15 best high chairs for easy mealtimes with your baby

best high chairs

by Emily Gilbert |

Your baby is likely to spend a lot of time in their highchair – not only when they're eating, but as a safe place to sit and colour or play when they're a little older – making choosing the best highchair an important decision. You might want a functional seat for mealtimes or a more sophisticated piece of furniture, that maybe even matches your room decor, and will grow with your child. Either way, finding the best highchair is worth it as the more comfortable your child is, the more likely they are to enjoy mealtimes.

Whether they're weaning at 6 months, doing arts and crafts, or simply enjoying their time at the table with everyone, this essential piece of equipment can come in very handy from a young age. They come in a range of materials, depending on your style and needs, including plastic and wooden.

The best highchairs at a glance:

Best overall highchair: Munchkin 360° Cloud Baby High Chair - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best adjustable high chair: Hauck Sit N Relax 3 in 1 Highchair - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best high and low high chair: Puggle Munch Crunch Luxe 3 in 1 Highchair & Booster Seat - Buy now on Online4Baby
Best modern high chair: Maxi-Cosi Minla - Buy now on Amazon UK

You're going to be looking at this piece of baby kit for a few years, so make sure you love it! Think about where you're going to use it too, and how the design will work in that space. For example, a chair with wide legs will be fine if it sits behind the dining table, but if it's in a busy part of the kitchen, you're likely to stub your toes on it. And if you intend to use the highchair between meals for playtime activities like drawing or messy play, opt for one with a large tray or one that can be positioned at the dining table so that your baby has plenty of space to get creative and importantly, consider if it's easy to clean. Also think about how easy it is to move from room to room and consider if it can fit in different spaces.

Highchairs are an essential, and very useful, item for babies. Your little one will love sitting at the table to join in family meal times, as well as being able to use their highchair for craft activities or colouring, plus they are a safe and secure place too. If your little one joins you at the dinner table they could fall off of, or tip, an adult chair, so a highchair is much safer. There are a lot of highchairs that grow with your child too, so they can be a great investment, although there are high chairs suitable for all budgets.

With so many different models to choose from, including adjustable and cheap highchairs; some even double up as baby bouncers or reclining to hold your newborn, we've created this handy guide to help you choose the best highchair for you, your baby, and your kitchen.

How to choose a baby high chair

Ultimately, it is up to you when it comes to choosing a high chair, but it is good to consider what you might like. There are so many different styles and types and you need to narrow down what is important for you and your family. For instance, if you want a high chair that fits your decor, there are some great, stylish high chairs on the market. Alternatively, perhaps you are interested in a high chair which grows with your child, because many can become seats as your little one matures. If you want your little one to join you at the table but also at the breakfast bar and perhaps the work top too, then height adjustability is important.

If you just want to ensure your little one is safe then look at the safety features such as how sturdy it is and what type of harness it has too. If the high chair has wheels that might make it easy to move from room to room, but check they can be locked.

What to look for in a high chair

Age suitability: Always check what age the highchair is suitable for. Many can be used from birth, while others are only suitable from six months when they start weaning. We've included age suitability in our round-up.

Space: If you only have a small kitchen or dining area, you'll want to choose a highchair that can be stored away and folded compactly. We've included the dimensions in our top picks.

Cleaning: As mums, we know how messy our tots can be. So for many parents, it's important to find a high chair that's easy to clean. We've included the materials in our list so you can see how easy it will be to keep clean.

Weight: If you struggle to lift heavy things or want to move your highchair from room to room, it might be a good idea to get a lightweight chair or one with wheels.

Multi-function: Many highchairs can now be converted into many styles of seats, from rockers to booster seats, catering for children as old as twelve! Looking for one that will grow with your child? Check how many functions it has.

Travelling - If you're wanting to be able to take yours away with you when you travel, you might want to opt for a portable highchair that can be folded down for travelling purposes.

Portability- If your little one is using their high chair for both mealtimes and also perhaps for crafting, then consider how easy it is to move from room to room. Is it awkward to carry, or heavy? A high chair being used for multiple uses might need to be more portable.

Safety - Consider how safe the high chair is. Can it tip over if your little one pushes against the table, and does it have a safety harness or straps?

Height - You might want to consider if the height of the high chair is suitable for your table, or for multiple tables. You can also consider if it is adjustable, which could make it easier to use in different areas.

Support - Depending on the age of your little one, think about how much support the high chair provides. Can they rest their head? Has it got a high back? Perhaps it has a padded insert, or somewhere to rest their arms.

Price - High chairs vary a lot in price depending on the material they are made from, how adjustable they are, if they are multifunctional, and style too. Also consider how long you can use them for when deciding on budget and if they grow with your little one.

How we chose and tested the best high chairs

Our product recommendations are based on a combination of real-world testing from our burgeoning army of mum testers and the extensive knowledge of our experienced editorial team and product specialists. Where we can, we also consult experts who specialise in that field to ensure you get the right advice along with the right product, and we listen to what you say as well.

Our thriving mum community on our Facebook group #mumtribe also often hold great insights as to which products mums really like best and why, helping us highlight the products that meet what you really want.

For the essential products, our annual Mother&Baby Awards shortlist the top products tested, and you can find full reviews from our mum testers provided on the product page. The winners and runners-up for each category then will appear in our top picks article for that product, along with other products that were rated highly by our team.

Awards testers are asked to score the product they are reviewing in four areas: usability, design, quality and value for money. Each product is scored out of 10 with each of these areas in mind, and the final score determines which products make the coveted bronze, silver and gold spots in that product category.

Find out more about how we test and what considerations we take into account in our testing process.

How to safely use a high chair

Another factor that will be on top of your checklist will be the safety functions. Some highchairs will have harnesses to ensure your little one is secure, but if they don't, it's worth checking the safety features to prevent accidents, or look at the suggested guidelines from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. When choosing a pushchair, lots of designs will have additional benefits, from adjustable seats to the ability to convert the high chair into a chair for when your baby outgrows it. There are a few things parents should look out for when purchasing a highchair.

• Look out for the British Standard EN 14988:2006 safety standard mark.

• We all know how much babies and toddlers can wriggle. That's why it's important to choose a highchair with a 5-point safety harness, to keep them safe and secure.

•Check if the high chair has a crotch bar or strap to prevent baby sliding out.

•An adjustable or removable tray is a great safety feature because it means you can easily get baby out of the high chair if you need to.

When you are using a highchair don't put it too close to a table leg, or wall, where your little one might be able to push against it and tip the high chair backwards. Also, always make sure you have strapped your baby securely into their high chair and that you never leave them in it unattended.

Types of high chairs

There are so many different types of high chairs to choose from and they all have different benefits depending on what you need. We have listed the different types below:

Foldable high chairs - These are great for small spaces because they can be folded up between each use. Plus, they can be folded if you need to take them somewhere, either on holiday or to stay with family.

Portable high chair - This is a lightweight and compact option which often straps straight to the chair, so you can carry it easily when travelling or on the go.

Reclining high chair - These are great if you use the highchair as a place for entertainment, or to put baby when you are preparing meals because you can have it more relaxed before meals, then upright when little one eats. The choice of angles makes the highchair more comfortable for a developing baby.

Booster seat - Ideal for babies over 12 months, these are great to introduce the idea of sitting on a dining chair, but they boost your little one to bring them level with the table so they can eat comfortably and safely.

Travel high chair - Compact to fold in your luggage, or carry easily, these can be tied or clipped to a chair in a restaurant to make mealtimes when travelling simple.

Single stem high chair - These look very stylish and take up less space, plus often they feature a height adjustment option too.

Convertible high chair - These grow with your little one, often being suitable from birth. They normally include a baby seat so your newborn can join you at the table, and can then be converted into a highchair suitable for older babies, and even toddlers.

Space saver high chair - As the name suggests, these are great for small spaces and can be either folded away, or take up very little space.

Adjustable height high chair - Brilliant for multiple uses, these chairs can be adjusted for different surfaces. So if your little one wants to craft on the the breakfast bar, then eat at the dining table it is easy with an adjustable height.

Budget high chairs - Babies need lots of equipment and it can be expensive, but there are some great budget options for highchairs to keep costs low.

The best high chairs for 2024

Best overall high chair

The Munchkin 360° Cloud Baby High Chair was awarded Silver and Gold for Best Highchair at the Mother&Baby Awards 2023 and 2024.

The Munchkin 360° Cloud Swivel High Chair is a sleek, stylish, yet functional highchair. The fantastically designed highchair is really easy to clean, and one review said it was 'super easy to set up'. This highchair is also packed with safety features which our tester loved, including a five-point harness to keep your wriggly kid in place, and a swivelling design which moves with you, was also a hit.

Not only is this highchair stylish, with its clear ergonomic seat and removable cushion and the chic wooden legs, it is comfortable, and has a dishwasher-safe tray.

One trusted reviewer said: "The chair was super easy to set up. It's so sleek and modern looking, and it looks great in our dining room. My son seemed to be comfortable in it too. The swivelling feature is really useful for us as we could face our little one in the direction we wanted with just one click of a button. The five-point harness system is very useful in containing the little one in the chair for mealtimes meaning I don't have to worry about him escaping or trying to climb out."

Read our full Munchkin 360° Cloud Baby High Chair review


  • Stylish
  • 360° swivel feature
  • Dishwasher safe tray
  • Quick and easy to assemble with no tools required
  • Easy to clean surfaces and dishwasher safe tray
  • Five point harness system


  • Seat isn't padded
  • Foot rest isn't adjustable
Materials:Wood, Plastic
Product dimensions:45D x51W x61.5Hcm
Item weight:8.16kg
Age suitability:6 months-3 years old; up to 33lbs
Harness: Five point
Wheels: No
  • 360° swivel
  • One minute assembly
  • Dishwasher safe tray
  • Easy to clean wipeable surfaces
  • Five-point harness system

Best adjustable high chair

The Hauck Sit N Relax 3 in 1 Highchair was awarded Silver for Best Highchair at the Mother&Baby Awards 2024.

What an impressive highchair the Sit N Relax 3 in 1 Highchair combo is! It comes with a height-adjustable frame on which you can fix either the newborn attachment or the seat unit for older children. And what's more, we liked the newborn attachment with a toy bar that can also be fixed on the included bouncer frame.

Unfortunately, this isn't the easiest high chair to clean because of the fabric, but our tester thought the quality and build of the highchair was brilliant. It has the added bonus of being foldable and converts to a rocker. It is easy to assemble and is a great, safe space for children at meal times.

Our mum tester said: "As this is a 3 in 1 product the ease of transition as your baby grows is great. Both the highchair and rocker are great quality in terms of comfort as the materials used are lovely and soft. The build was straightforward once you know what you're doing. The tray table for the high chair is a great size for all plate/bowl sizes plus plenty of space for a cup too. It was easy to get the tray on and off too."

Read our full Hauck Sit N Relax 3 in 1 Highchair review.


  • Foldable
  • Convertible
  • Adjustable
  • Suitable for newborns +


  • Isn't easy to clean - due to the fabric used
  • Expensive
‎Product dimensions:84 x 58 x 105 cm; 11.55 Kilograms
Item weight:11.6kg
Maximum weight recommendation:15kg
Wheels: No
  • Ideal for feeding at eye level
  • Depth-adjustable and removable food table with tray
  • Lying function
  • Foldable
  • Convertible
  • 5-point harness and anti-slip protection
  • Height-adjustable highchair from birth with bouncer
  • Flexible use at table or inside the apartment
  • Universal newborn attachment + bouncer frame

Best high and low high chair

The Puggle Munch Crunch Luxe 3 in 1 Highchair & Booster Seat was awarded Bronze for Best Highchair at the Mother&Baby Awards 2024.

The Puggle Munch Crunch is a 3-in-1 highchair is suitable from 6 months to 15kg, which means it has a long lifespan, and grows from a baby to a toddler. Changing from a highchair to a booster, and then a low chair, it's unlikely you'll need another chair for your child. Our testers liked that the Munch Crunch is lightweight and super easy to assemble, for that added convenience for feeding and has a cushioned removable easy clean seat pad, perfect for those messy meals. However, it isn't foldable which can make it difficult for storage, or travelling.

Our mum tester said: "I would recommend this to a fellow parent because it is a good quality product. It is well made and easy to use. When it arrived it only took a few minutes to set up, the seat is smooth and comfortable for my baby, and the straps are very secure so felt she was safe. The colour and design is lovely too and fits in well with my kitchen."

Read our full Puggle Munch Crunch Luxe 3 in 1 Highchair & Booster Seat review.


  • Lightweight
  • Easily cleaned
  • Built in storage
  • Grows with your little one
  • Easily assembled


  • Not foldable
Dimensions:(H): 95cm x (W): 67.5cm x (L): 67.5cm
Harness: Five point
Material: Not stated
Age suitability:6 months to 5 years
Max weight: 15kg
  • Removable Easy Clean Cushioned Seat
  • 5-Point Safety Harness
  • Converts to Booster seat
  • Colour: Flint Grey
  • Booster: Suitable for children up to 3 years (15kg)
  • Low Chair: Suitable from 3years to 5years
  • Built in storage for booster straps when not in use
  • Highchair: Suitable From 6 Months
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Assembly

Best modern high chair

Maxi Cosi MinlaRobyn Cann

Won a Gold Award in the 2021 Mother&Baby Awards in the Best Highchair category

The Maxi-Cosi Minla has five recline, four tray, and nine height positions, more than many will need! It can be used as a highchair or a booster seat with a tray, which our reviewer loved, saying, 'I love the fact that the chair grows with baby'. She also liked how the seat can be used as a travel seat which connects to a dining chair. It is easy to clean, but the grey fabric does show marks quite easily. Maxi-Cosi can ensure a hassle-free clean up as Minla benefits from washable covers and a compact fold, although with its premium fabrics and stylish look, you won't want to put it away.

Our reviewer Jen says: "The product is very easy to clean. The cushion is wipe-clean without it being plastic feel (baby doesn't stick to it when sweaty), and it's great that you get a spare cushion so you can wash it. I also love the fact that the chair grows with baby, so you don't need to buy several different products. With the different settings, a small baby can use the chair (ie adults can have a hands-free dinner whilst baby lies in the chair), and an older child can also use the chair as a 'booster seat'. The seat can also be used as a travel seat, connecting to a dining chair. I also love the fact that the chair puts the child in a great sitting position with a footrest."

Read our full Maxi-Cosi Minla review


  • Compactly folds away
  • Easier to clean


  • Grey fabric may show marks more easily compared to other highchairs
Material:Water repellent fabric
Dimensions:86 x57x1060cm
Weight range: 0-30kg
Number of seating positions:Six
Age suitability:Birth up to Six years
Material: Wood
Harness:Five point
  • Compact storage
  • Five point harness
  • Five reclining positions
  • Washable covers
  • Multiple uses

Best functional high chair

The Stokke Nomi High Chair is suitable for newborns with the special attachment, although this must be purchased separately, which allows your baby to be at height level with the dinner table. It can easily be converted to a sturdy high chair with the baby attachment and we loved that it also functions as a chair for toddlers and older children.

The Stokke high chair is very stylish and will look great in most living spaces. But it is also really practical and is easy to use, especially when trying to get your little one in and out of the seat. Plus it is lightweight so easy to move from room to room.

Our parent tester said: "I feel that it hits all the pain-points that all parents are familiar with when it comes to meal times and high chairs, such as style, practicality and ease of use. It's usually a struggle trying to wrestle a strong-willed and wiggly toddler into a high chair, then having to strap them in, but with the Stokke Nomi that really isn't a problem as babies over six-months and toddlers can just slide into the seat easily"

Read our full Stokke Nomi High Chair review


  • Grows with child
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to build
  • Anti-tilt wheels


  • Harness for baby attachment needs to be purchased separately
Product Size: 59 x 52 x 83.5 CM
Suitable for Weight: up to 150 KG
Material: Wood and polypropylene
Harness: Five point (available separately)
Wheels: Anti- tilt wheels
  • Anti-tilt wheels
  • Stable footrest (adjustable)
  • Removable attachments
  • Removable chair covers
  • Tool-free adjustability

Best highchair for newborns

The Silver Cross Buffet highchair is suitable for newborns onwards. So, whether you're starting your weaning journey, are in the thick of it, or simply want a chair for your newborn to lie fully reclined in, this chair seems to do it all. Our testers loved the colour options with a choice of Candy Pink or Cool Grey. Plus there is a detachable tray which comes with a dishwasher-safe tray divider.
While the curved seat looks great, some testers found it a little tricky to get their child in and out. However, it does feature seven height positions which makes it incredibly versatile, whether you are at the table, the breakfast bar or any other surface in the house.

A verified reviewer said: "The highchair is beautifully designed with a stylish padded seat, and a large tray to fit both food and drink in the holder. Really easy to assemble and love how the highchair grows with your child and adapts to their growth stages with the height adjustment feature. I would highly recommend parents to purchase this amazing highchair."


  • Comes with a three-year warranty against manufacturing faults
  • Dishwasher-safe detachable tray


  • Some parents found it tricky to get their child out of the curved seat
Dimensions:L29 x H94-118xW53.5cm
Weight range:Not stated
Weight with tray6.8kg
Weight without tray5.5kg
Number of seating positions:Five-position reclinable seat
Age suitability: from birth:15kgs (approx three years)
Harness: Five point
  • Detachable tray with dishwasher-safe divider
  • Compact fold for easy storage
  • Five adjustable height positions
  • Wipe-clean, removable seat cover
  • Newborn cradle mode

Best convertible highchair

The clever Evolve 3-in-1 Highchair converts from a supportive high chair to a thoughtfully designed chair, and then to an interactive kitchen helper, meaning it helpfully grows and evolves along with your child through the years, right until they are seven years old. Our testers liked how easy it is to fold and put away and that it is fully wipeable. They did note that the tray is tricky to remove, but it is dishwasher safe.

M&B tester Ashley said: "Aside from the two-handed tray removal, there is nothing else I would change about this highchair. It is sturdy, safe, stylish and simple to use. This 3 in 1 highchair lives up to the Ergobaby brand and your expectations. It is definitely value for money and is so reliable that it will stand the test of time in your household. Frankly, any other highchair would have to do a lot to beat it."

Read our full Ergobaby Evolve 3-in-1 Highchair review


  • Grows with child
  • Very comfortable for baby
  • High-quality wipeable materials
  • Timeless visual design


  • Tray table needs two hands to remove
High Chair weight:7.9kg/17.4lbs
Chair weight:6 kg/13.2lbs
Kitchen Helper:8.6kg or 18.9Ibs
Suitable from:6 months to 7 years
Harness: Five point
Material: Wood
Age: 6 months to 7 years
  • High Chair usable from when baby can sit upright unassisted (approx. 6 months) up to 15kg
  • Chair usable 3+ years (up to 99,7 kg)
  • Kitchen Helper usable 2-7 years (up to 45,4kg)

Best highchair to grow with baby

Tutti Bambini Nova EvolutionRobyn Cann

Shortlisted in the 2021 Mother&Baby Awards in the Best Highchair category.

Not having to worry about their child outgrowing this highchair was a bonus for our tester, as the Tutti Bambini Nova Evolution Highchair evolves from a rocker for your baby, to a highchair for weaning, or a mini table with a chair for playtime! Unfortunately it is not suitable from birth, as baby needs to be able to sit up to use the high chair, so it is ideal from six months onwards.

Our reviewer Sian says: "Not having to worry about my child outgrowing the highchair and what to do next made my life easier. The carry case means that it can be folded away and stored until ready to use at the next stage. The instructions for assembly and disassembly were clear and easily followed, but I would recommend making sure you have all the parts out ready, so you don't have to go searching."

Read our full Tutti Bambini Nova Evolution Highchair review


  • Has seven different modes to adapt to your child's needs as they grow
  • High-quality design


  • Not suitable from birth
Dimensions:48 x 69 x 98cm
Number of seating positions:Seven modes
Extra features:Travel case included
Age suitability:From 6 months - 12 years
Harness: Five point
  • 7 different modes: highchair, lowchair, booster seat, toddler chair, rocking chair, kds chair and play table and chair
  • Three recline positions
  • Removable 3 position tray and dishwasher proof top tray

Best highchair with toy bar

Won a Silver Award in the 2021 Mother&Baby Awards in the Best Highchair category

The Chicco Polly Magic Relax highchair features super soft, stylish, and washable material. As well as an entertaining removable toy bar, the reducer is double-sided to ensure maximum comfort during summer and winter. Our testers liked that it is suitable from birth as a baby recliner and from six months as a highchair. In fact, the seat is adjustable to eight height positions to help parents find the perfect position and ensure their little one is comfy.

However, while it is a great high chair to use from newborn, it does take up quite a lot of space, but with a wipe-clean removable tray, this highchair is perfect for any table. It is easy to fold and is free-standing, while the four wheels make it easy to go between rooms.

Our tester Aishwarya says: "This is a great highchair. It folds easily for storage. It is easy to clean. Son very happy in it which leaves me hands-free to do chores around the kitchen. It's easy to assemble and stow away if needed. The tray is a good size and again super easy to clean. Overall it's a comfortable, safe, easy-to-clean place for my child to eat."

Read our full Chicco Polly Magic Relax review


  • Can be used as a recliner and a highchair
  • Stylish look


  • Some reviews mention the highchair takes up more room than expected
Material:Washable fabric
Dimensions:85 x 63 x 90cm
Number of height positions:Eight
Harness: Five point
Wheels: Yes
Suitable from:6 months
  • Wheels
  • Eight height positions
  • Easy to fold
  • Tray is easy to clean
  • Toy bar included

Best highchair with multiple height adjustments

Joie Baby multiply 6in1 reviewxRobyn Cann

Won a Bronze Award in the 2020 Mother&Baby Awards in the Best Highchair category

The Joie Multiply truly grows with your child, and was a hit with our reviewer. Going from a highchair to a mini table with every mealtime milestone in between, the Joie Multiply has an easy glide tilt that adjusts to three recline angles to give your baby total comfort.

While we liked how the Multiply height adjusts to fit quickly growing and developing little ones, and to fit varying table and island heights with a total of five height adjustments, it is difficult to clean.
Our reviewer Charlotte says: "I love how this highchair grows with your child. It makes life easier as a mum because having this highchair saves having to buy a booster chair once they get older and then a little table and chairs because this highchair covers all of those stages. It's also really easy to go from one stage to the next, which is great. It all just clicks together."

Read our full Joie Baby multiply 6in1 review


  • Height can be adjusted to suit the height of your table
  • Easy glide tilt


  • Some reviews mention it is hard to clean
Material:Upholstered wipe clean fabric
Recommended maximum weight:45 pounds
Number of seating positions:Four
Age suitability:From six months
Harness: Five point
  • 5 height adjustments
  • 6 modes: baby highchair, traditional highchair, booster, portable booster, toddler chair and play table
  • Removable infant insert pad

Best highchair with built-in storage

The Joie Mimzy Snacker 2-in-1 is another highchair which can be used in multiple ways. The three-position adjustable tray allows for children of all shapes and sizes to use it, and when ready, it can be removed so your toddler can sit at the dinner table with the rest of the family.

If you have a smaller kitchen or dining room, then it's great as it collapses down easily for storage, but the material isn't washable and the tray can't go in the dishwasher.

Our reviewer Emma says: "I really loved the highchair overall. The stand-out feature for me was that is was so lightweight, making it easy to fold up and down and move around. The high chair I was using before was actually similar in design but much heavier and bulkier. I really noticed the difference when testing the product. I love the padded seat, and the fact baby feels so secure in it - she sometimes sits in it playing with toys whilst I make dinner etc. which is a real plus point."

Read our full Joie Mimzy Snacker 2in1 review


  • Has a storage net underneath to store mealtime essentials
  • Simple adjustable tray


  • Cover isn't machine washable and tray isn't suitable to be washed in a dishwasher
Material:Upholstered wipe clean seat
Dimensions:91.5 x 56.8 x 76cm
Weight range:Up to 15kg
Number of seating positions:Three
Age suitability:Six months and over
Harness: Five point
  • Storage net
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold
  • Padded seat

Best stylish highchair

Won Bronze in our 2023 Mother&Baby Awards for Best Highchair.

Designed by celeb mummy Samantha Faiers, the My Babiie Samantha Faiers Safari Premium Highchair looks good with its stylish safari print, which our testers liked. It also has a number of nifty features, including a two-part removable tray, three recline modes, a five-point safety harness and six-height positions. However, style comes at a price, because some mum testers thought it was a little on the pricey side compared to similar high chairs, and the instructions were difficult to follow.

A trusted reviewer said: "Such a lovely looking highchair and really well padded, so I'm happy to know my little girl is comfy! Easy to put together and fast delivery. Definitely recommend it!"

Read our full My Babiie Samantha Faiers Premium Highchair review


  • Contemporary design
  • Five-point safety harness
  • Stylish design


  • Some mums thought it was expensive compared to other highchairs
Material:Plastic; Aluminium
Dimensions:73 x57x112cm
Age suitability:From 6 to 36 months
Weight range:up to 15kg
Harness: Five point
  • Three-position recline
  • Six height settings
  • Extra padded seat

Best highchair with wheels

Won a Bronze Award in the 2021 Mother&Baby Awards in the Best Highchair category

Babymoov Slick high chair was a hit with our testers who liked the quality and style of it, along with the practicality of the tray being easy to clip on and off without disturbing baby. This highchair is suitable from newborn upward, has five height positions, and an adjustable footrest. Some reviewers thought the colour choice was a bit boring, but still stylish and even better, it has inbuilt wheels for manoeuvring, making it very portable.

Our tester Vicky says: "The product is of great quality and looks very stylish. I really like the style of the tray. This is very easy to clip on and off without disturbing baby and very easy to wash/wipe down. It can also be placed in the dishwasher. Being a padded chair it is also very comfortable for the baby to sit in and the straps are secure and comfortable."

Read our full Babymoov Slick Highchair review


  • The seat cover is water repellent and can be removed to clean in a washing machine
  • Super supportive design


  • Could be a more exciting colour choices
Material:Nanotex water-repellent fabric
Dimensions:46 x77 x108cm
Weight range:up to 15kg
Number of seating positions:Three reclining positions
Age suitability: 0-3 years
Harness: Five point
  • Inbuilt wheels
  • Easily detachable tray
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Newborn insert

Best multi-use high chair

Won a Gold Award in the Mother&Baby awards 2023 for Best Highchair

The Kinderkraft Feeding chair LIVY & CALMEE can be used from birth up to a massive 110kg, that's 17 stone! With its four-in-one design it can be used as a feeding chair for newborns, a high chair for toddlers, and then two different types of chair for a older child or even a teenager. Even a parent could sit on the chair!

Our reviewer thought it was a great design as it allowed their daughter to be part of the family meal, eating at the table and even better it doesn't take up too much space, and looks great.

Review: "I absolutely love this highchair, and so does my six-month-old. It is the perfect height to have at the table, so feeding her while we eat is simple, and she feels like she is part of the family meal. It takes about the same space as a dining chair and doesn't have a high imposing back or bulky padding. It looks so modern and stylish and unimposing at our dining table."

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  • Supports correct posture
  • Takes up the same space as a dining room chair


  • Heavy
Materials:Aluminium, Steel
Age Suitability:From 6 months
Weight range:Up to 110kg
Harness: Five point
  • A 4-stage seat height adjustment
  • Can be combined with CALMEE bouncer
  • 3 in 1 feeding chair
  • A preschoolers and adult's chair
  • Supports correct posture

Best minimalistic highchair

Won a Silver Award in the 2020 Mother&Baby Awards in the Best Highchair category

The Childhome Evolu One 80 Highchair is truly trendy and efficient as it has a great swivel function, allowing your child to be fed in three different positions, without moving the whole chair. Our testers liked this chair for safety with the five point harness, but also felt it was sturdy and wouldn't tip over.

However, some testers thought it was a little basic, but it's possible to buy lots of accessories to add to it, such as a padded cushion, a toy basket or even rocking feet, to turn it into a rocking chair which are great for younger children.

Our reviewer Julie says: "I would easily recommend this chair to other people. It's a beautiful design which also comes in grey - a very trendy colour at the moment, therefore, matches a lot of people's interiors, it's very well built, great quality, and super practical. The five-point harness straps make it very safe to use for any age with no fear of the child falling out of it or tilting the chair over. There are also a lot of useful accessories that can be bought separately (padded cushion, toy basket, special feet to turn it into a rocking chair...) We won't be needing any of them because our child is now two but had we had the chair when he was a baby we would have enjoyed the various options."

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  • Can be moved 90 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise to be in a feeding position to suit you and your child
  • Five-point harness straps for safety


  • A more basic design compared to other highchairs
Material:Not stated
Dimensions:56 x56x94cm
Weight range:Up to 15kg
Number of seating positions:Three
Age suitability:From six months to six years
Harness: Five point
  • Detachable safety bumper
  • Accessories available
  • Stylish
  • Five point harness
  • Swivel function

Best wooden highchair

Won a Bronze Award in the 2016 Mother&Baby Awards in the Best Highchair category

The Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair is a modern design that looks fantastic in a kitchen. It's solid and very sturdy and fits upright against the table – enabling little ones to be an active part of family mealtimes, which our testers liked. The chair has no recline feature, but does adjust according to the height of its user. It's comfortable and compact – great for families with limited space – and is a dream to clean (seriously!).

It is expensive, and accessories (a harness and cushioning, for example) cost extra, but its ingenuity, longevity, quality and convenience make it a worthwhile spend, if you have the cash for the initial outlay. You might have to assemble it yourself, but this is more than a highchair; it's a piece of furniture that'll adapt with your little one as they grow.

Our reviewer Haley says: "I would definitely recommend the Tripp Trapp highchair to others. We've been using it since my little one was six months old and even when he was little his posture has been great, and he has been well supported whereas he often slipped from side to side in other highchairs. I also love how I can bring it right up to the table, so he feels like he is really sitting with us at meals. The design is very attractive - you can choose from a range of lovely colours, and I love that we will be able to remove the baby set kit and continue to use his chair as the years go by. Our daughter is still using hers at age 11!"

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  • Extended seven-year warranty is available on wooden components​, along with a two-year standard warranty
  • Strong and robust design


  • Self-assembly required
Material:Beech wood
Dimensions:78 x49x46cm
Weight range:Up to 139kg
Number of seating positions:Five
Age suitability:From birth
Five point harness: No
  • Converts all the way up to adult chair
  • Made of wood
  • Stylish
  • Easy to clean
  • Accessories available
  • Compact

Best practical highchair

Shortlisted in the 2020 Mother&Baby Awards in the Best Highchair category

With six adjustable height levels, mealtimes have never been so easy. Reviewers said the Beaba Up & Down chair goes higher than other high chairs making it very versatile, although actually adjusting the height can be tricky. However, once your little one is sat in an optimum position, the removable tray is a great addition. This chair also has a removable cushion, but it wasn't a hit with our reviewers as it was difficult to remove for washing.

Our reviewer Katrina says: "I really like the fact the Beaba highchair has the six different levels to adjust the height. Many highchairs I have used previously do have the option to adjust the height, but none go as high as this. It is a great thing to have if you have a breakfast bar or a high table you want to sit at with your baby. It is also a great height if you want to stand and feed your baby. One thing which I did find difficult was adjusting the height, I found you had to push in the buttons either side at the same time and get each side a perfectly equal height as it wouldn't clip in otherwise and be wonky. This may get easier over time, it may have just been a case of getting the correct technique and being a bit stiff as it is new."

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  • Ergonomically designed seat
  • 6 adjustable height levels


  • Doesn't fold down to store away
Material:Wood; Plastic; Aluminum
Dimensions:68 x102x57cm
Weight range:up to 15kg
Number of seating positions:One
Age suitability:From six to 36 months
HarnessFive point
  • Six adjustable height levels
  • Removable tray
  • Wide, sturdy base
  • Stylish
  • Five point harness


What age is a baby ready to use a highchair?

The most common age that a baby will start needing a highchair is around the six-month-old mark because babies typically begin to sit up on their own and eat solid foods at this stage in their development.

How do I get my baby to stay in their highchair?

Does your bubba not like sitting in their highchair? Solid Starts has some top tips for keeping your little one seated.

Exercise right before the meal

Getting the wiggles out before mealtimes can burn off some of your baby's energy. This way, they're less likely to want to move around once it's mealtime. Let them have some tummy time, get them crawling or jumping around before you sit them in their chair.

Bring baby to the highchair hungry

Your little one is more likely to stay seated if they're hungry and motivated to eat.

Serve the food right away

Try not to put your little one in their high chair until their food is completely ready. That way, their stamina and attention span is saved for eating the meal itself.

Hide or cover toys during the meal

Babies and toddlers are easily distracted, and the sight of a tempting toy can throw the whole meal off.

Honour when baby signals that they are done

When babies are kept in their highchairs longer than they want to be, they can develop a negative association with the chair and eating.

How to clean a highchair

If you're wondering how to clean a highchair, you may want to follow these simple steps:
•Brush off any excess food and crumbs
•Wipe it down with a damp cloth
•Disinfect the tray
•Clean the chair, legs and exterior
•Wash the fabric components
•Clean the crevices where food and germs may be hiding

What comes after a highchair?

Once your child has outgrown their highchair, the next step is moving them to a booster seat for the table. It will allow your little one to feel more grown-up sitting around the dinner table and will take up less space than a highchair. Your child should be ready to use a booster seat at home and in restaurants anywhere from 18 to 24 months.

Do babies need a footrest on a high chair?

No, it is not necessary but it can be useful. When a child has a footrest it creates a more stable position for the safest possible eating environment. Your little one should be sitting in a 90-90-90 position which means their ankles, knees and hips are all at 90 degrees.

Is it okay to buy a used high chair?

Yes, it is, just make sure you check it over to ensure it is safe. Some things to check include looking at the material and seeing if it is clean and not torn, and that no padding or foam is coming out, which could cause a choking risk if baby pulled it out and put it in their mouth. Also ensure there is a five point harness that works and that the high chair is sturdy and stands securely on the floor.

If you have put a high chair in the attic and are wondering if you can use it with a new baby, then it is fine to use an old high chair. Again, the same safety check apply. The safety standard, BS 14988-1, was introduced in 2006, so any high chair produced after this date should be safe as long as it has been well looked after. Buying baby equipment quickly adds up so if you can use an old high chair, or buy a second hand high chair, it is a great way to save some money.

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