Babymoov Premium Care Baby Monitor

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Babymoov Premium Care Baby Monitor

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Babymoov Premium Care Baby Monitor at a glance:

The Premium Care Baby Monitor combines the performance of digital technology with low-wave emission levels. It has an LCD touchscreen, night light, built-in thermometer and lullabies. It also has a huge range of 1400m. Its two-way walkie-talkie feature allows you to communicate with baby via the monitor. Built using Digital Green Technology, which transmits using a low emission frequency to reduce the level of electromagnetic wave exposure for baby.

We spoke to these real mum testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Chelsea Abbot says: "For me this product is perfect for travelling and overnight stays away from home with baby (which we do frequently); mainly because the handsets are small, lightweight and have nightlight and lullaby features which we wouldn’t normally have when we’re in a hotel/ family or friends house without carrying 2 extra products! So this is 3 products in 1 for us to help with bedtime."

Sarah Abraham says; "I absolutely swear by baby monitors so I think this makes your life so much easier to be able to hear when are upset after you have put them to bed. The lullabies is a wonderful setting and offers that soothing sound that a lot of babies love. The fact that is a low emission technology makes it far more reassuring for a mum to use so close to her children."

Jane Acton says: "This product is great as it has such a long range. We have quite a large garden, so it is really good if I go out to get the washing in and my boy is asleep as I know it has lots of range in it and I would still be able to hear him if he woke up. Its nice to know it wont lose signal and can go longer distance."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Elizabeth Adams says: "I like that there is an environmental/health aspect to this and it is something I would never have previously been aware of. If there was one with a video I think this would sell really well. As a new parent you are anxious about everything hence an item which is safer is great. It’s very lightweight and easy to transport if you went on holiday etc. I did this the unit wasn’t the most sophisticated or easy to navigate. I appreciate there’s instructions but very few can be bothered reading them and instead you want technology to be intuitive etc and simplistic which this didn’t feel it was. For example I couldn’t get the white noise on at first? Also the battery life was pretty poor."

April Adams says: "I would really recommend this as its brilliant!, Not only does it do the basics of listening to your child for peace of mind but you can talk back to them to sooth them, you can play up to 6 different lullabies, it has a night light and a temperature sensor, it also has visual, sound and vibrating alarms on it as well, it also allows you to add another parent unit for monitoring of two different rooms, its sleek design allows you to wipe the unit over with a disinfectant wipe for cleaning, its small enough to carry around and not heavy at all, it took me awhile to figure out all the options/buttons but once we got the hang of it it was fine."

Angela Hyslop says : "If you are looking for audio-only monitors, these are perfect because of their compact size, ease of set up and enhanced features such as playing lullabies and showing the room temperature. There is a vibrate function on the parent monitor to ensure you don't miss anything and they offer peace of mind that baby is okay."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Laura Land says: "Personally, although I did like this monitor, I wouldn’t choose to buy it over others on the market as I feel that having a video monitor is something I can’t go back from as I love being able to see what my baby is doing. Are they settling? Are they jumping up and down in their cot etc... whereas a traditional monitor can’t tell me this. For a sound only monitor it’s good at what it does, but personally I wouldn’t buy a monitor without a video function."

Melissa Shirley says: "No, I wouldn't. They're rather expensive and one of the big selling points of having a wide range- 1 seems pointless as you wouldnt be that far from your baby and 2- it didn't actually pick up the monitor and would say out of range! Another reason I didnt like them is the noise was not a continuous feed and would only turn on after detecting a noise I'd rather have the choice."

Chelsea Abbott says: "I was impressed with this product; it’s easy to set-up; monitors room temperature and has night light and lullaby features. I also like the fact the handset has the option of working with 2 transmitters which is ideal if you have 2 babies/toddlers and you don’t want to carry 2 parent handsets around; I would like to see how exactly that works though. The one thing that annoyed me, which might be a fault on our product, is that on a number of occasions when using it in the early hours of the morning the Vox seemed to switch off and the parent handset was constantly transmitting and buzzing which woke us up."

What changes would you make to this product?

Melissa Shirley says: "I would adapt them so that sound is made straight away rather than the slight delay. It picks up noise but then by the time the monitors switch on the noise stops so you could potentially miss the "mummy" call if they only called the once or cried out in the middle of the night the once. I'd rather there be a constant stream of noise."

Sarah Abraham says: "I think this monitor has amazing features but the lack of camera really does put me off and that is just a personal choice. I think all of the other features of this monitor are great though especially the lullabies, the digital green technology, the temperature indicator and the fact that it also has a lifetime warranty. It is a perfect audio monitor."

Jane Acton says: "I cannot always hear my little boy, and if I speak back to him he cannot always here us. It is just too quiet even with the volume turned up on full. Unless he is full on screaming / crying it is too quiet to work out any noise. I have to hold it to my ear and really listen to try and work out the sound."

Product Information

  • Range: 1400 m

  • VOX function: voice-activated

  • Can operate with 2 transmitters: the best to look after 2 babies

  • Night light function

  • Adjustable volume of the receiver and sensibility of the microphone

  • Low battery indicator

  • Clear digital sound: 0 interference

  • Automatic channels search

  • Walkie-Talkie

  • LCD screen with baby's room

  • Temperature indicator

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