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If you’re a new parent or due to give birth pretty soon, you’ll probably already know how many gadgets and products a new baby needs. On your baby wishlist you’ll need things like bibs, baby blanket, a buggy or stroller, a changing mat, a crib, toys, clothes, feeding bottles, breast pumps, the list goes on!

If you're an Amazon Baby Wishlist owner, you can enjoy an additional 15% discount on eligible items from your Baby Wishlist during Prime Day sale events!

What is Amazon Baby Wishlist?

The Amazon Baby Wishlist is the perfect way to help you remember, and keep on track on the kind of accessories and products that your newborn will be needing. It basically works a bit like a shopping list and is convenient to share with grandparents, friends and family.

It's perfect if you're having a gender reveal, or if people who can't wait to spoil baby, and prefer to buy gift. it also comes in handy during birthdays and other special events like Christmas, a time when our gift list looks a lot like Santa's.

You get a free welcome gift when you create a Baby Wishlist and spend at least £20 on eligible baby products. And you can claim 15% off a range of baby must-haves (including throughout Prime Day!). The discount is available 180 days before the arrival date you entered in your Baby Wishlist and expires 90 days after the arrival date. Your Wishlist must be active for at least 14 days before you are eligible for the discount.

Feeling light-headed already? Don't panic, because with sales such as Amazon Prime day, you'll be able to purchase your baby essentials without having to spend a fortune. If you’re not already an Amazon Prime member, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial, to access great savings on all items for your sweet bubba!

When is Amazon Prime Prime Day 2024?

While this year's 48-hour shopping event of the summer is over, you'll be able to use your Prime membership to access more deals during Amazon's Early Access Sale, expected to be this October, where you'll be able to purchase the biggest (and cheapest) deals.

Best Amazon Prime Day deals for new parents

tommee tippee bottles
Price: £11.39 (was £16.99)

Closer to Nature Baby Bottle has an extra-wide neck and breast-like teat to help your baby have the most natural bottle-feeding experience. Made from super soft silicone, the teat has a special breast-like shape that encourages a natural latch and prevents nipple confusion when switching between bottle and breast. This works by mimicking the flex and movement of mum’s breast, allowing your baby to feed at a pace that feels comfortable and natural to them.

amazon baby wishlist
Price: $10.39 (was 12.99)

Being a family is the most awesome, scary, hilarious, anxious, joyous and downright exhausting thing you'll ever do, but The easy-to-read LCD screen gives you a fast and accurate temperature reading. Simply tap the thermometer to switch it on then float it in the bath to check the temperature of the water. The recommended temperature is 37°C. The screen flashes red when the water is too HOT!

MAM pure soothersMAM
Price: £6.49 (was 8.60)

Newborns need extra love and care, so MAM have made sure that parents have everything they need when taking care of their little one. This amazing baby product has been designed with with a teat made of special SkinSoft silicone. The raised soother button is easy for little baby hands to grip, but at the same time flat so that the soother is comfortable for babies in any position. This twin pack comes in a practical sterilising and transport case, that allows the baby soother to be easily and quickly sterilised in the microwave.

 Philips Avent Premium 4-in-1 Steamer Blender
Price: £114.99 (was £167.99)

The Philips Avent Premium 4-in-1 Steamer Blender uses unique technology to allow steam to circulate upwards from the bottom, making sure all food is cooked evenly.

amazon baby wishlist
Price: £7.99 (was £11)

Suitable for babies aged 0 months plus, the cute, wrap around baby toy is packed with interactive features, perfect for entertainment in the pram or in the car. Extremly handy when you're out and about, so look no further as this interactive travel toy will keeo your little one happy. Easy to assemble, simply wrap the spiral around the car seat handle or pram bar and they'll love playing with the super cute characters and shapes that tweet and sound to energise your baby's senses.

amazon baby wishlist
Price: £10.89 (was 14.99)

Washing your baby bottles with soapy water doesn't always remove ground in milk, pulp and juice residues, which can also cause baby tummy painas for baby. The NUK Baby Bottle Cleanser has been specifically made for cleaning all types of baby bottles, soothers and accessories. Its gentle, baby-safe formula is based on natural ingredients and contains specific enzymes which effectively remove residues.

maxi cosi cassia swing
Price: £135.99 (was £199.99)

This stylish newborn baby swing has the beauty and the brains – just like you it instinctively knows when and how to rock your baby when they’re fussy, thanks to the automatic motion detector. The Cassia simply activates the swing when it recognizes your baby needs some extra comfort until you get there.

tommee tippee UV steriliser
Price: £89.99 (was £149.99)

The Tommee Tippee Ultra UV 3-in-1 Steriliser is the fuss-free and super clean way to sterilise, dry and store your baby’s bottles in a sterile environment. With the Ultra UV Steriliser, you get clean, sterilised baby bottles when you need them. No water. No hot steam. No more wet bottles. Just clean, dry and sterile feeding accessories that protect tiny tummies. Ultraviolet is a form of invisible light that kills 99.9% of micro-organisms.

Childs farm oat dermaChilds Farm
Price: £4.65 (was 6.50)

Formulated to hydrate and moisturise even the most sensitive dry & itchy skin. These bathtime products are packed with the goodness of oats, colloidal oatmeal is rich in beta-glucan and avenanthramides which are clinically proven to help soothe and gently nourish the natural balance of delicate skin. The bubble bath and wash are formulated to gently cleanse even the most sensitive dry & itchy skin.

How to become a Prime member?

If you haven't been an Amazon Prime member in the last 12 months, you can sign up for a free trial. You can only sign up for one free trial every 12 months.

To sign up for the Amazon Prime free trial, your account must have a current, valid credit card.

To sign up for the Amazon Prime free trial:

  1. Go to Amazon Prime.

  2. Select Start my free trial.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions if prompted.

How long does Prime Day last?

Prime Day is only 48 hours so it's worth taking a look at what deals you can get, especially if you're expecting a new arrival and are looking to save on those baby essentials.

How often is Prime Day?

Prime Day is twice a year, with one sale in July and one in October. Amazon also do a Spring Sale event in March which is open to non-Prime members.

Do Prime Day deals change?

Yes Prime Day deals can change throughout the event, and products can sometimes go out of stock as well, so if you see a price you're happy with it's worth going for it. Or if you want to risk it and hold out for a better deal, you can do so.

When is the next Prime Day?

The next Prime Day won't be until October, although the exact dates have not yet been announced.

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