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Whether you're catching an early night yourself or tackling the tasks you can't get done when the baby's awake, purchasing the best baby monitor is a brilliant way to put your mind at rest so you can focus on something other than your baby while your tot snoozes. Your baby monitor is essential to use until your baby reaches toddlerhood, so it's important to invest in a good one.

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Lots of parents like the peace of mind that comes with using a baby monitor– it's very reassuring to watch or listen to your baby sleeping soundly while you put your feet up and enjoy a well-earned cup of tea! A monitor also eliminates the need to creep into your baby's room to check on them – you'll see them stirring on the screen or hear them via the parent unit the moment they wake.

Most monitors consist of two parts: the 'baby unit' with an in-built microphone (and camera, if it's a video monitor) and a second hand-held 'parent unit', which displays sound and/or footage from the baby unit. You pop the baby unit near your baby's cot, and you can carry the parent unit around with you from room to room, a bit like a walkie-talkie. Instead of a parent unit, some monitors display information from the baby unit on your smartphone via an app. The advantage of this is that you can sign into the app from any location, so it's ideal if you're leaving your baby with a babysitter but want to check in on nap time remotely now and then.

Many of the best baby monitors we tested have extras, like sound and music features, room temperature gauges and two-way talkback so that you can speak to your baby via the parent unit from another room. Keep in mind that the more functionality you have, the more likely you are to spend nap time monitoring your baby instead of relaxing!

Best baby monitors at a glance:

• Best baby monitor overall: Hubble Connected Nursery Pal Premium - View offer on Amazon
• Best baby monitor for AI technology: Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor - View offer on Amazon

Best baby monitors 2023


The VTech RM7764HD was awarded Gold for Best Baby Monitor at the Mother&Baby Awards 2024.


  • East to set up and use
  • Large 7-inch screen
  • Modern design
  • 360-degree pan and tilt
  • Automatic infrared night vision
  • Plays lullabies and white noise
  • Built-in temperature sensor


  • Can't be used with Alexa
  • Battery life could be better

Babymoov YOO Go Plus 5” Video Monitor

Rrp: £129.99

Price: £103.96


**The Babymoov YOO Go Plus 5” Video Monitor was awarded Silver for Best Baby Monitor at the


  • Portable
  • Energy saving
  • Comes with 4 attachments accessories
  • Easy to use
  • Expandable - can connect up to 4 other cameras to it


  • Battery Life


**The Nanit Pro Camera & Floor Stand was awarded Bronze for Best Baby Monitor at the


  • Breathable wear
  • Encryption and security
  • Sleep trends and analysis


  • The price tag
  • Alexa
  • Set-Up

Best for checking baby's heart rate


Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor 3
Price: £202.30 (was 289)


The Owlet Smart Sock does more than monitor your baby. This monitor tracks your little one's heart


  • Huge monitoring capabilities
  • Impressive battery life
  • Simple to use
  • Great for new parents


  • App could do with some work

Best for features


Nanit Pro
Price: £239.99
Alternative retailers
Mamas & Papas£299.99View offer


The Nanit Pro is a smart baby monitor device, which compiles all data directly to your smartphone


  • Includes breathing analysis
  • Sleep trends
  • Encryption and security


  • Difficult to set up

Best for aesthetic design

On Sale

Maxi-Cosi See Baby Monitor

Rrp: £99.99

Price: £71.90


The Maxi-Cosi See Baby Monitor is a baby monitor that connects to your mobile phone device so that


  • Easy to set up
  • Camera is discreet
  • Good day and night image quality


  • Noisy camera movement
  • Blue light when movement sensor is triggered is quite bright

Best baby monitor overall



The Hubble Connected Nursery Pal Premium offers a high-definition view of your baby during the day


  • Easy to set up
  • Great image quality
  • Room temperature display
  • Digital pan, tilt and zoom


  • Not great battery life

Best for AI technology



Rrp: £199.00

Price: £199.00


This baby monitor won Gold in the 2022 Mother&Baby Awards Best Baby Monitor category.



  • Soothe remotely and save the need for additional devices
  • Good video quality
  • Useful sleep analytics


  • Not the most portable, and setup is a little trickier than others

Best for ease of use


YOO Moov 360-degree video monitor from Baby-moov

Rrp: £199.99

Price: £149.00
Alternative retailers
Boots£199.99View offer


This baby monitor won Silver in the 2022 Mother&Baby Awards Best Baby Monitor category.



  • Good picture quality
  • Sensitive to sounds
  • Easy to set up
  • Big screen


  • Uses a USB power source, so doesn't come with a plug included

Best for crying detection

On Sale

Lollipop Baby Monitor with True Crying Detection

Rrp: £166.00

Price: £166.00


The Lollipop Baby Camera is designed for parents with newborns and toddlers. The bendable stem


  • Good quality camera
  • Quick to set up
  • Sturdy
  • Nice design


  • Monthly or yearly payments for features on the app- will add up

Best for camera panning


Price: £84.99 (was 99.99)


This baby monitor won Bronze in the 2022 Mother&Baby Awards Best Baby Monitor category.



  • Fantastic picture quality
  • Simple to use and set up
  • Handy added features
  • Good camera movement


  • Range could be improved

Best for monitoring movement

Angelcare AC527 3-in-1 SensAsure Baby Movement Monitor with Video
Price: £399.99


Angelcare AC527 3-in-1 SensAsure video monitor has an adjustable camera with pan and zoom


  • Easy to set up
  • Clear image quality
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Great for first-time parents


  • Our mums would have liked to have seen a better and wider angle lens

Best for affordability

BT Audio Baby Monitor 450
Price: £49.99


If you don't need video functionality, the BT Audio Baby Monitor 450 is unbeatable value for


  • Easy to set up
  • Sweet additional features
  • Good sensitivity
  • Affordable


  • Our mums would have preferred it to have a video function


With a range of up to 300m, the Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor is ideal if you're often at


  • Great range
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen
  • Clear sound
  • Good value
  • Simple but effective!


  • No video, which might be a deal breaker

Types of baby monitor

As technology has advanced, there are now many different types of baby monitors to consider choosing from. These include:

Audio monitor

One of the simplest types of baby monitors available, similar to a walkie-talkie, with this, you can hear your baby but not see them.

Video monitor

Probably the most popular option, a video monitor allows you to look in on your baby as they sleep as well as listen. This requires a camera to be safely positioned where they are sleeping. You can watch the video footage via either a separate device or an app on your phone.

Movement monitor

A fairly recent invention to monitor your sleeping baby (even if you don't need to see them) is motion sensor pads. These plates lay under your baby's mattress and alert you if your little one doesn't move or breathe for a period of time so that you can go and check on them.

Wearable monitors

Working similarly to a fitness tracker, these innovations mean that your baby wears a smart item (usually a piece of clothing or a clip-on monitor) to help monitor their movement and even oxygen levels. These monitors also supply trackable data, which can help parents learn about their child's sleep habits.

Choosing the right baby monitor for you

There are lots of key decision-making factors to consider when selecting the best baby monitor for your family. Here are a few things to consider:

Screen: With a video monitor, the parent unit has a screen that displays the camera footage. Make sure the screen size is adequate and that the controls are easy to use, especially in the dark.

WiFi: If you choose a monitor which relies on wifi connectivity, make sure it's compatible with your router and that your signal is up to the task. Check if the baby unit needs to be near your router for optimum efficiency.

Pan, zoom, and tilt: If your baby moves around a lot or if you have two children sharing a room, a video monitor with a camera that you can control remotely from the parent unit is very useful, as you can scan the room or reposition the camera without disturbing your baby.

Temperature gauge: A baby thermometer is a useful feature on a monitor as it enables you to check the temperature in the room without disturbing your baby, alerting you if it's too hot or cold.

Night mode: If you want to be able to check on your baby via the monitor in the dark, choose one with night mode or infrared functionality.

Battery life: Most parent units are battery operated – if you're likely to forget to plug it in overnight, choose one that charges quickly or has a portable docking station so you can charge it while in use.

Portability: If you'll take your monitor on holiday, choose one that's lightweight and portable. If it relies on wifi connectivity, make sure you've got that wherever you're going!

Sound quality: Don't overlook audio when you're buying a video monitor – good sound quality is essential because you won't always be glued to the screen.

Style and design: A monitor that resembles a heavy-duty surveillance camera might have excellent functionality but choose the one you'll be happy to look at every day.

How we do our testing

Our Mother&Baby Awards are renowned in the industry for being one of the most highly respected product awards for baby and parenting products, and every year, we arrange for thousands of independent mum reviewers to test the latest products on the market.

We've tested over 60 of the best models available in the UK, with around 10 reviewers per product to ensure that we get a range of views on the device. Our independent mums review the products based on their usability, design, quality, and value for money. Reviewers give us qualitative feedback on their experience with the product, which our team of journalists review to decide our recommended products.

From all this work, our best baby monitors award winners are chosen and listed above in our finalised and definitive list of the best baby monitors, one for each key category, along with the quotes we found to be most useful when choosing our selection.

Our editorial team is also constantly looking for new baby monitors to test so that we can help you find the best - be that a cheaper product that we want to test for value for money or the latest baby monitoring innovation.

Do I need a baby monitor?

Wondering whether you need a baby monitor? Current NHS advice is to keep your baby in the same room as you until they are six months old, particularly when sleeping, as this can reduce the chance of SIDS. Most parents find them handy for those times when they need to leave the room momentarily. A monitor can be helpful when you need to pop to the loo or head into the kitchen to make dinner and still make sure your baby is sleeping comfortably.

No devices on the market will substitute at least one person being in the same room as baby for safer sleep, but a baby monitor can help for those times you need to be away from them for short periods of time.

When should I start using a baby monitor?

You only really require a baby monitor when your baby starts to sleep in a separate room from you. As above, for the first six months of your baby's life, they should be in the same room as you when they're asleep, both day and night. However, many parents like to have a monitor from birth so they can nip to the toilet or make a cuppa while still keeping an eye on baby.

Are baby monitors safe?

Take time to ensure your baby's monitor is in a secure location in your baby's nursery where it won't get knocked over. If it's on the wall, regularly check the fittings in case it starts to come loose over time.

Double-check your digital security, too, especially if your monitor connects to the internet in some way. Use strong and unique passwords for your Wi-Fi and any apps, and use two-factor authentication where at all possible. This requires people to use a code generated by a text message or app to sign into a specific account and ensures a secure way of protecting your information, preventing hackers or stolen information.

What age do you stop using a baby monitor?

There is no official NHS guidance or set age for when to stop using a baby monitor, it is entirely your choice. However, most experts suggest that you can stop using a baby monitor when your little one is between two to four years old, but this depends on how comfortable you personally feel with giving it up.

Mother&Baby Award Winners 2023

Top Left: Hubble Connected Nursery Pal Cloud

Top Right: VTech RM7767HD

Bottom Left: Maxi-Cosi See Baby Monitor

Bottom Right: Nanit Pro

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