First up, consult your budget. As with all baby gear, you don't want to spend a lot. Especially on something you're not sure your little one will like.

Power – Have a look at where the electrical sockets are in relation to your baby's crib, as you don't want your baby to be dazzled by the light of a projector or to be able to grab it from their cot.

Safety features – Consider how important having an auto shut-off feature is. These are particularly useful if you're watching how much energy you're using or if you can get anxious about electrical equipment staying on in your baby's room.

Extra features – With all the different sleep aids you can buy for babies, it's often just easier to have an all-in-one light projector that also features things such as lullabies, white noise, clock, temperature reading and more to give you one less thing to worry about.

What types of light projectors are there?

There are a few different light projectors that you can opt for when choosing one for your nursery, bringing the night sky indoors.

Star projector - It can be quite simplistic in design and will often feature a projection of star-shaped patterns that can be lit up in different colours to soothe a young child to sleep.

Galaxy projectors - A little bit more realistic, galaxy projectors feature exactly that, stars, the moon, planets, and even the milky way. Gorgeous to look at and one that you can keep as your child gets older to teach them about the cosmos.

Sunset lamp or moonlight projector - If you're looking to pick something that you will also enjoy during a nighttime feed, how about a sunset lamp? It projects a warming golden hour light that mimics the sun going down. Or how about a moonlight lamp? An orb decorated with the same pattern as the surface of the moon emits a warm, calming glow.

Benefits of light projectors for babies (and mums!)

Not only do they make a room feel cosier and look very cute, there are also some brilliant benefits.

They make night changes and night feeds a lot easier as you're not scrambling around in the dark. A gentle light may also help you stay awake during those night feeds.

In terms of benefits for your baby, the science to back this is very limited. This is because light of any kind, particularly blue light, can have a detrimental effect on your baby's sleep. Particularly if the light is moving, this can even encourage baby to stay awake for longer.

In short, they provide more benefits to us parents than they do our little ones.

How often will you use a light projector?

If you're looking to set a bedtime routine with your baby, then it's likely every night, your light projector will be used so they can soothe themselves to sleep while taking in the patterns projected onto the walls and ceiling.

How much money should I spend on a light projector?

There's no need to break your budget when it comes to selecting the perfect star projector or galaxy projector. Our picks range from £20 to £50.

Are light projectors safe?

Yes, so long as you follow the basic rules when it comes to plug and socket safety, including all electrical lights and keep small parts away from children. And do keep an eye out for product recalls.

What colour light is best for babies?

Shades of amber and red are best for newborns and babies as they mimic the colour of a twilight sky to help them drift off to sleep. These colours can also help relax the muscles which can be helpful if your baby has been stirring. in the night.

Ambers and reds also have longer wavelengths which means they won't disrupt their heart rhythm.

Do newborns need total darkness?

To give your baby (and let's be honest, you) the best chance of sleeping through the night, it's a good idea to keep your baby's room as dark as possible during the night. This is the case for both newborns, those over 6 months in their own room and also toddlers. Just like we can get woken up by light, they can too, so it's important to keep any light to a minimum.

The light from light projectors and night lights are dim enough not to disturb baby's sleep but light enough to provide some comfort and relaxation and also some guidance when you are entering their room so you can see clearly.

Georgina Terry is a digital editor and regularly writes for Mother&Baby. She's mum to an extremely handsome toddler, and her interests include rock and roll, weekends away and cheese.

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