Tommee Tippee GroEgg2 Room Thermometer and Nightlight review

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Tommee Tippee GroEgg2 Room Thermometer and Nightlight

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Check your little one is resting at the correct temperature with this Tommee Tippee GroEgg2 baby sleep aid with innovative light and colour changing system and handy temperature display. An easy digital temperature display and colour coded temperature range allows you to easily tell when it's time to adjust baby's clothing. Adjustable brightness means the Groegg2 can be used as a nightlight at a light level that suits your baby. The colours of the Groegg coordinate with the colour codes on the tog ratings of Grobags, helping you to easily decide which tog Grobag to dress your baby in. It also comes with a USB plug.

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We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Rachel: This really does a simple job of telling you the room temperature, but there is something satisfying about having the colour glow “scale”. I’m comparing that to a thermostat in my hallway, which technically does the same thing but is very boring! It made my life easier to an extent, it’s a peace of mind always being aware of the temp of the room is and therefore how to dress my baby. I would describe it as a nice, but not necessary, gadget. My criticism comes as my flat it very hot, so the Groegg always glowed bright red for ‘danger your room is too hot’, but there is very little I could do. Once I knew it was always glowing red it became useless. I imagine in a cooler house, that may feel the temperature dips, its going to have more longevity.

Grace: It’s very quick and easy to look into your child’s room and see if it is at the target temperature. Has made it easier to know how many layers to dress her in to ensure that she won’t overheat and isn’t too cold. I can even see the glow on the baby monitor. No set up required, just plug in and go. Great product.

Fiona: It is an excellent product for providing some safeguarding information. It provide easy information for how to dress the child at night, a time at which you are always understandbly nervous as to how to dress them. The colours also provide a night light to give a small section of light to use at night. So as a product to make life easier as a mum I would thoroughly recommend it.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Alexandra: Yes I would recommend the Tommee Tippee GroEgg2. From a safety perspective, it's great like I said aids what children should wear and also helps decide about windows open in the day and how to manage climate control and central heating fans and some friends even have air conditioning units I think it also makes a good night light it is a warming colour which I like.

Jennifer: I would probably not recommend this product to a friend or fellow mum although I feel it is a really useful and reassuring product, particularly in extreme weather spells but I cannot be sure of the accuracy of the temperature recordings. I found this product particularly useful when the weather was very warm to assess what I should dress my baby in while she slept. It also helped me to monitor the temperature in the room as it changed throughout the night. I really loved the adjustable nightlight levels, as my daughter usually requires a really dark room to sleep. By keeping the nightlight on the lowest level I could check to see if there were any significant temperature changes while my daughter slept but I did feel that the red/orange lights disturbed her sleep. Set up of the Gro Egg 2 was simple and easy and using the colour indicators was also very easy. We were also able to easily take the product away with us as it was compact and very transportable. I also liked the texture of the dome and how this softened the light, somewhat diffusing it so it did not become a lamp in my daughter’s bedroom. My main reservation about the product was that the Gro Egg 2 did not come with a plug and only a usb port. This was something that I felt reduced the usability of the product. I had to separately purchase a plug or use one from my mobile charger, which was inconvenient if both required the plug. Another issue I had with the product was that it was made from white plastic. This can age quickly and discolour and I feel that should I have a second child the product may not maintain it’s look and I would have to purchase a new one. It was easy to clean and wipe down but I think I would prefer something that had options of other colours rather than just white and/or made from differing materials that do not age. I feel for the cost of the product it would only be something I recommended if they were specifically worried about extreme weather spells.

Rachel: I would recommend, and in fact I have recommended this product since using it. It’s a lovely gimmick to have when you first have a baby. Of course, you can make do with a normal thermometer but this is very nice to look at. I really like the feel of the materials, almost strokeable plastic! Also, the size is great and is just a lovely addition to a shelf, chest of drawers etc and it somehow makes the room feel cosy.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Grace: I would choose this product over similar on the market as it is a trusted brand, an easy to use product and looks good and inobtrusive on the shelf. It is not much different to the original groegg but does look a bit nicer, however I would happily buy the original groegg if there was a significant difference in price.

Alexandra: Yes I would I am not aware of many products which tell you the temperature of the room and give yoh a guide in this way I like the warm night light and compared to other night lights it doesn't get too hot which is fantastic as little hand get everywhere I have also been concerned with lights that get hot.

Fiona: This is the only easy product on the market that I know that does this particular job. It provides the temperature and a light so an excellent accessory for the child’s room. The colours are well chosen for demonstrating the temperatures and actions needed. It is easy to set up and I like the design and shape.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jennifer: I would like the product to feel like it is more value for money. At £29.99 I would have expected a more accurate and reliable temperature monitor that automatically came with a plug. As previously mentioned, I am unsure that the £29.99 price tag is justified for how much benefit I have got out of the product. It is somewhat useful and I have enjoyed having the Gro Egg 2 but personally I would not want to pay £29.99 to then also be expected to purchase and source a plug so that the product actually works. The majority of homes do not have usb ports linked to the mains so it is almost certain parents will have to buy a plug separately. This is inconvenient and increases the cost of the product, as it effectively does not work without it. To warrant the £29.99 price tag I would also expect the temperature monitor to be accurate and reliable. I had reservations about the accuracy of the thermometer. It seemed to be fairly erratic for a period when first turned on and the button being on the bottom of the product meant the Gro Egg 2 changed colour when I touched it and took a time to resettle. Additionally, the product did not exceed my expectations in any way by having additional attributes that added value e.g. linking to an app that I could monitor from another room. It was very much a product that did one thing and even that I was not completely convinced it did accurately. I feel like other products, such as a baby monitor, may have this feature already inbuilt and you would be able to monitor the temperature from another room rather than needing to be in the room itself to see the Gro Egg 2.

Rachel: I think the flaw of the product is it’s longevity. If it can double up as a nightlight it would add so much as a feature for as the baby grows but also for a toddler to use. It would a great feature to have the amber light as an option to turn on in nightlight ‘mode’ rather than having it glow blue for example…

Fiona: I would love a piece of card or laminate to accompany this object for ideas as to how to dress your child for the temperatures it is demonstrating. Sometimes it did become very overwhelming with what the temperature of the room was and as a new parent there was concern as to how to deal with this temperature. Also a dimmable switch would be great so you could choose an option that was slightly darker but still showed the light.

Product Information

  • Easy to understand colour-coded system indicates room temperature

  • Digital thermometer with permanent lit LCD readout

  • Soft-touch silicone Dome

  • Gentle night light with 3 different light levels

  • Guidance on the correct tog of sleeping bag to use

  • USB

  • Height 12.5cm

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