The best baby humidifiers 2023

best baby humidifiers

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You may be wondering if your baby needs a humidifier. Baby humidifiers have many benefits for your baby, including helping them to breathe easily, especially in those colder months, and are one of the best aids to help your baby sleep. They're fairly new to the parenting world, so many may be confused on whether humidifiers are safe for babies, but we're here to give you all the facts.

There's nothing worse than seeing your little one struggling at night when they have a cold. It can cause them to be tired from lack of sleep and uncomfortable from the difficulties of breathing. The best baby humidifier that will keep your bubba breathing easily is one of the best solutions.

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Humidifiers are a great way to help keep moisture in the air therefore make the perfect sleep aids. It will stop the space from becoming too dry and prevent mould or bacteria build-up. This means that you can sleep better at night, knowing your little one can breathe more comfortably through cold and flu season. Yes, this is particularly helpful to your baby's breathing and skin in the colder months. It is especially noticeable when the cranked-up heating could dry out the air more than usual.

While it might not be necessary, there are certainly many benefits for you and your baby from using a humidifier in the home. There are a number of different types of humidifiers, including aromatherapy, cool mist and warm mist humidifiers. Some humidifiers even double up as a white noise machine to help your baby sleep.

The best baby humidifiers at a glance:

• Best overall baby humidifier: Vicks Sweet Dreams Cool Mist Humidifier - view offer on Amazon
• Best quiet baby humidifier: Babymoov Hygro Plus Ultrasonic Humidifier - view offer on Amazon
• Best baby humidifier with app control: ASAKUKI Wi-Fi Smart Essential Oil Diffuser - view offer on Amazon
• Best baby humidifier with sound machine: Crane Humidifier with Sound Machine - view offer on John Lewis

Best baby humidifiers 2023

Best quiet baby humidifier


Babymoov Hygro Plus Humidifier

Rrp: £89.99

Price: £63.96
Alternative retailers
Boots£71.99View offer
Mamas & Papas£79.99View offer
The Hut£80.99View offer


This noiseless Babymoov Hygro Plus Ultrasonic Humidifier is expertly designed to provide clean and


  • Has built-in night light
  • Cool mist technology


  • Some reviewers thought it was quite noisy

Best baby humidifier with app control

On Sale

Price: £33.99


Ideal for larger nurseries or bedrooms, this ASAKUKI Wi-Fi Smart Essential Oil Diffuser works for


  • Can be controlled via an app on your smartphone
  • Tailored for light sleepers


  • Capacity could be bigger

Best overall baby humidifier


vicks sweet dreams

Rrp: £74.99

Price: £49.99


The 2-in-1 Vicks Sweet Dreams Cool Mist humidifier is safe to use around children, as there is no


  • Includes 2 menthol VapoPads
  • Operates quietly
  • Helps with congestion


  • Water capacity is bigger in others

Best versatile baby humidifier

On Sale

Price: £74.99 (was £99.99)


Suited for almost any room in the house, this versatile humidifier would be a fitting choice for a


  • Red light indicator to tell you when the water has run out
  • It's super quiet
  • More energy-efficient 


  • Not the smallest

Best baby humidifier with adjustable mist levels

On Sale

Maxi-Cosi Breathe Humidifier
Price: £79.99 (was £99.99)


Made for the nursery, this breathe humidifier from baby brand Maxi Cosi will help your little one


  • Modern design
  • App controlled
  • Large tank capacity


  • Could be stronger

Best baby humidifier with sound machine

Price: £89.99 (was £110)


With an award-winning design and top-rated performance, Crane's Humidifiers provide up to 500 sq.


  • Long run time
  • Optional night light
  • Option white noise features


  • Have to refill regularly

Best novelty baby humidifier


Price: £19.99


Designed with kids in mind, this small, cute whale Cadrim Ultrasonic Humidifier could be used as


  • Cute animal shape
  • Seven colour changes
  • Essential oil diffuser


  • Small water tank capacity

Best baby humidifier for design

Vintoney Humidifier
Price: £19.99


With over 3,000 reviews on Amazon, the Vintoney Cool Mist Humidifier will improve dry air with


  • Ultrasonic quiet option
  • Water-less auto-off
  • USB powered


  • Some reviewers have mentioned the USB cable is quite short

Best baby humidifier that's easy to clean


Your little ones will sleep and breathe easier at night with this quiet Challenge Ultrasonic


  • Easy-to-clean filters
  • Low energy consumption
  • Large water capacity


  • Some reviewers felt the light inside was quite bright

Best baby humidifier with projection


Does your child often struggle to drift off to sleep? Alongside a bedtime routine, kit out their


  • Projects soft moon and starlights
  • Colour-changing LED lights
  • USB powered


  • Could have a longer runtime

Best compact baby humidifier


The Fridababy 3-in-1 device uses the power of ultrasonic vibration to turn water into a cool


  • Night light function
  • Cool hydrating mist that runs for up to 12 hours


  • No batteries included

Baby humidifiers - All you need to know

Are baby humidifiers safe for babies?

Babies come with a lot of products, and finding room for more might be difficult. However, adding a humidifier to your list of 'baby must haves' will show benefits for the whole family and not all will take up that much room on the shelf.

It might seem like a big investment, but if you're wondering how to know if your baby needs a humidifier, the benefits of a humidifier are great. Benefits include the fact they help ease a range of symptoms from allergies and eczema to colds and flu.

Humidifiers are also very safe to use with babies as long as they're used correctly. Sleep Consultant Lucy Wolfe says, "They can be helpful to add moisture to the air that can support clearer breathing and avoid drying out your fragile skin, especially when the air is dry due to climate and central heating. It is certainly becoming a more popular parent purchase. But I don't typically recommend them unless the parents themselves feel strongly about them.

The best humidifiers to keep your baby breathing easily

"My understanding is that moisture is gently distributed into the environment that helps to avoid the mucus in the nostrils from drying up, which may help to avoid congestion or avoid common coughs and colds. As a result of the moisture that is balancing out a dry atmosphere, largely caused by insulation and central heating, this may also help to avoid their baby's skin from also drying out and becoming itchy.

"So helpful for children prone to coughs, colds and congestion and maybe also children with skin irritation. Some models make a slight sound too, and this may act as a 'white noise' background sound that can be comforting for some children as it is reminiscent of the womb. I don't feel that there are any disadvantages per se, but whether it is a necessary purchase, I can't say."

Where is the best place to put baby humidifiers?

You want to place it somewhere in your baby's room where they will not accidentally knock it over or be able to reach any wires. You'll also want to place it somewhere where the mist can disperse well into the room. So you don't get a build-up of moisture on any surfaces or the ceiling.

Be sure to check what size room your humidifier is made for. If your room is too small, you could find the humidifier causes condensation and dampness. If the room is too big, it could be ineffective.

How often should you clean it?

As with anything in our homes, it's important we keep it clean to reduce the spread of bacteria. To keep our humidifiers and our rooms clean, it's important to clean out the water tank every one to three days and to change the water daily. Follow Paediatrician Sara Connolly's advice on how to clean your baby's humidifier efficiently:

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