Chicco Top Digital Video Baby Monitor review

from Chicco
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Chicco’s Top Digital Video Baby Monitor aims not only to reassure parents about the safety of their little ones but to make life easier through the inclusion of ‘voice reminder’ functionality, which helps mums and dads remember important things that need to happen during the course of a day (when baby is due a dose of meds, for example). The monitor also includes a built-in lullaby feature, two-way communication and it’s mp3 compatible.

The camera zoom is great but the picture is lacking in quality and the unit cannot rotate.

Overall, it’s a good product but there are better monitors available within this price range.

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Product Information

  • Voice Activation, Night Light, 2 Way Communication, Temperature Sensor, 3 inch Touch Screen, 6 Lullabies, Mp3 Connection, 5 Alarm Settings, Photo Capture & Video Recorder, Phone Contacts

  • Capture and Record the moments you'd miss; that first hiccup or stretch when your little one wakes up

  • A strong adjustable base proves fantastic for stability; use the parent unit as a digital photo frame on your mantelpiece

  • Touch Screen and Proximity indication brings the Top Digital Video right up to standard in contemporary baby monitors

  • Video Baby Monitor with infra-red camera

  • Adjustable camera for angle to ensure the best view

  • DECT Digital technology for zero interference

  • Range 150 metres

  • Large 3 inch display gives excellent image both in day and at night

  • Intuitive touch screen controls for "App style" features

  • Night light with variable intensity

  • Includes built in rechargeable battery pack in the Parent unit

  • Baby unit requires 4 x AA batteries

  • Two charging AC power packs included to run each unit on mains power

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