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Finding the best high chair for your baby and toddler is super important to make sure your little one is comfy and secure during mealtimes. The LIVY from Kinderkraft is a four in one high chair that will accompany your child from birth up to 110kg. As well as a high chair, it also functions as a feeding chair, chair for older children and a chair for teenagers. A parent can also sit on it comfortably and take the little one on his lap. It was awarded Gold in our Mother&Baby 2023 Awards for Best High Chair, find out what our parent testers thought when they tried it out with their children.

Kinderkraft Feeding chair LIVY & CALMEE overview


• Supports child's posture

• High bouncer, feeding chair, chair for a pre-schooler and an adult all in one

• Longlasting — suitable from birth to 110kg

• Five point harness buckle to keep baby safe


Testing the Kinderkraft Feeding chair LIVY & CALMEE

This highchair and bouncer was a hit with our parent testers, with many praising the design, the table height and its quality. "I absolutely love this highchair and so does my six month old," said Zahida. "It is the perfect height to have at the table, so feeding her while we eat is simple and she feels like she is part of the family meal. It takes about the same space as a dining chair and doesn’t have a high imposing back or bulky padding. It looks so modern and stylish and unimposing at our dining table."

Mum tester Hannah was impressed at how the chair helped with her little one's posture and comfy bouncer: "It immediately seemed to put our baby in a better position for exploring food," she said. "The table was at a good height for him to reach everything on it and it encouraged him to sit upright and reach forward rather than rest back into a more reclined seat position. Even though he's small for his age, our son can still reach the foot rest on its highest setting, which seems to help him stay comfortable. The bouncer has also been a hit, even though it is almost outgrown now. It appears comfortable and our son seems to enjoy being in it and playing with the crinkly texture of the toys."

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Mum Claudia was also impressed with the quality of the chair and its appearance. "This highchair is fantastic," she said. "It’s very stable and solid, so I feel confident that it won’t tip even if my child is moving lots. It’s well designed so that it looks lovely, but is also easy to clean. For my six month old just starting to wean its a lovely size and good supportive shape — some other high chairs she can be wobbly in but this one supports her sitting beautifully."

One thing our mum testers did struggle with, however, was the assembly of the chair. "The instruction booklet provided was tricky to follow, I ended up looking at the youtube video for assembly instructions," said mum tester Kezia. Mum tester Amy also agreed saying she found the set up "mildly difficult" and that it took her a couple of attempts.

When asked how the product compared to other highchairs on the market our testers were slightly torn, with some saying it was great value for money (especially with the bouncer that allows you to use it from birth), while others thought the price tag was a little too expensive.

Overall, our parent testers were happy with the quality and build of the chair, and that it's available in different colours.

Final thoughts

The LIVY and CALMEE feeding chair from Kinderkraft offers babies and toddlers a safe and stylish space to eat. Despite being cleverly designed with an attachable bouncer, so you can use this highchair from birth, its simple design is easy to clean and encourages good posture for your child. Available in three colours to suit different interiors, this highchair will look good in every home and your child will remain comfortable during mealtimes.

Full specifications

Width 47cm

Height 82cm

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