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We know there is nothing better than going for a dip in the pool with your little one on a hot day and a baby swim seat is a fantastic way to ensure your little one's safety in the water. This swimming aid would allow you to use your hands whilst keeping your eyes firmly set on your little one.

The aim of an infant swim seat is to help your bubba build water confidence. They are usually made of plastic and are designed with easy-to-inflate air chambers. Smaller children can sit back and relax in the water, whilst older children can use their seats as an aid to practice their swimming techniques.

Swim seats are safe when used in shallow water with a responsible adult. Children should never be left unsupervised in any swim seat or swimming ring. Your child should always be within arm's reach whilst using any swimming aid. To ensure the safety of the product, always follow the manufacturer's guidelines and ensure all valves are shut.

We have rounded up the best baby swim seats for newborns and older babies.

The Best Baby Swim Seats at a Glance:

Best swim seat for newborns: Bestway Inflatable Baby Boat Float
Best baby seat with a canopy: Parner Baby Swimming Float

Best baby swim seats

Best swim seat for newborns

This baby boat float will keep your baby stable and upright whilst allowing them to get used to the water. Your child will have plenty of space to move so they can practice kicking and propelling themselves using their legs whilst being kept well afloat. It's easy to inflate and deflate, making it a fantastic option for parents who are taking their baby on holiday.

Review: "Nice quality, seemed safe and comfortable for my baby. My little one seemed happy and in a good position in the seat in the water."


  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Comfortable and supportive


  • Not suitable for children over one-year-old
Suitable for: Baby and toddlers aged 0-12 months

Best baby seat with canopy

Available in two sizes: small and large, The back has a suspended buoyancy ball to protect baby's spine while ensuring balance. The Parner Baby Swimming Float also comes with a breathable and removable UPF50+ sun canopy to protect them from the sun, while the mesh sides allow you to maintain eye contact with your baby at every angle.

Review: "My kiddo absolutely loves this float! It allows him to kick and paddle with ease, but still prevents him for tipping over or going under. I like that there's a strap that goes between the legs as well as the harness around the torso and shoulder straps. It feels very secure."


  • Removable SPF 50+ Sun Canopy
  • Can be used for front and backstroke
  • Has safety straps


  • Only available in one colour
Suitable for:Children aged three to 30 Months

Best swim seat for babies who can sit independently

Zoggs Baby Swim SeatArgos

The Zoggs Baby Swim Seats are available in two sizes - 3-12 months and 12-18 months. The Australian brand has been a long-term favourite of both families and swimmers. This seat has been designed for children who can sit up independently, and there are four durable air chambers for added safety so that if the product does become punctured, you can rest assured that your child will still be safe.

Review: "I purchased this a few weeks back and it's perfect for first-time swimming, very reassuring and secure for babies."


  • Has a pillow for added comfort
  • Has four air chambers


  • Can be difficult to deflate
Suitable for: Children 3-12 months

Best swim seat with a seatbelt

If you are looking for a swim seat which will also encourage your little one to use their legs and arms, then this is it. This swimming device from Free Swimming has a soft sponge chest to protect your little one's stomach and has been designed not to tip whilst you and your little one enjoy the pool. It's easy to inflate and deflate, making it ideal for portability and storage.

Review: "We bought this for our grandson and he was very confident in it. Once he was in it he was happy to float around in it. Very easy to inflate and deflate. Highly recommend."


  • Anti flip design
  • Comes with seatbelt


  • Can be tricky to get your baby into
Suitable for: Children aged three months to 72 months

Best swim seat with handles


Guide your little one in the water with ease using the handles on this inflatable swim seat buoy. The seat has smooth inner seams to keep your child comfortable, and they'll love the window, which allows them to see underwater.

Review: "Very good quality item. Very good communication. All in all extremely happy with my purchase."


  • Has a window for curious kids to look underwater
  • Smooth inner seams


  • A little bulky if packed in a swim bag
Suitable for: Children weighing 7-11kg

Best swim seat for toddlers

This super sweet inflatable seat from iNszkoos is great for little ones who love cars. Your bubba will love honking the horn and turning the wheel in the swimming pool, while the handles mean you can keep them under control if they get a little too enthusiastic. Inflating and deflating in five minutes, the back rest will keep your little one comfy in the water.

Review: "It was great for our holidays. Kept our toddler entertained and as it is up to five years old, we are hoping to use much more in the future."


  • Unique, novelty design
  • Will grow with your child until they are five


  • Not suitable for children under one-year-old
Suitable for:Toddlers and children aged 1 to 5 years

Best adjustable baby swim seat

EDWEKIN® Baby Swimming Float
Price: £24.98

Perfect for warm weather, this swim seat from EDWEKIN® not only keeps your child safe in the water but also has an adjustable swimming seat to suit your baby's size for a personalised fit. The transparent inner air chamber provides a perfect "shop window" for active and curious children, while the water-permeable mesh between the two air chambers enables direct contact with the water for more bathing fun.

Review: "Really easy to blow up and we used for our 7-month-old baby. It was a perfect fit and it can be used for up to 3 years old so you will get a lot of use out of it.'


  • Can be adjusted
  • Transparent window for baby to look through


  • Quite big
Suitable for: Children aged six months to three years

Baby swim seat – all you need to know

Choosing the right swim seat for your baby

When looking for a baby swim seat for your youngster, you'll want to consider a few things.

Size: You can buy baby swim seats in a range of sizes as they are made for babies of all ages. Many can grow with your child, which will save you from needing to buy another one once baby has outgrown it. Check the product specification to ensure you choose the most suitable for your child.

Age: The age of baby swim seats in our list ranges from birth to five years. The official NHS advice states that you can take a baby swimming at any age, although some parents prefer to wait until their children have had their first set of immunisations. However, this is not medically necessary. It is important to wait until you feel confident and comfortable taking your baby into the water. We've got lots of swimming tips for babies to help you out.

Safety: Naturally, keeping your little one safe at all times is your priority, and when shopping for your baby swim seat, you should look out for safety features such as seat straps and safety valves. BS EN 13138-3:2021 is the number of the British standard for swim seats you should look for when shopping. This specifies safety requirements for the design, sizing, materials, strength, and in-water performance for swim seats.

Your child should be supervised at all times when using their swim seat as there is always the risk that they can tip over or the child may wriggle out of them.

What your baby should wear for swimming or when spending time in the water will differ depending on where they are doing it.

Importance of swim seats and other aids for teaching children to swim

It's a daunting experience for you and your child when introducing them to water, and it's understandable that you may both be a bit nervous. A baby swim seat helps by giving your youngster confidence as they spend time in and get used to the water. Once your child is more comfortable in the water and if you wish to start helping them learn to swim, you may wish to move on to other swimming aids, such as baby swim vests.

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