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Splash About Go Splash Swim Vest

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A baby swim vest is an important item in your little ones baby swimwear clothing.

Our panel of mum testers loved how comfortable the swim vest swimming aid was, without restricting their baby’s movement in the water. With a number of cute prints and designs, these vests are durable and lightweight, whilst giving your tot independence in the pool (under close supervision of course).

How did this product make your life easier?

Karen: This product is lightweight and is easy to pack/pop into a bag. Essentially, the vest is a swimming aid that puts your child into the correct swimming position whilst providing them with buoyancy. This is of great assistance whilst in the swimming pool as it means that you are not holding the whole weight of your child and offer some peace of mind regarding them staying above the water. Due to its lightweight design it is easy to take along with you.

Jodie: The Splash About’s Go Splash Swim Vest is a must for pool/beach holidays. It is quite slim when folded so it doesn’t take up much room in your luggage. Our son has been going for swimming lessons for a while however he doesn’t let his head getting wet or being in deeper water. The swim vest meant that as our holiday progressed our son’s confidence slowly increased so that he was happy to float and start to kick between us both.

Yeeon: We loved the Splash About Swim Vest and would highly recommend it to parents. We used it for the first time on holiday and since then, for swimming lessons. For us, it will now be an essential item for swimming with our toddler. It provided us with peace of mind that our toddler was safe in the water and allowed him to develop his independence in the water. The lightweight and comfortable design meant our toddler was very happy wearing it, which was a definite bonus.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Karen: All of the elements of this product are attractive to a mum. It is lightweight which is essential when you are weighed down with all of your other paraphernalia, there are several child-friendly and interesting designs for little ones to like - we had the gecko's which my daughter loved. It is easy enough to fold to put into a swimming holdall or even for a child to walk to the pool in if on holiday. The design is soft and bends easily around the child so it is comfortable for them to wear and not took bulky. My husband commented that he found it difficult to carry our daughter whilst she was wearing it due to extra circumference. It is really easy to pop on with a durable zip.

Julie: This product gave me the confidence to take my really hyper, fearless 2-year-old to the swimming pool for the first time. It's so simple putting the vest on your child, it's reassuring knowing you can't put it on wrong. It definitely made the whole experience much more relaxed than it would have been without the vest or with other kinds of buoyancy aids. It didn't bother my child too much at all as it's a slimline, comfortable design. It was perfect for me to hold my child on my hip in the water, just as the added peace of mind but when I tried to use it as intended and tried to put my child in a more natural swimming position, it quickly became apparent it wasn't working as it should.

Jenny: I was so pleased when I unwrapped the parcel and saw how absolutely cute the Go Splash Swim Vest is. We went for the Noah’s Ark design for my son aged 19 months and chose age 2-4 years. My son is big for his age and although he's not in the weight category for this size, his chest measurement is slightly too small for age 1-2. The vest fits well and didn’t ride up over his chin in the water. The sides of the neck of the vest did come up around the bottom of his cheeks but he didn’t seem to mind. It did help my son to feel more buoyant and comfortable in the water. He is scared of water and seemed a lot more confident in this vest. We’ve never managed to have him float on this belly simply holding our hands before and he did this! We found the vest to be very lightweight as stated and it does seem hard-wearing. Apparently it has non-removable puncture-proof foam which is a plus as my son does like to take things apart with his extremely sharp little fingernails!

Would you choose this product to win?

Kirsti: I would definitely choose this swim vest for my children, I haven’t used a swim vest before so I can’t say if it’s better than others out there, but I can say I would 100 percent buy one these as they are easy to use and give your child so much freedom in the water. It encourages independence in the water with you feeling safe and reassured.

Hannah: I have used other products from the Splash about range and this was no exception in terms of the quality and value for money. It is a brand that I trust when it comes to swimming products and trust is paramount when it comes to swimming safety. I like that the swim vest was comfortable for my daughter to wear - she actually wanted to put it on straight away and didn't fight to take it off. It really helped her keep afloat in the water and gave her both the confidence and the opportunity to practice her swimming safely. I like the eye-catching designs. I think it would be a worthy winner in this category.

Aimee: I always used to use armbands as I myself was brought up using armbands. Swimming aids and techniques have evolved so much now, and the splash and go swim vest is a product I would not want to be without now I have tried it. It allows my children to swim confidently in the water as the correct angel with their feet kicking. The design of the product would make it a win for me!

What changes would you make to this product?

Anjali: If I could change one thing about the vest it would be that if possible it could be slightly adjusted to different sizes - as I have a small 19-month toddler and due to the age/weight range it fits - we were just a little more cautious about using it. I understand that people may not purchase so frequently - but I will be buying likely every summer - and would definitely be interested in half sizes.

Hannah: If the product could have been adjustable to fit closer to my daughter's body particularly under the arms then this product would have been perfect! It worked fine as it was but I feel a slightly snugger fit might have given her even more support. That being said, her use of the product wasn't hampered at all and it didn't really bother her too much.

Yeeon: I can honestly say there is not anything I would change about the Splash About Swim Vest. It is an excellent product both in design and function. It has become a swimming essential for our toddler and allowed him to safely develop his confidence in the water. I have already highly recommended it to friends and family.

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