Tutti Bambini Glider Chair review

from Tutti Bambini
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Tutti Bambini Glider Chair

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What we say:

This stylish chair glides smoothly and has three recline positions, a matching footstool and luxurious upholstery. All our testers commented on how comfortable and roomy they found the chair, so it’s a good buy if you want one you can continue to use for cuddles or story time with older children.

Tested by Emily Nellist, from Newark, mum to Patrick, three weeks, and Noah, two. She said:

This was by far the comfiest of all the chairs we tested – it feels luxurious and I could spend hours in it without getting aches or pains. That’s the main thing I want from a nursing chair, because Patrick feeds so frequently. It’s also really stylish, and looks fantastic in our nursery. I can imagine using this chair for a long time to come.

Tested by Claire Thornhill, from Cumbria, is mum to Ollie, three months, Luke, four, and Erin, six. She said:

The armrests are lower on this chair and it’s a little more spacious, which makes it easier than others to feed in. The white finish is pretty, but the quality is lacking – it’s already scuffed and I don’t think it’s particularly sturdy. The footstool is plush but a little wobbly and the back cushions are still squashed a month after unpacking. It’s not my favourite option.

Tested by Sara Neale, from Shropshire, is mum to Rupert, six months, and Ralph, 21 months. She said:

I usually dislike painted white chairs but this grew on me. It’s still my least favourite on looks, but comfort matters more than appearance and this certainly feels the sturdiest. The cushioning is soft and comfortable. It’s wider than the others, so there’s lots of room for Rupert to grow, which is very useful.

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