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Maxi-Cosi see baby monitor review

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The Maxi-Cost See Baby Monitor is a baby monitor that connects to your mobile phone device, so that you have peace of mind that your baby’s always safe and sleeping comfortably. With its day and night vision you can constantly live stream how your baby is doing, so you never miss a special moment with them, turn on soothing sounds or lullabys, and it's even been awarded Bronze for Best Baby Monitor in our 2023 Mother&Baby Awards. Find out what our parent testers thought when they got to try out the See Baby Monitor from Maxi-Cosi.

Maxi-Cosi See Baby Monitor overview


• Easy and straight forward set-up alongside mobile app

• Camera is small, discreet and aesthetically pleasing

• Good day and night image quality


• Noisy camera movement

• Blue light when movement sensor is triggered is quite bright

Key features

Live day and night vision: with its live 1080p HD streaming and nighttime mode, you'll constantly be able to see how your baby is doing at any time of the day, directly on your phone.

Two-way talk: allows you to speak to and soothe your baby at any given moment or when they're feeling a little restless.

Built-in white noises and lullabys: program a selection of soothing lullabies and white noises to come on, to ensure your baby is always relaxed.

Notification of sound, movement, temperature or humidity changes: these smart sensors allow you to know exactly what is happening in the room with your baby and if you need to make any adjustments, e.g. to what they're wearing to bed.

Small, sleek design: the See Baby monitor is compact and modern-looking with a neutral colour design to compliment any home interior.

Testing the Maxi-Cosi See Baby Monitor

Our parent testers loved the simplicity and ease of setting up this baby monitor, and the fact you can watch baby from your phone was a bonus. "The product was easy to use and easy to access the app and set it up, which was brilliant," said mum tester, Bethan. "Being able to set up this monitor and then use my phone to keep an eye on my baby made life much easier," said another mum tester, Anisha. She continued: "It was also really easy to set up on my phone and allowed me to play music/white noise while she slept. The camera itself isn't huge and looks great, so it compliments any room that it's in."

Anisha wasn't our only tester who appreciated the See Baby Monitor's small, sleek design. "The design of this product is great and it looks good in the nursery," agreed Louise. "The picture quality is also great and there is a zoom function which I really liked as our plug socket is not close to our cot. Furthermore, the ability to play music/white noise is great, although this didn’t always settle our baby."

All of our 10 mum testers agreed they were happy with the picture quality of the See Baby Monitor, while others particularly loved the additional smart sensors and two-way talk feature. "The picture quality was brilliant, it was clear and not pixelated," said Emma. "I loved the fact the camera can be moved via an app on my phone. It had a night mode and it also had the added bonus that you can speak to your child or play white noise to your baby through it."

Maxi-Cosi see baby monitor bronze

The fact the See Baby Monitor was also easily transportable from place to place, was also praised by mum Anisha. "I didn't need to have any extra equipment, which meant when staying at other peoples house all we had to take was the camera and ensure it was connected to the WIFI, and we were good to go. The camera looks good so is a great addition to any room, the colour of the camera is fantastic, it's clear and you can hear everything."

The only qualm our testers had with this baby monitor was with the blue light that shines when the camera is on (some said it was quite bright), while others said they wished the camera was a little less noisy when it moved. Overall, the general consensus for this monitor was very positive.

Final thoughts

The Maxi-Cost See Me Baby monitor is a beautifully designed baby monitor that allows you to easily and safely watch over your baby straight from your phone. It has brilliant HD picture quality, is easy to manoeuvre and it's smart sensors are an additional bonus to help soothe baby off to sleep or make sure the environment settings are just right for them. Overall, our parent testers were pretty impressed. "This item was brilliant value for money, it did all that I expected and more," says Emma.

Full product specifications

Included power adapter: USB-A - AC-DC Wall Adapter - 100-240VAC@50/60Hz 0.5A to 5VDC 1A

Included power plug: EU - IEC AC Power Plug - Type C - "Europlug"

Power consumption: 5W

Weight: 0.46kg

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