Philips Avent Smart SCD860 Baby Monitor review

from Philips
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Philips Avent Smart SCD860 Baby Monitor

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What we say:

Using SafeConnect Technology to work across all networks, the Philips Avent Smart baby monitor lets you see and hear your baby on your smart phone or tablet day or night, wherever you are. It also plays 10 soothing lullabies, which you can activate remotely, and has a gentle nightlight and talkback function so you can soothe your baby even from afar.

Tested by Caroline Ridge, from Northamptonshire, mum to Albie, three months. She said:

Really impressive. It’s so easy to use and install, and even gauges the temperature and humidity of your baby's room, alerting you if these require your attention. It can play music if required and the camera is discreet. The only downside is that because it relies on wifi it sometimes disconnects – but an alarm does notify you when this happens. 4/5

Tested by Rebecca Shepherd, from Lincoln, mum to Sophie, six months. She said:

This was James' favourite. It sacrifices sound quality for picture quality but it's sleek, simple and surprisingly easy to set up. You can view your baby from wherever you are (we tested it out on the dog!) and even control the camera angle remotely. My only bugbear is having to switch between apps on my phone to check on Sophie. 4/5

Tested by Christine Hope, from Herefordshire, mum to Nola, 13 months. She said:

You definitely need a smart phone to get the best out of this device. If you want to keep an eye on your baby when you’re not in the house, this is definitely the product for you. It’s not what I need but has merit if, for example, you want to engage with your baby when working away from home. 3/5

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