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Swaddling is a great way to encourage your little one to sleep, and makes for the best baby sleep aid. The Snuggle sleep bag combines the comfort of swaddling with the ease-of-use of a baby sleep bag. You can either choose to swaddle your baby with arms in for total snugness or arms out as they grow by using the poppers on the sleeves.

This luxury Snuggle sleep bag is made from super-soft, bamboo-rich fabric and our signature ALOEKINDA lining, a unique cotton blend infused with naturally soothing Aloe Vera, that's soft and gentle on baby's skin.

The hip-healthy design ensures that the baby's legs can fall into a natural frog-legged position when sleeping and the two-way zip allows for easy night-time nappy changes.

Price: £25.99

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Katherine: Whist I haven’t tried to put our baby down without a swaddle bag, it seems that she sleeps much better compared to her peers who don’t use swaddles. Having a baby who sleeps safely and contently, and for longer, is without a doubt one of the greatest ways to make life easier as a mum. This swaddle bag is easy to use, allows us to transition her as she gets older and is rolling around, making it an invaluable step to moving away from her original swaddle we used as a new born. It also washes and dries well which is very useful as they are relatively expensive, and we wanted to avoid doubling up on the product if we could help it.

Laura: As a new mum, sleep in general is a really worry but the most important aspect is safety and temperature for baby. This product makes my life easier as a mum as it gives me confidence that my baby is warm enough at night whilst knowing she is safe without loose blankets or anything else in her cot!!

Charlotte: This product made my life easier as a mum in terms of the transition from swaddle to sleep bag at that critical point. The button up arm openings allowed me to do this gradually. It was also a brilliant size and was true to its claim. I have tried a variety of sleep bags for my older daughter and my young baby and many brands come up smaller with the fabric and do not truly go up to the age they claim to. However with the grobag company that is not the case.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Charlotte: I would certainly recommend this item to others and in fact, I've already done so. Firstly and most importantly to me because of how much easier, it makes the transition from swaddle to bag as previously stated. Secondly because of the true to size claim with its generous measurements and room for your baby. This means it's good value for money and won't cut you short like other brands sometimes do. It is also a lovely soft breathable fabric that felt high quality. If you find style important which for me is nice to have extra, it certainly delivers here too. The soft green colour and subtle tree pattern is really lovely and not garish so goes nicely in most colour schemes and is also a colour that boys and girls can use (again if that is something important to you). It also washes very well and the fabric still feels good as new despite a lot of use, it doesn't crease.

Latifa: I think this product is made well and has easy access to the zips which open smoothly. The fact that it's multi season use means less costly as more than one grobag does not need to be purchased. It will definitely pay for itself over time. The soft material is breathable and comfortable to touch. It is also a neutral colour which means can be used for subsequent babies if a different gender.

Katherine: I loved the pattern of the product (I received a green forest theme one which is gender-neutral). I loved the feel of the material, it felt soft and flexible, and I had no concerns using it with our baby. Our baby has slept in a swaddle bag since she was born (but a different brand). This arrived as we were transitioning her arms out of the swaddle bag (so we only used it with both arms out). The poppers allowed us to use this effectively, and she can freely move her arms and legs in the product whilst also helping her feel cuddled around her chest area. We found the sizing (3-9 months) to be adequate, and seems to be giving her plenty of room to grow, Having a zip at the bottom does allow for easier access for nappy changes. Our baby definitely sleeps for longer when using a swaddle bag, she obviously finds it comfortable and containing and this product seems to work as well as our previously used brand.

Would you choose this product to win?

Samantha: I would choose this gro bag over other sleeping bags on the market due to the option of being able to open and close the arm holes. This makes it super versatile and great to experiment with them when they’re small and to grow with them as they get older and more active. The zip opening up both from top and bottom is also a great feature.

Charlotte: I would choose this product because most other brands I've used the wear on these products is really telling- a few washes and they dont look nice they fade and go bubbly but this isnt the case here- so I feel its value for money. The generous size is nice so you know your baby is comfortable And it really made a difference to have the option to button up the sides when changing from a swaddle.

Laura: Before testing I would not have looked twice at the grobag snuggle due to the price tag but it has really changed my mind. My baby sleeps so much better since using this sleeping bag, I like how the top part of the bag is close fitting and the double zip makes night time changes so quick and simple without waking my baby.

What changes would you make to this product?

Joanna: The Tommee Tippee The Original Grobag Snuggle sleeping bag encourage independent sleeping, they come in a 2.5 tog for winter and a thin 1 tog for the warmer nights. The sleeping bag has convenient zip that can be undone from the top or bottom so you can easily change your baby's nappy without undressing them.

Laura: I don't think there us anything I would change about the grobag. It is an amazing product of amazing quality which washes amazingly everytime. Maybe making a wider range of designs available is the only small change i can think of. I haven't used the swaddle feature as my baby has always slept with his arms free and likes his arms up.

Charlotte: I can genuinely say I can't think of anything that I would change. It really does what is needed. I guess price is always going to be something but I can understand why it is priced so because it really is high quality and very well made so I wouldn't mind the price. If I had to be fussy perhaps a broader range of colour/pattern options comparable to something like Bonds wondersuits which are striking because of this but I'm really scraping the barrel for ideas there because it is a very good product indeed.

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