Owlet’s new Dream Sock baby monitor: a game changer for anxious new parents

Owlet Dream Sock on baby

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As parents, we know that a good baby monitor can help provide reassurance when our little one is asleep in a different room, and the Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor offered a whole new experience by being able to track your baby's heart rate, oxygen levels and sleep trends too. Now, they've launched the brand new Owlet Dream Sock, that offers unparalleled peace of mind through a scientific and medical approach.

Owlet Dream SockOwlet


  • Suitable from birth up to 18 months old
  • Recognised as medically accurate and safe
  • Includes predictive sleep technology


  • Only suitable up to 18 months
Suitable for ages:Birth to 18 months
Weight suitability:5lb to 30lbs
Washable:Sock can be hand-washed every two weeks
  • Predictive sleep technology
  • Includes Base Station
  • Real-time technology
  • Colour coded light system
  • Wireless monitoring
  • Convenient recovery mode

The Owlet Dream Sock

Offering real-time health and vital information for parents, the Owlet Dream Sock is an innovative medical device that helps to provide peace of mind while their baby sleeps. It's recognised as medically accurate and safe, as the Dream Sock wraps around baby's foot with real time monitoring of pulse rate, oxygen saturation levels, sleep patterns and more.

Paediatric Cardiologist and Senior Direct of Medical Affairs at Owlet, Dr Alisa Niksch says: “Dream Sock offers a scientific and medical approach to infant health monitoring and is a breakthrough product for the industry,” she adds “It brings hospital-grade accuracy into the home nursery, enabling parents to track vital signs with confidence. Dream Sock equips parents with precise and real-time data to support informed decision-making and help them better care for their infants at home.”

The Owlet Dream Sock gives life health readings directly to your mobile on the Owlet Dream App and the included Base Station. It's also clinically proven to track and display vital signs even through gentle motion and across different skin tones.

What can the Owlet Dream Sock show on the app?

The Owlet Dream App can track historical health readings and even sleep trend, with parents now having access to advance sleep support features. With Predictive Sleep Technology, it can help take the guess work out of nap times, as the historical sleep data provides recommended sleep and wake windows.

What age is the Owlet Dream Sock suitable for?

The Owlet Dream Sock is suitable to use from birth, up until they're 18 months old. It's an innovative device that helps provide peace of mind when potentially navigating the newborn stage for the first time, as it provides real-time health information. It can also be paired with the Owlet Cam 2.

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