Introducing Folk & Thread, the must-have baby sleep bag brand working in partnership with The Lullaby Trust

And it doesn’t cost the Earth, either…

Folk & Thread

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When it comes to development, growth and behaviour, sleeping is one of the most important things your baby will do, especially in the early days. Newborn babies can sleep from anywhere between eight hours to 16-18 hours, which is why the impact of high-quality, safe sleep can’t be overstated.

As parents, we know how precious sleep is. Just as we invest in comfortable, breathable, long-lasting, and beautiful bedding for ourselves, many of us want to do the same for our children. One brand ticking all of these boxes is Folk & Thread, a company whose organic baby bedding is safe, reliable, good for your baby and good for the planet, too. Plus, the delightful designs are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Introducing Folk & Thread

A female-founded brand with over 85 years of experience in the nursery industry between the four founders, all Folk & Thread products are designed in the UK and made in India from organic cotton.

Folk & Thread is currently the only baby sleep bag brand working in partnership with The Lullaby Trust, the UK’s leading safer sleep charity, which is working hard to educate parents against the risks of SIDS and support bereaved families. What’s more, for every product you buy, the brand donates bedding to families and babies in need through The Better Sleep Project.

What are the benefits of buying organic cotton?

As organic cotton is free from chemicals, it’s kinder to sensitive baby skin, and it’s also better for the planet, the people working on the farms that produce it, and the people in the surrounding areas. Farmers use natural methods to grow the cotton, rather than fossil-fuel-based fertilisers, which helps to create healthy soil and combat climate change. Finally, organic cotton is grown alongside other crops, allowing farmers to earn a better living and diversify their crops as they see fit. Given that Folk & Thread's organic cotton baby sleep bags start from just £22.99, they are a no-brainer for parents who want to choose the best for their baby.

Folk & Thread's brand-new range of sleep bags, blankets and sheets is available to buy online now, in sizes 0-3m, 3-18m and 18-36m.

Functional and stylish, the sleep bags are designed to impress, with curved easy-zips to make nappy changes a breeze, a clever pocket design from 3m+ to tuck away wriggly feet, and underarm poppers for a snug fit, to name just a few features. Each sleep bag also meets the European safety standard BS EN 16781:2018 for peace of mind, and these clever sleep bags can even save you money. The sizing is designed so that the baby sleep bags last as long as possible, with 3-18m and 18-36m sizes available with extendable length. That clever thinking means you don't have to buy as many baby sleep bags, and each one can last your baby for a year and a half!

Our personal favourites? We love the Wild Wood Organic Baby Sleeping Bag for its beautiful, thoughtful design, the classic Cloud Organic Cotton Cellular Blanket and the adorable Folktails Organic Cotton Fitted Sheets, which would complement any nursery design.

Shop the full range on the Folk & Thread website, or keep scrolling for more of our top picks.

SHOP: Folk & Thread's organic bedding

Folktails Organic Baby Sleep BagFolk & Thread

With a design that's perfect for those who love nature and the outdoors, the Folktails sleep bag is inspired by the glorious British countryside. Available in 1 tog and 2.5 tog.

Lamb Organic Baby Sleep BagFolk & Thread

Your little lamb will be as snug as a bug in this gorgeously soft grey marl sleep bag. Available in 1 tog and 2.5 tog.

Wild Wood Organic Baby Sleep BagFolk & Thread

With a black and white print designed to catch baby's eye, this adorable woodland critter print is available in 2.5 tog.

Salcombe Organic Baby Sleep BagFolk & Thread

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside - and to dream about it, too. The Salcome sleep bag is available in 0.5 tog, ideal for warm summer days and nights.

Cloud Organic Cotton Cellular Baby BlanketFolk & Thread

A beautiful, classic blanket that can be passed on through generations, its luxurious softness will soothe baby into a soft slumber.

Lamb Organic Cotton Jersey Baby BlanketFolk & Thread

Made from the same soft grey marl cotton as the Lamb sleep bag, you'll wish the brand made these jersey baby blankets in adult sizes...

Folktails Organic Cotton Fitted Sheets Regular priceFolk & Thread

Matching the Folktails sleep bag, these organic fitted sheets are hypoallergenic and wonderfully soft, designed to tuck neatly and safely around your crib, cot or cot bed mattress. Available in crib and cot bed sizes.

Wild Wood Organic Cotton Fitted SheetsFolk & Thread

These charmingly designed sheets, featuring the same sensory print, are the perfect partner for the Wild Wood sleep bag. Available in crib and cot bed sizes.

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