Tomy TF550 Digital Baby Monitor

from Tomy
RRP  £69.99

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TOMY’s Digital Monitor is easy to assemble, with crisp audio and very clear signal. It includes a remote-controlled night light, temperature indicator, in-built lullabies and a mute function that mutes baby noises below a certain level so that you're not distracted by siblings having a late night chat.

The battery life on the parent unit is excellent but it doesn’t last all night without a charge. In addition, the talkback button is right where you would naturally hold the receiver; trying to avoid pressing it accidentally and broadcasting into the baby’s room is an inconvenience. The vibrate function is useful but sometimes the product can vibrate itself off the surface area as it doesn't have a dock (and is not freestanding).

This monitor does lack some of the functionality of other monitors – a sensory pad and, most especially, a camera – but for a slightly lower price this product offers the right functions and performs them with ease. Reasonably priced, responsive and straight forward, Tomy’s Digital Monitor is good value for money!

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Product Information

  • 350m Range – for flexible monitoring

  • Digital DECT Technology

  • 120 channels

  • Sound Level Light Display

  • Remote Controlled Nightlight

  • Adjustable nightlight brightness at the Baby Unit

  • Independent nightlight and lullaby function

  • Low Battery & Out of Range Alarm

  • Sound Activation Mode

  • Belt Clip

  • Pager

  • Rechargeable Parent Unit

  • Two Way Talkback

  • Remote controlled lullabies

  • Nursery temperature and low battery level indicator on Parent Unit

  • Large LCD backlit screen on Parent Unit

  • Clock

  • Vibrate alert

  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries (included)

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