Joie Mimzy LX Highchair review

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Joie Mimzy LX Highchair

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The Joie Mimzy LX highchair is the new deluxe version of the original and popular Joie Mimzy highchair.

The highchair comes in a range of designs, including grey Abstract Arrows, grey with yellow Khloe and Bert, and Little World, with colourful houses.

Tested by Sophie Knight, mum to Eli, six months.

We're just starting our weaning journey and wanted a sturdy, flexible highchair for our little boy. I did a lot of research and decided upon the new Joie Mimzy LX highchair.

It offers a lot of flexibility, as it folds up well for storage, has three recline positions, seven height positions, and the footrest has three positions too (or you can take it out altogether).

I liked the styling of the chair, and we already had the Joie bouncy chair so it matched that nicely. We chose the grey design, 'Abstract Arrows'.

The tray is easy to attach and detach, and stows away easily by clipping between the legs at the back. You can remove the top tray, great for cleaning, and there's also a smaller snacking tray you can use too.

It has a five-point harness to keep your baby safe. The tray can click into three positions, although I haven't quite mastered that yet!

At the moment Eli looks far too small for his highchair, but he'll certainly grow into it. At the moment he's using the comfy insert for smaller babies, which can be removed easily for cleaning. The cushion is soft and Eli seems comfy in it.

I like th reclining function, as it means Eli can fall asleep in it for a nap after lunch without me having to move him to his cot.

I'd definitely recommend this to other mums. There are a lot of cheaper alternatives on the market when you're looking to buy a highchair, but this is great as it is so adaptable. I think it'll grow with our baby.

Product Information

Oversized meal time tray with one-hand release 
Machine washable and non-skid full-size tray insert doubles as a placemat when child sits at table
Extra snacktime tray keeps snacks contained and is dishwasher safe
Tray stores on back of highchair 
Tray adjusts to three depths 
3 tilt positions, 7 height adjustments and 3 footrest heights
Removable, washable, soft infant insert

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