Tutti Bambini Nova Evolution Highchair review

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Tutti Bambini Nova Evolution Highchair

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Designed to nurture that special relationship between parent and baby, Tutti Bambini Nova is the ultimate evolutionary highchair with multiple functions. Whether you’re looking for a rocker for baby, a highchair for weaning, or mini table with chair for playtime, Nova has it all in one clever system!

How did this product make your life easier?

Jodea: Being able to remove the food tray insert to clean it is an excellent feature, rather than removing the whole tray. It also meant I could take it in to the kitchen to put her food on to directly, rather than use a separate plate to bring out to her. The little shelf underneath the chair means I don’t have to store cleaning products separately, too. And there’s no need to buy a separate little table and chairs for drawing and playing at – it’s so easy to convert quickly, which is a real space saver in a small home like ours. The footprint of the high chair is small, too.

Carina: I have a newborn baby so I didn’t get to use all of the compartments of the chair. I did however get use out of the rocker chair. This chair is so easy to rock with your foot and as a way or moving the legs of you don’t want it to rock. The straps have great cushioning as well as the headrest. I can put my baby in the seat and he happily lay there while I do the washing up.

Sian: Not having to worry about my child outgrowing the highchair and what to do next. The carry case means that it can be folded away and stored until ready to use the next stage. The instructions for assembly and disassembly were clear and easily followed but I would recommend making sure you have all the parts out ready so you don’t go searching

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Jodea: I love this product and wish I’d had it from when my child was a newborn. To start with it looks gorgeous and would fit in really well with my home décor. It’s comfortable for all ages and every stage of a baby/toddler’s development has been catered for. My daughter is 27 months and 13kg and was able to sit in the high chair mode. I like the removable food tray insert so you can easily give it a quick wipe in the sink or put it in the dishwasher, and the tray that sits under the chair which I’d keep wipes, a floor mat etc in. It took me less than two minutes to convert it to a table and chair for her to sit at with her snack and she loved the rocking chair feature. It is beautifully made – like a piece of quality furniture - and it all stows away really neatly in the cases provided. I particularly like how all the legs stow on the underside of the table top, with picture guides to show you what goes where. They have thought of everything – the attention to detail is mind-blowing!

Carina: I would definitely recommend this product to any of my friends. It’s smart, has lots of different thing the chair can do and change into. If I had the chair longer I may of been able to use more than just the rocker chair. I think the chair looks expensive as well which is never a bad thing. The cushioned bits can easily go in to be washed as well.

Sian: The ability for the product to grow with your child means that you don’t have to buy multiple products. The design is great and its really stylish and I genuinely loved the high quality feel. Little ones look really comfy in it and it's well padded. Can be used without padding and without straps. The big issue was the size of the tray on high chair, it would work well in a larger home with space to store parts not in use. There are times when you may want to use highchair and table / chairs / booster simultaneously so this is problematic

Tutti Bambini Nova Evolution Highchair review
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Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Jodea: I really think this product should win. Firstly, it is absolutely stunning to look at. Second, the manufacturers have thought of every single detail to make it user-friendly, practical and useful for all ages and stages. I think it is worth every penny and if I were to have another child it would be a great investment. The quality of materials means it will last and last. I’ve never seen a baby product quite like this one and I’d be proud to own it.

Carina: I would choose this product above other high chairs and rockers if it was slightly less pricey. I wish I had longer with the chair and rocker to make real use out of all the compartments of the chair. I do really love how smart the highchair as a set looks. I really like how you can put the seat cushions in the wash as well.

Sian: It’s a good high-quality product that looks great but some features meant it wouldn’t win for me. My 2-year-old still fitted in the highchair even though the suggested age was younger, so I don’t think many would move on as early as expected. In light of that the big issue was the size of the tray that came with the highchair. It wasn’t big enough for a plate and cups so food could only be placed loose on the tray. This doesn’t aid development of necessary skills such as using cutlery/open cup as you are worried about food and drink going over the edge more than usual. When using the table and chair element, I was able to compare it to a table a chair set from a well-known flat pack supplier. The quality was obviously greater, and more comfortable, but the size of the tabletop was small and a toddler couldn’t “share” the table with a friend to eat or play at very easily.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jodea: Being able to machine wash the covers. The dark grey colour is really nice and would hide a lot of marks. They did come up well when wiped down after use, but I’m not sure how they’d hold up to my daughter’s constant mess! I thought I saw somewhere in the instructions that they were washable but the actual labels on the covers said hand wash only, so it would be good to have this clarified.

Carina: If I could change one thing about this product I would be that it came with less bits, it takes up a lot of room when you are only using it in one setting. It is very simple to fit back into the bag but there are just too many parts to it. I get that you can’t have all the settings without all the parts so I understand why.

Sian: The one thing I would change on the Tutti Bambini Highchair is the size of the tray and tabletop. Both need to be larger, the tray should be deeper so that there is space for a toddler plate, cup, cutlery and space around those to help prevent excessive spillages, especially in the early days. The tabletop needs to be larger to allow for a child to sit with a friend at it.

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