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Cubo Ai is a beautifully designed award-winning baby monitor with proactive A.I. alerts for little one's sleep, safety, and memories. It's appropriate for newborn babies up to toddlers. Cubo Ai was created with proprietary technology to proactively warn parents of dangerous situations in real-time such as covered face events so that parents can step in when their babies need them most. Every Cubo Ai feature is designed to enhance baby safety and store lasting memories. Cubo Ai's mission is to help every parent in the world find peace of mind and joy in their parenting journey.

We spoke to these parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Sabine said: “The monitor comes with a range of background noises that I found very useful as there is no need for an extra device. We use the lullabies in our bedtime routine, and the rain sounds like white noise while she sleeps. The monitor unit also doesn’t have a bright visible light like many other monitors, which usually distracts my daughter when she wakes up. Still, both the daytime and nighttime video quality is very good. There is the option of enabling a night light if you wish to do so.”

Anna said: “The product has sleep analytics which although I don’t believe in getting too worked up on routines, I did find it interesting to see how long our baby slept uninterrupted. The camera can take pictures and videos, which it saves to your photo’s - I thought this was a nice touch. The covered face and baby rollover function is good and worked well. We don’t have many things in the cot, which can cover our babies face; however, we tested it, and it was very sensitive to the movements. You’re able to manage how the camera alerts you, so if you don’t want it to alert you, it can be turned off. The alert was quiet on your phone; however, it did wake me. The picture and sound quality are good, and there is a night light, which helped to see during the night.”

Chelsea said: “The Cubo Ai has changed my life with my baby as it has made me less anxious about putting my baby to sleep in their own room. Before we had the Cubo Ai, I was having to spend at least an hour at night trying to settle baby with white noise from YouTube. With having the Cubo Ai smart monitor, I am now able to soothe baby from my phone and activate the white noise, which frees my time up to spend with my older child before he goes to bed too. As a result, it has allowed my two children to bond more as the older child is no longer jealous that baby is taking up all my time.”

Rebecca said: "The option to turn your phone into the baby monitor is great, I feel so much more relaxed when I put her down for a sleep and can get on with the cleaning downstairs and move around the house freely without the worry and anxiety of having to keep checking on the baby - I can immediately be assured by checking my phone. Also, fantastic that you can feed the sound the camera picks up through to your phone while the phone is locked."

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Chelsea said: “The thing that excites me about the Cubo Ai smart monitor is that they are continuously improving their product. They haven’t just designed a product to sell and that’s it, they are continuously asking users for feedback to make improvements from system. The team of professionals that have put it together need a medal especially from mums like myself they have relieved of being anxious when it comes to bedtime, for that I always be grateful and like I say I can’t recommend enough. Everything about this product excites me and I can’t wait for more things to come.”

Rebecca said:"The white noise and lullaby feature is amazing. I struggled so much with my firstborn trying to juggle multiple things to help soothe my baby with a regular baby monitor as well and a white noise teddy that needed new battery's every day. It was a nightmare, but this smart monitor is fantastic for all these features in one; it has the night light, different lullaby's and sounds as well as all the alerts it has to offer."

Sabine said: "Cubo Ai is a baby monitor for tech savvy parents. It uses a smart monitor app that controls the monitor settings, background noise, alert settings and much more. It includes face recognition that gives you, ‘cry’, ‘roll over’ and ‘covered face' alerts and the nursery environment can be monitored for temperature and humidity. The night vision is great and you get very sharp images that you can zoom into and check that everything is ok. While some features are only available when you are on the same WiFi as the monitor, you can check in on the app as long as you are connected to the internet. I loved this feature, as it meant, I could still check in on my daughters nap time when I returned to work and my husband was on paternity leave."

Anna said: “The analytics were good for seeing how our baby sleep, and I think it would help parents leave a baby to see if they can self soothe as it determines how long it takes for a baby to go back to sleep. It doesn’t matter if you lose the Wi-Fi signal on your phone if the camera is on Wi-Fi you can still access it. I was able to walk to the greenhouse and still see the baby asleep in the cot. It makes nap times easy, as you can walk around outside knowing you can still see in the cot. It is also handy that you can look in on your baby from somewhere else, our grandparents have access to the camera, and they have been enjoying checking in at night times to watch a peaceful sleeping baby.”

Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Rebecca said: “The camera night view is perfect, it has 18 hours recorded that you could look backward, this gives a much better insight into how my baby sleeps,  while monitoring the temperature and humidity levels in their room. We have really benefited from the remote view, and this has been very good in the pandemic to allow grandparents to see at the baby during the day.”

Chelsea said: “The Cubo Ai is so different to any other baby monitor I have seen on the market due to the extremely impressive design and detail that has gone into making the product. From encasing trailing wires within the design to incorporating sounds and like to soothe baby with the adjusting volume levels. The picture quality with the Cubo Ai is second to none. When shifting to night-time mode, I have found with other monitors that the picture quality tends to drop - this is NOT the case with the Cubo Ai. The picture quality is amazing and better than I ever expected. When it comes to soothing your baby, sometimes all they need is to hear their parent’s voice. With the Cubo Ai, you can use the microphone feature to speak through the camera so that baby can hear you.”

Anna said: “The main thing is the sleep analytics, as I haven’t seen these before on a monitor, so they are interesting to look at. The analytics show the baby’s movements so you can see when the baby has stirred and then gone back to sleep. It also determines the cry points and when a caregiver has attended to the baby. If you were to leave the baby with a babysitter, it would be interesting as it could give parents extra peace of mind. Baby’s sleep is also a huge talking point, and when you are too tired to remember you can just check your app! I didn’t realise that our baby woke and went back to sleep so often without me attending to them during the night. We used the monitor on our second child, and we aren’t parents that get worried about routines. However, I did find it interesting when people asked me how often they would wake up.”

Sabine said: "I love the cute design and the picture quality is stunning. I love that I can take pictures and videos of what my daughter is up to in her crib and even have a few funny snaps of my husband and I in a combined effort to get her to sleep."

What changes would you make to this product?

Anna said: “Sometimes our Wi-Fi loses signal as we are in a rural area, and this would mean that our monitor wouldn’t work. We often take our baby monitor on holiday with us, and it would be a little irritating if you had to have Wi-Fi in every destination – it can be pretty variable in some places we go! It isn’t just as easy as plugging it in and going. It also assumes that everyone has a smartphone and are willing to put the app on. Some grandparents aren’t brilliant with technology and wouldn’t be able to use the monitor whilst babysitting. Likewise, I don’t think it can be expected that a babysitter downloads the app for the occasional time we need babysitting. It also uses up the battery on your devices, which can be irritating as I’m not always near a charger for my phone and use it for working from home during nap times. I would suggest that it also comes with a monitor so that you have the option to either have it downloaded on your phone or use the monitor. I think this would make it easier and more versatile.”

Chelsea said: “The one thing I would change about the product is having the option to move the camera through the app. Although the coverage for the crib is very good, I feel by having the option to move the position of the camera if my child manages to get out of bed. I feel this is important because as parents getting your child into a bedtime routine it's hard, and sometimes this means creating distance between you and your child (letting them cry it out). I have struggled to set a boundary between myself and baby due to having to go into their room because the camera could not see them, then this upsets baby as they then want to help and not be put down.”

Rebecca said: "I think the Cubo Ai Plus device would benefit by also having a wireless feature, so you have the option not to be near an electric point. The device could then be charged when needed, like a mobile phone. It would also be very useful to have a Smart Home Integration feature and offer compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home devices (streaming and voice command features)."

Sabine said: "My husband found the setup difficult to assemble, which makes Cubo Ai not very portable, so we use a cheap baby monitor for going away. Another problem is that the background sounds are not continuous and cut out every 20 seconds or so, with a gap before they restart."

Product Information

Ai Baby Safety Detection

  • Covered Face, Rollover Detection

  • Danger Zone Detection

HD Night Vision

  • Sony STARVIS CMOS Sensor

  • 1080p HD + 135° Wide Angle Lens

  • Auto Light Sensitivity Adjustment

  • No Visible Red Light

Cubo App

  • Background Audio

  • Bird-Chirping Alert Sound

  • Family Sharing

  • Up to 8 concurrent login users

  • Multiple Camera Support

  • Smart Home Integration

  • 2-Factor Authentication

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