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The Joie Multiply is where highchair meets table. You can mix it up from a maxed-out highchair to a mini table with every mealtime milestone in between and it has easy glide tilt which adjusts to three recline angles to give your baby total comfort. The Multiply height adjusts to fit quickly growing and developing little ones and to fit varying table and island heights with a total of five height adjustments.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review…

How did this product make your life easier?

Gabriella: The Multiply 6 in 1 highchair has been great for my son, he is a well-known escape artist of highchairs and you cannot turn your back for a second by forgetting anything in the kitchen as he will be dancing on the table before you know it. However he has not managed to escape the Multiply 6 in 1 five-point harness yet, I'm not sure what makes it so different or why he can't get his arms out of the harness as he can with others but I have loved finding a highchair he cannot escape from!

Margo: The highchair design allowed a simple and easy up-down process without any problem. This allows for a smooth transition - especially if baby is hungry! The one-handed folding system is super handy and one of its best features to make life easier as a Mum. Once down it is a great size to easily store away so it doesn't have to be in the way all the time.

Katie: This product is a dream. 6 items in 1, and converts so quickly between them all. I kept it as a table and chair throughout the day, and both my toddler and older child love to use it for snacking, drawing, reading, and even just to sit in and chill out. At mealtimes, it quickly converts back to a high chair. The wheels make it extremely easy to move around. The booster seat is fab for having meals at the table, and making the toddler feel like a big girl properly sat at the table. It folds down fairly slimline too, meaning it was easy to store out of the way if I did need the space.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Elizabeth: Yes I would recommend this product to a friend. It's so easy to keep clean and looking attractive due to its wipe-clean materials and the straps which can be detached for cleaning that it won't look out of place. It feels safe to use and my child was comfortable in it. I could dish up a variety of meals on it without finding myself struggling to fit them on the tray and it would still have space for a drinks container on top.

Libbie: I’d recommend everything about this product to other mums. It’s quick and easy to use, it takes up minimal storage space, it has a lovely hygienic fabric that’s easy to keep clean, the wheels make it easy to transport and move around. My daughter was comfortable using it in all modes, and didn’t complain once.

Carina: I’d recommend this 6 in one high chair to a fellow mother because I think it’s great, it’s comfortable, it folds up nicely, it folds down nice and easy, the table and the chair setting is perfect for little ones starting their independence. You only need this one high chair as it suits most ages. The Tracy folds away nicely by clipping onto the back as well so takes up less space.

Would you choose this product to win?

Lauren: Yes I think that I would choose this high chair out of all of the others on the market for a variety of reasons, it’s just so easy and accessible l, easy to pop away, fold-down, change to another seat and super easy to clean! It was handy when we had a BBQ in the garden to as my daughter was able to comfortably sit in it outside.

Abbie: This is a good all-round high chair, a little bulky for what I would usually choose but realistically for the extra time spent in it, it's worth using more space. It has longevity and comfort for babies large and small. It is easily cleaned and Joie is a quality brand, in my opinion.

Sarah: Yes I would like to think so, its added benefit of growing with the child to see them through a number of years is brilliant. As well as being so easy to fold and put away quickly and wash very easily. it stores very neatly which is important to a lot of mums who don't have a lot of space or who already have a number of items in the household taking up room.

What changes would you make to this product?

Margo: I would change the amount of space and/or extra padding on the seat for smaller babies. We found that a smaller than average 7 month old found it hard to reach the tray and had to be propped up by a cushion. However, it grows with the child so hopefully, this wouldn't be an issue as the baby grows up and gets stronger.

Katie: The only thing I would change is how the tray is stored on the frame when it’s folded and not in use. Each time I moved the chair I ended up knocking the tray off and hitting my feet, or it would just fall to the floor. It would be nice if there were a safety catch to secure it to the frame when it’s not in use.

Elizabeth: The only additional thing I could think of that may have been useful would have been a protective travel bag. The high chair when folded down has both the legs, a separate tray and more padding that removes and bringing it into the house meant a few trips to ensure all the parts were there. A good-sized bag would have allowed me to move this in within one trip. However, the only other reason I wouldn't purchase this myself would be because I currently do not need to make room for one with my little travel foldable one. However, this product is not meant to compete with a travel chair so it is not a comparison that should take away from how good this high chair is.

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