Lollipop Lane Tweet Street 4 piece Bedding Bale

from Lollipop Lane
RRP  £74.99

by motherandbaby |
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Lollipop Lane’s Tweet Street 4 piece Bedding Bale is a cute, cosy design that’s pretty but not too babyish.

The cot bumper ties on securely (although some parents may prefer Velcro) and the fleece blanket is super soft albeit not great for temperature regulation (fleece is not a breathable fabric). The quilt is lovely but, like the blanket, is not easily adjustable for winter and summer weather changes – a quilt/duvet cover would be a better idea as the duvet itself can be changed according to season. The fitted sheet is really rough, which is surprising considering the feel of the other bedding included in the set – several washes might soften the sheet somewhat.

The Bedding Bale set is not perfect but it is convenient (providing every bedding item needed for a cot in one purchase) although a little on the expensive side.

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